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Bend seeks volunteers for Accessibility Advisory Committee

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The city of Bend is seeking applications for volunteers for the city's Accessibility Advisory Committee (COBAAC).  The committee’s purpose is to assist and advise the city in making its programs, services, activities and facilities accessible to Bend’s citizens.

Committee members shall have demonstrated interest, experience and commitment to issues pertaining to accessibility.  Attendance for a monthly meeting on the fourth Thursday is a minimum time requirement.  Members appointed to a three-year term by the city manager. Applicants must be residents of the city of Bend.

Please fill out an application online, a link is below, or pick one up at City Hall, 2nd Floor Administration Office. Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Friday, April 10.

For questions on serving and becoming a COBAAC Member, please contact: the Accessibility program at 541-693-2198 or email

For more information regarding the City of Bend Accessibility Advisory Committee and becoming a volunteer member, visit the website at: City of Bend Accessibility Advisory Committee. Apply for the City of Bend Accessibility Advisory Committee online at Advisory Committee Application.

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  1. Yay Right they don’t even enforce accessibility laws now allowing people to park on or across sidewalks allowing trash cans on sidewalks People to park the wrong direction of flow of traffic that’s a huge hasard to other driver’s & sight impaired or wheel chair bound folks They will only enforce when forced to by the Feds/ & State other wise they turn there heads The Mayor & City employee’s need to be cleaned out & the Police need to be looked at also This City & The City of Redmond don’t do crap when it come’s to Law enforcement/ A D A Law’s

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