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Bob Shaw marks 20 years with NewsChannel 21

NewsChannel 21 at Sunrise co-anchors Jessie Foster and Mike Allen give Chief Meteorologist Bob Shaw an engraved clock from all of us at KTVZ and News-Press & Gazette Co. to mark his 20 years with the station. Happy anniversary, Bob!

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  1. I met him once around 2005 at Freddy’s, after waiting almost 30 minutes in line its my turn to get rung up bob walks in front of me with a pair of running shoes telling the cashier he’s in a hurry to get to the ppp event as he dropped the shoes in front of her. I reached up grabbed the running shoes and threw them behind me and told him to wait his turn in line

    1. I’m surprised that the police were not called. i’m also surprised that Bob Shaw didn’t tell you who he was. Bob Shaw is as close as Bend will ever come to having royalty.
      You should be ashamed of yourself for disrespecting Him.

      1. He thinks hes a celebrity and hes not. He also thinks hes entitled but hes not. He cant get the weather correct even as its happening. Look outside you’ll have a better chance at telling us what its going to do outside.

      2. police usually stay out of line cutter disputes. I was told by the cashier who he was, I confirmed I knew who he was and stated I wouldn’t care if he was clint eastwood he could wait his turn just like us common folk. if he’d of asked me if he could cut in i’d have gave him my blessing, but he walked past me like I didn’t even exist and that rubbed me the wrong way. I hold no grudges with bob I think he gives the z some character, I just gave him a nudge to be a little more considerate of others a long time ago.

    2. I wondered how many stories like yours would be posted, because I’ve heard quite a few stories over the years about his arrogance,rude behavior, and entitlement attitude towards people out in public.
      I’ve never met him, but if that’s the way he acts, I’m certainly not missing anything…

      1. It’s possible that 50 years as a celebrity has had an affect on him. Constantly having people hounding him for autographs, asking him to have their photo taken with him etc., might take a toll on his attitude.
        Very few of us will ever know what it’s like to be famous. Let’s not judge him, until we’ve walked a mile in his shoes.

        1. you must be worshipping a different bob shaw, I think this one was a camper salesman before the z. instead of acting like his mom you should just wish him a happy 20th and move on

          1. I haven’t seen any hateful attacks but what I have seen is nothing but facts about Bob shaw. Hes not a celebrity and because he thinks he is hes an arrogant ass. None of that is a hateful attack just facts.

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