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Yearly count finds more homeless in C. Oregon

The annual 'Point in Time' survey conducted in late January found nearly 1,000 Central Oregonians who were homeless, and that was before the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.


KTVZ News Team



  1. Living wage…well its hard to pay someone a “living wage” when the do not have a skill set be it college or just life learned skills. When a person has no value to offer a company how can that company pay them $20 to $30 per hour? Can afford rent…well I couldn’t afford rent in 2016. So I moved out of Bend, to lapine. I lost my job in 2013 (company closed) lost my house in 2016(short sale) yet here I am still living without being on the streets and creating a burden on society. Being homeless is a choice, if you want a home bad enough you will find a way.

    1. Well, that’s very nice for you. But, what about the people who say waaah I wanna live in Bend? Why not Marin County, Aspen, or NYC? Shouldn’t everyone be entitled to live wherever they want and do whatever they want? Shouldn’t you be required to support those who refuse to make the sacrifices you have made to get what they want? Isn’t it enough that they just want something?

        1. Yes, yes, all the homeless people can be written off as those who made it a choice and love the “lifestyle.” What a sad way of looking at the world. I guess the many we’ve interviewed over the years, trying very hard to get in a better situation, were liars or such. So… not Christian (no messiah, I deal in facts.)

    2. That is exactly right! And like anything else in this world, you work hard for what you get. It makes you appreciate what you have, is just one of life’s lessons. The people who choose to be homeless are creatures of opportunity.

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