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    1. I think the problem is finding good pizza. There have been a couple new places open up
      but we haven’t tried them yet. It’s hard to say how long they will be around. Pappys had been around a long time but they recently closed the Bend location…
      I think the other problem is that pizzas have gotten ridiculously expensive. 30 – 40 dollars for a pizza is a little much. My wife is an exceptional cook and she started making pizza
      at home years ago, but it took her awhile to get a really good crust and sauce recipe.
      When she makes a pizza she puts several different meats on it as well as veggies, and she puts a lot of toppings on it, and it only costs us 10 – 15 dollars total…

      1. The current locations were both Izzy’s before they were consumed by Round Table. Not sure about the Third Street location. A long time ago, there was a “local” Pietro’s on Third.

          1. That’s not accurate at all! Izzy’s is an OREGON BIZ!! What does “regional” even mean to KTVZ? Shari’s, like Black bear, along with Les Schwab might meet the common definition of regional as they operate in neighboring states but that’s not Izzys! Izzys is all Oregon! Her and the guy from Roseburg (abbeys) were forced to rebrand after they were shafted by Shakey’s pizza, which was a “regional” chain!

            1. Well it depends on your definition of local. It’s not based in Central Oregon, much like Shari’s. Regional, to me, means from the Northwest but not based here. All a matter of individual taste and judgment. You know a lot of interesting background.

                1. Agreed! I like their “gold coast” style… there’s only a few left that I know of – Milwaukie, Beaverton, Hood River.

        1. Thats right! And a quick review of this news outlet’s archives will remind us that he made an offer to Izzy that she just couldn’t refuse! sounds to me they are hoping to survive on Booze & Lottery

        2. Pietros was my favorite for years. The people that originally started Pietros were a good friend of mines grandparents. They owned it for quite a few years but they eventually sold it to the Campbells Soup company in the mid 70’s…
          After Campbells bought it, it changed hands several times over the years. It was a long time ago but if I remember correctly at one point they had over 80 restaurants…

          My friend and his older brother ended up with the Pietros property in Eugene,
          and they changed the name to Roaring Rapids pizza. The original building is still
          there, and they remodeled it and built a really nice 18 hole miniature golf course.
          The newer building sits right along the Willamette river and they have an antique carousel inside that was made in the 30’s if I remember correctly. They also had
          train tracks installed that run all the way from the original building out front, back to the newer building along the river, and kids can ride the miniature train.
          The pizza is very good but that’s not a surprise, because it’s basically the same pizza that his grandparents made when they opened in the 50’s, and were still making when they sold out to Campbells and retired…

  1. Izzy’s was an Oregon firm and they hired a lot of Community College kids to teach them the food business. Bottom up just like Les Schwab did. Want a management job? Change tires for a year,

    1. re: fresh meat.. this new venture might be even better “pies”.. since they are trying to source local ingredients and maybe even ad their own spin.. might be much better.. then “Chain food” not to say “Chain food ” is all bad.. I like Papa murphys pizza and.. I did like round table the few times I went.. but.. I remember as a kid going to a pizza hut where I grew up and the crust was mostly always burnt. so we usually stuck with a local chain.

      1. Hopefully they also bring back the broader menu they had (sandwiches etc.) when they opened at the former Izzy’s Third Street location. Months later, they had to take many items out of menu and just serve pizza, presumably a corporate order.

        1. Izzys was pretty good when they first opened. The pizza wasn’t bad, but their chicken, sandwiches and cinnamon rolls were really good, but as time went on the quality of the food started going down hill.
          Unfortunately there are people that are pigs and they take advantage of a smorgasbord style restaurant. I don’t know how many times I have seen people at a smorgasbord that keep going back and piling up their plates, and when they get back to the table, they put food in their pockets, but the worst is women that put food in their purses, and even in diaper bags…

      2. Round Table was pretty dang solid as far as “chain” pizza goes IMO. I always liked their crust. Would occasionally take my daughter there for lunch pizza / salad bar. Talk about something we’re not likely to see again any time soon… salad bars!

  2. This has been the most enjoyable thread, read it through like four times just savoring the fun and interesting banter. Looking forward to trying their pizza, good luck!

  3. Used to like Round Table pizza . . . until my wife’s best friend threw up all over inside my car. (It wasn’t the food, she just drank too much beer with it.) Any way, just never wanted to go back after that. Izzy’s food sucked! Always crowded and what food was available was cold or no flavor. Pizza Hut used to be good, until they became too greasy . . . now the box comes with an oil soaked bottom. Never could stand Pappy’s . . . over priced, no flavor, and card board crust. Godfathers was great until they changed their sauce to save money. Papa John’s . . . PUKE! Papa Murphy’s has some decent pies, but they’re getting up the in price now too.
    Best pies I’ve ever eaten were at Leavenworth Pizza Company, Leavenworth, WA. Yeah, they were expensive then and probably more expensive now, but DAMN!!! Fresh Bavarian Sausage, fresh Onions, Green Peppers, and Mushrooms, Bacon, Sauerkraut, and fresh brewed German beer. The wife, myself, and the kids go back about every 10 years to enjoy and have never been disappointed. BTW, I learned to eat Sauerkraut on pizza back in the Mid-west, when it was a topping at Godfathers Pizza. We still add it to a Papa Murphy’s pizza from time to time.

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