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  1. Its a sad day to see deschutes county turn blue. Well the locusts have spoken and up go the taxes so they can be given to people that don’t want to work or given to some “pet” project. Either way get ready for economic collapse. Wont be long and bend will be just another liberal city defiled by trash and crime everywhere…oh wait it already is. Keep voting blue! It has worked well for NY,LA,Chicago. Look at all the prosperity in those places.

      1. I did, I’ve lived in Central Oregon nearly all my life.
        Bend has gone downhill fast the last 15 years or so. Its all the imports from California and Washington pushing the same ideas that they left their states for…in California we did this..
        Bend has become full of self important trust fund babies.oh btw fresh..I moved to bend in 88 and lived in oregon all my life.Bend was my city, my home until the blue locust swarmed and are currently eating all the resources.

      1. You mean all the amenities and night life that bend doesnt have because the government has a 10pm curfew on all those precious amenities. Lol maybe I’ll go see a movie…lol. all those implants on their high horses because they live in

  2. Why are property taxes the go to source for almost every measure? I’d like to see the east west connection get better, but I voted against it because we need a more equitable route to secure funds for such a project. I’d love to see local government be more creative in their sourcing of funds.

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