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Bank supports Latino Association’s pandemic aid

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BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Washington Federal Foundation has allocated $25,000 to the Latino Community Association to strengthen its outreach to Central Oregonians affected by COVID-19.

WaFd Bank describes itself as “a reliable next-door neighbor,” who has helped build healthy, thriving communities for over 100 years. This year, the foundation has pledged to distribute an additional $1 million in grants to help those directly impacted by COVID.

“We are compelled to be a part of the solution to this pandemic crisis,” WaFd representatives wrote in an overview of their work. “As part of that, we’ve committed to giving to local nonprofits like the Latino Community Association that serve the needs of low- and moderate-income individuals.”

The funds are designated for general operating support. This will help LCA continue distributing financial assistance to immigrant families who have lost jobs and income, an effort that began in April.

It will support LCA’s work to provide “wraparound” services, such as food delivery and paying expenses like rent, for those individuals who lose income while they are in quarantine.

These funds will sustain LCA’s work to distribute food boxes and PPE to seniors and farm workers. It will make a real difference in people’s lives.

In 2019, the WaFd Foundation contributed more than $800,000 to 230 organizations throughout eight states, and made more than $175 million dollars in community development loans and investments for affordable housing. To learn more, visit


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  1. Typical ignorant comment from a Trump supporter. If you do a demographic check on the region – you will find that the “white” population surpasses the numbers for Latinx individuals. But that would mean you would have to think and be able to do a bit of research.

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