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Your photos of a glorious Friday sunrise

Pilot Butte sunrise Brandon Will 1206
Brandon Will
Special sunrise sight in Bend, with Pilot Butte in the distance
Sunrise NE Bend Lisa Forte 1206
Lisa Forte
Sunrise view in NE Bend
Sunrise Deschutes River Maxwell Bridge Eric Wyman 1206
Eric Wyman
Sun rises Friday over the Deschutes River at Maxwell Bridge-Big River Campground
Tumalo farm sunrise Barbara Breyer 1206
Barbara Breyer
A Tumalo farm sunrise view on Friday
Sunrise La Pine Brandie Wolfe 1206
Brandie Wolfe
Sunrise Friday in La Pine
Sunrise east Bend Sarah Malikowski 1206
Sarah Malikowski
A special sunrise from Bend's Eastside
Sunrise Brian Diggers 1206
Brian Diggers
A glowing Friday sunrise
Sunrise Prineville Brent Bunch 1206
Brent Bunch
The sun rises in Prineville
Sunrise Emma Dooley 1206
Emma Dooley
Friday's sunrise was special over much of the High Desert
Sunrise Crooked River Ranch Kathy Weissgerber 1206
Kathy Weissgerber
A splendid Friday sunrise view at Crooked River Ranch
Sunrise Awbrey Butte Sean Bryant 1206
Sean Bryant
A sunrise view from Bend's Awbrey Butte takes in Pilot Butte and the city below
Sunrise Toby Franson 1206
Toby Franson
Sunrise Scott Redd 1206
Scott Redd
Deep hues of a Friday sunrise
Sunrise Marcia Covert1206
Marcia Covert
It was a memorable sunrise Friday for much of the High Desert
Sunrise NW Redmond Larry Cole 1206
Larry Cole
A special glowing Friday sunrise, from NW Redmond
Sunrise Tumalo Colleen Annichiarico1206
Colleen Annichiarico
Another great view of the sunrise from Tumalo
Sunrise Shelley Marks
Shelley Marks
'What a view on my way to work,' Shelley Marks says
Sunrise Crooked River Ranch Ken Albrandt
Ken Albrandt
Sunrise at the Crooked River Gorge looking at Grey Butte and Smith Rock
Sunrise Pilot Butte Canal Mary Craig 1206
Mary Craig
Sunrise at dawn over the Pilot Butte Canal

Several of you captured Friday morning's sunrise and shared your photos with us. Feel free to do the same from the Share tab at KTVZ.COM!

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