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    1. All ten of the Trump supporters in Redmond showed, including small children who don’t know what’s going on. Look likes the support is dwindling…finally.

  1. “They are waving a flag and support Trump?!?! They are white supremacists and racists and may as well be the KKK!!!!” –this brought to you by your local liberal.

    1. Not all trumpanzees are racists, but all racists are trumpanzees. Soooooooo much winning!!!
      “The virus is way down and will be gone soon”

      “its just one person coming in from China, we have it totally under control, everything is going to be just fine”

      “Its all a hoax to make look bad before the election”

      “Hyrdoxychloroquine will be the greatest game changer in the history of medicine”

      “We will have a vaccine very soon”

      “I didn’t know the flu killed people”

      “anyone who wants a test can get a test”

      “The virus will go away, like a miracle it will be gone”

      “the federal government has tremendous control of the virus”

      It’s contained”
      “When you have 15 people. And the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done,”

      “Americans can sleep better at night because North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat”

      “he wrote me a beautiful letter and we fell in love”

      Golf and a whore anyone!!! trump putin 2020!!!! HELSINKI PROUD!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

    1. The local videos without an attached story are where they always are, at mid-page. That’s where the local Black Lives Matter rally video is posted as well. Your ulterior motive allegations are as false as ever.

      1. Soooo- true or false- this story was uploaded at 12:48 a.m.- in the middle of a Saturday night- when there’s a pretty good chance no-one will see it… So who’s the marketing guru making the big bucks for that decision ?

        Can you say- “non-essential” ?

        1. I was busy with a wildfire and multitude of other local news stories. The organizers did not advise us in advance of this event but kindly shared some photos. I also have to have a life, do grocery shopping etc. so videos from the news were cut late. Why don’t you turn on your TV once in a while? It aired at 6, 10 and 11. Or do you just hate on the website, not the on-air product? I’ve asked you about this before. We’re a TV station and that is probably always going to be our top priority.

          1. No need to explain the priorities of KTVZ to BGHWuhan. It’s a worthless troll that has nothing better to do with its life than demand how KTVZ reports the news.
            IMO KTVZ should shut the comments section down completely. This section adds nothing of value.

            1. Thanks for your advice. I just can’t let some of his repeated falsehoods appear here unresponded to. It’s more for the reader than for his/her benefit. Nothing will stop folks like that until/unless your desire comes true. I feel sorry for whoever “inherits’ his/hers sour nasty attitude next.

              1. You are free to re-post any single “false-hood” you believe I’ve written… you’ll find you got nothing but irritation from the truth- and since I don’t post threats- vulgarities- or libelous statements (how many of those can you deny posting) you got zippo but whiny complaints- be thankful you have a job to vent like this… many people right now don’t !

                So in the end- from me- ya got nothing but the truth- and sometimes it hurts !

                1. You make false and outlandish allegations about me and my workplace all the time, and I refute them, which of course you ignore. So clearly the truth hurts YOU. I am very thankful for my job, but correcting you is not a favorite part of it.

                2. “Outlandish” ? Maybe ! “False”- Never !

                  The difference between me and you- is that you believe the cup is half empty with all the gloom and doom- I believe it is half full as I point out your never-ending bed time stories complete with horned goblins- murdering ax men in the forest and trolls under every bridge… don’t you ever read about the babes in the woods- the rainbows after a summer rain- a fair maiden falling for the knight in shining armor- hell no ! The demons are upon us and they are about to rip your limbs off and feed them to the wolves !

                  Sigh !

                3. You have no clue what I believe. Your rudeness and assumptions are meaningless, less than meaningless. Sigh indeed. When I prove something you claim about me/us is false, you don’t ever apologize, because… that’s not who you are. You just attack from a different, also false direction.

                4. “You have no clue what I believe.”

                  Really ? How ’bout this bit of wizardry… I’m pretty sure you won’t sign the recall petition against Kate Brown because deep down you find no fault in her actions- that she is justified in determining whose jobs are essential and whose are not- that because your job has been spared- it’s just tough luck for the thousands of other regionally who don’t share your special privilege.

                  I also know that you really don’t believe all of that- but openly supporting the removal of the Governor may just put you in bad light- one that many people lose their jobs over… in short- your hypocrisy plays out daily for all to see.

                  You support this Governor only because yer protecting your own skin- you won’t take that leap of faith and declare yerself non-essential- cause you know Kate Brown is a disaster and won’t do a damn thing to help anyone she has harmed.

                  How’s that for some pretty accurate mind reading- you are no different than anyone else- looking out for number one- but what I don’t agree with is how you all throw so many under the bus to protect yer own… Kate Brown has done great damage to millions of the four million population in Oregon- she needs to go !

                5. NO. As I explained before, I don’t sign petitions because as a journalist we’re not supposed to be active in political causes. If the recall doesn’t make the ballot for inadequate signatures, maybe it’ll be in part because you spent too much time here changing no minds and not out gathering them.

                6. The notorious BGHW steps up to the plate- here’s the wind up and the pitch and…

                  “As I explained before, I don’t sign petitions”

                  Cuuurrrraaaackkkk- it’s a solid hit to straight away center… it’s back- back- waaaay back… and outta here !

                  Yup- like I didn’t see that pitch comin’ !

            2. typical liberal. wanting to shut things down cuz u dont like it. 🤡 obviously no one is making you read and comment on this website yet here u are

            3. “KTVZ should shut the comments section down completely.”

              Once again when the “cancel culture” can’t discuss the issues in an adult like manner- they go all foot stampin’ shreikin’ in their Nancy Pelosi girly hysterics for someone to please make the truth go away- make the facts stop- no more numbers- no more data- please make it all go away… so folks like Q-Pee doll can go back to thumb sucking in peace.

              You dont like it… scroll on by !

        2. Do you realize how difficult it is to run a small town news station. These people work night and day to report stories for the surrounding population. If you don’t like the reporting or the way stories are handled, then why are you watching? Why don’t you find something constructive to do and start reading some American history books and you could probably brush up on government history, as well. Can you name all of the supreme courts justices?…didn’t think so. This country has given you the right to educate yourself and all you can do is spew ignorant nonsense. Andy by the way, ten people showing up with flags in Redmond, isn’t prime news.

          1. So you think BGHW is Melhorn? I don’t know. Melhorn said some really stupid stuff. Much like BGHW but even dumber. I thought BGHW owned some dive red neck tavern in Redmond. Either way they’re not worth wasting your time on.

            1. I’m sure Barney knows who BGHW is. I do agree & have said so before that the comment section here is pretty worthless & KTVZ would be more respected without it. Until then, Barney, don’t waste your time responding to BGHW. You do a fine job & we don’t need the aggravation he causes you and other readers.

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