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  1. I didn’t realize there was that many attention hounds in Bend. I’m sure the only reason they’re out there is so they have an excuse to neglect the things they need to do a home. Sad. Yep, your voice is heard, I just ignore it.

    1. Was their Esteemed Leader Hummell there leading his troops? RECALL HUMMEL! I can’t imagine feeling so bad about myself that I need to go to a protest to try to find a new friend.

  2. More virtue signaling from the intolerant left.You’re making such a difference! Don’t you feel soo good about your selves now? Thankfully protesting does absolutely nothing, otherwise you all would have helped get those domestic abusers released the other night.

  3. I find it ironic that a week ago saying “All lives Matter” brought a hailstorm of hate for just mentioning that anyone besides “BLM” matters to anyone around the globe. Now I guess “Criminals Lives Matter” too. We have been seeing a lot of that lately. Criminals, Illegal Immigrants and Blacks. Those are the lives that matter. They are even letting criminals out of jail because they might get COVID. But hey, “Criminals Lives matter” Women uses to be in this group too. They were to be “Believed” and supported because woman were often the victim of violent assault, so “Me Too” EXCEPT if you are a woman and a republican then your life does NOT matter. If you are a woman AND a victim of assault by an illegal immigrant, then sorry, your life does not matter either. If you are married to an Illegal Immigrant that has been arrested numerous times for assault against his wife and others and deported for being a violent criminal, your life does NOT matter. So don’t cry Me Too” That hashtag is so yesterday.

  4. these people are idiots. the two illegal immigrants were picked up because they both have domestic violence warrants. the length of time they have been here illegally is completely irrelevant. these protesters are literally protesting for 2 violent illegal immigrants. disgraceful

  5. As far as I can tell… there is no war on immigrants. It was illegals who committed crimes that had warrants. But I guess this community wants that element in their streets and homes now.

  6. Last week I tried telling these people that all lives matter, and was flipped off and told all lives will ONLY matter when black lives matter. These white guilt racist liberals seem to exclude black lives from the rest of the human race as a category of their own, as if they are some how not part of the rest of human species. Now suddenly, these same liberals who have a convoluted illogical way of thinking, and of course they never apply their own logic to themselves, they are suddenly telling us that all lives matter!? Typical liberals never use moral ethics to discern situations. They use situation ethics.

    I tried debating with two young millennial airheads and telling them that the reason ICE was apprehending these men was not mainly because they were illegals, but because they have a history of crime, violence toward others, and coercion. Of course they were blinded to this fact, or they just have selective hearing and only see and hear what they feel suits their agenda. I am Hispanic, first generation on my mother’s side, and 2nd generation on my father’s side. These liberals somehow though I should be sympathetic to these two criminal, illegal alien situations, but the fact is, my mother came her legally to the US, and my father’s parents came here legally as well, and none of them broke any laws to get here. Even my Great aunt who lived to be 103 came here legally at the turn of the century, and they all took the test to become US citizens. I cannot sympathize with illegals who break laws to get here and who commit crimes while in this country, illegal, but otherwise law abiding tax paying citizens should make every effort to become US citizens legally and not use the US to ride on its coat tails of the social welfare system, and at the same time refuse to become US citizens. In that case you need to go back to your own country and fix the problem with your own government, and take Antifa and the unhappy, US hating millennial socialist liberals with you to protest on your behalf for that perfect socialist utopia they wish for all to have. LOL

  7. Democrats hate police and respect for law and order. they promote abortions and the fake Kamala hates Catholics. Biden and the phoney will destroy America. Trump 2020

    1. Speaking of law and order appears antifa now has it’s own security force in Portland. You won’t see it here but video out of Portland this weekend shows rioters with “security” printed on their clothes pulling a man from his truck beating him unconscious and leaving him bleeding in the street.

      1. Junior “security” groups like the “peacecreepers” have no legal authority to get in anyone’s face, much less obstruct or lay hands on anyone, or trespass while doing so.

        Charges can include Assault 4, Offensive Physical Contact, Harassment, Disorderly Conduct, and more.

        And in the state of Oregon security guards must be certified by DPSST. I doubt the “peacecreepers” know this or even care.

        But DPSST does.

        These “security personnel” need to be hooked up by law enforcement the moment they announce themselves as such – unless certified and following the law.

        Enough is enough.

  8. What a disgusting display of ignorance by what I can only hope are misguided young people. It’s very sad to see so many women supporting a pair of so-called men that get their kicks hurting women and children.

  9. Well Bend is finally on the national map depicting how stupid it has become.Good job visit Bend for recruiting these type of people to our once beautiful town.

  10. As long as there is no violence and no blocking traffic . . . let them protest all day long, if it makes them feel better! No hair off my arse and I’ll continue to ignore them. They have their 1st Amendment right to protest and I have no problem with that.

  11. I saw one of these misguided morons in our neck of the woods today, and this time not with an ” don’t all lives still matter” sign. Situation ethics of theirs again. Today their situation ethics dictate, not to be in an all lives ” Mi Raza tu raza,”mood. I assume in English that phrase means in essence, we are all part of the human race, even blacks and Hispanics? No, today one of these people is back to segregating blacks into their own special category by parading with their BLM sign. Hey why segregate them, and why would blacks even segregate themselves from the rest of the human race, unless they feel themselves some sub species, after all, don’t “ALL HUMAN LIVES MATTER, and MI RAZA TU RAZA”

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