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Gov. Brown talks with KTVZ of COVID-19 issues

Gov. Kate Brown expressed concern in a talk with NewsChannel 21 on Monday about the rise in COVID-19 hospitalizations, in Bend and elsewhere, and the impact on the health care system - and if it continues, the potential need for business closures once again.

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  1. All I heard is “blablahblah, I’m dumb and going to use rhetoric by saying ‘save a life’ in order to keep the economy down to give Democrats a better chance at winning the election.”

    1. Um, Oregon only has 7 electoral college votes and what Brown says doesn’t exactly make much of a difference in the big scheme of things. I doubt if Trump even knows who she is or cares about Oregon. LOL

  2. Dumbed down Brown is violating state laws pertaining to safe work environments with this illegal mask mandate. Care to investigate that KTVZ?

    1. No, she isn’t. Unless you can cite such laws being violated? If you don’t want to wear a mask, fine. Just don’t be surprised when you’re denied service by businesses trying to keep Oregon open for business.

      1. Also violating OSHA regulations. And I already don’t wear a mask when in a business because I don’t have to and there is nothing they can do about it, unless they want to find themselves in a lawsuit.

        1. Go ahead and file a lawsuit against a company denying you service for not complying with a state order enforceable by OSHA. That sounds much easier than wearing a mask.

    1. Probably from pulling her hair out during her foot stomping temper tantrums because people have finally got tired of her **** and quit listening.

  3. These liberals are all about control of the masses and how convenient the timing in the midst of a Presidential election. Which they fully intend to place themselves in power. The disease is real but not as dangerous as they would have people believe. Just look at the loss to our economy and the trillions of dollars borrowed to hand out that isn’t going to help, only to ruin future generations economically. We are being duped into believing a string of lies designed to create upheaval and destruction of our country. That’s the scary part not the pandemic.

    1. This pandemic became a political issue when the current administration failed to do anything about it at a critical time. The president’s dereliction of duty and constant contradiction to science experts, and himself, are a complete failure. The fact that people like Kanye West and Elaine Chao (Moscow Mitch’s wife) have received funds from the PPP loans are another factor.

      1. Oh yea you mean when biden accused DJT of being a xenophobe when he stopped flights from the host country. Cuomo’s mass murder of thousands of seniors and pelosi while in Chinatown telling tourist to keep coming. Whole bunch of “leaders” on both side dropped the ball. As far as PPP “loans”, it was pigs at the trough when it comes to our WA. elected officials . The lists of who received what are starting to come out. Pelosi’s husband got possibility $1 mil and get this Hunter Biden’s Burisma lobby firm got theirs. And don’t forget members of both parties who sold their stocks after being briefed of the consequence the virus would have to their portfolio. Given all that the biggest threat to our country shown by their absolute hate is still the democrat party

  4. Maybe she should give a damn about the thousands of out of state tourists we have here in Bend right now! Locals are feeling captive in our homes while our property taxes provide a veritable playground for people on vacation here. We lost count at 50 CA plates alone on trip down Third Street to the store and back yesterday. That was JUST CA, but there were plates from all over the country!!! That was on a Monday mid morning. I can’t imagine how bad it was over the 4th weekend. And she wonders why Deschutes County is seeing a rise in cases and hospitalizations. My family has gone nowhere but to the store and doctor since March. It’s pretty frustrating to watch people from another state enjoy the benefits of our town that we financially support, while we are told to stay local, stay home, save lives. It is total BS!!!!

      1. I’m sorry but I have to agree with her. It’s been pretty difficult watching all the people from California, Washington and Idaho, etc. come into our community for their vacations and disregard the rules (because as I’ve been told, we’re on vacation) while we stay home. The 4th was horrible, the trailheads overpacked, Devils Lake looked like a zoo and people crossing the Cascades Hwy expecting cars going 55 to just automatically stop for them. We stay in our community, wear our masks, social distance and now Brown threatens to close us down again because our numbers are rising? People are getting really frustrated with her logic, or lack of, in assessing what’s happening and why it’s happening.

        1. I’m not disagreeing that these out-of-towners seem a little irresponsible (understatement?). I picked up food at a local restaurant over the weekend and was not surprised to see the fella pull up in his California plate bearing 4Runner walk into the establishment sans mask, saunter right by everyone obeying the marks on the floor and ask to be seated immediately. Fortunately, numerous people let him kindly know his faults and he retreated to his vehicle.
          I guess I don’t see a way to keep people away without drastic measures that NONE of us want. It is up to the business owners and community members to inform these tourists of our policies to keep Central Oregon safe and open.

  5. Better threaten to shut down small businesses again. Except, Wal Mart,Safeway,Fred Meyer, Costco. Because it’s safe to keep those open…

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