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Bend McMenamins removes artwork after complaints

Complaints from guests have promoted McMenamins Old St. Francis School in downtown Bend to remove an artwork from Father Luke's Room that showed him eradicating the Ku Klux Klan in Central Oregon. A plaque explained the work, but some visitors said the image was disturbing.


KTVZ News Team



  1. OK so I’m missing it… whom exactly is this offending?
    Even with a plaque explaining the context there is still a problem with it?
    Cancel culture is very inconsistent in its application.

  2. They want to remove as much history as they possibly can. Monuments, art, objects, etc. If they can remove history, they will be able to tell you anything they want and you’ll believe them.
    Progressives are going to ruin this country…. just like when they burned books in medieval times

  3. Those of us over 50 better start watching our backs. They will want to get rid of us. Why? Because we know what our history is. We were taught it and learned from it. We also were taught if you wanted something you worked for it. Government didn’t hand us money, housing, food and medical. We were picking berries 5 days a week during summer break to pay for our school clothes. In our day there were winners and losers, no matter how old you were. You either got better at the game or you found something that you were better at. If you were called a name, the old saying went “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”. This Country is now all about if it offends “anyone” it has to be eliminated. Personally if I had known what our society would become I would never have brought a child into this world.

  4. God forbid these liberal snowflakes know anything about history. This is the deep thinking rewarded with a high school diploma for minimal attendance is getting us these days. Shame on McMenamins for bending to this stupidity. This spiritual leader should be a hero, but someone’s infirm brain caused it to be removed.

  5. Is that all it takes for me to get something removed ? I just have to be offended ? It doesn’t take a certain percentage of people ? Just one offended person ? That’s awesome….Let the removal begin…My mask offends me. The tax paid artwork at the traffic circles offends me. Liberals offend me. New York offends me. Nancy Pelosi offends me. MSNBC offends me. Abortion REALLY offends me. Marxism offends me.

  6. Frankly I’m disturbed by all the religious imagery there – we all know what catholic priests have done, not to mention their missionaries

  7. With all the whining done by the right winger reactionaries here on this comment board, and their incessant use of the term “snowflake”, I wonder if it dawns on them who looks like the real “snowflakes”.

  8. So if one follows the new standard that McMenanim’s used to make this decision, then schools and museums should remove pictures of U.S. and Allied Forces soldiers tearing down NAZI and RISING SUN flags during liberation operations in WWII. Perhaps context is no longer relevant.

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