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The slowing Covid-19 vaccination rate is worrying experts. Here’s what some states are doing to change the trend

As the US may miss a vaccination goal set by President Joe Biden for July 4, officials are warning against complacency and states are ramping up measures to encourage reluctant residents to get a Covid-19 vaccine.

The country was averaging just more than 1 million Covid-19 vaccine doses administered per day as of Friday, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s down from a peak average in early April of 3.3 million per day.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said Friday that the best way for the country to avoid Covid-19 surges and further economic pain is to get vaccinated.

“It ain’t over ’til it’s over — and it is not over yet,” Fauci said at an event hosted by US Health and Human Services.

Complacency, he said, could lead to “another surge — particularly with variants floating around — that could set us back to the time when we had to shut down things.”

Communities and regions with low vaccination rates still may be prime candidates for outbreaks, experts have said, and could pose risks not just for unvaccinated adults, but also for children who aren’t yet eligible to be vaccinated or just became eligible.

And because the virus mutates, “I worry about not just (unvaccinated) people continuing to be vulnerable to infection, but what the nature of those infections may be as we’re seeing new variants come online,” Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, a CNN contributor, epidemiologist and former health commissioner for Detroit, said Saturday.

A recent CNN analysis of CDC data found that the US is on pace to fall short of the Biden administration’s goal of getting 70% of the country’s adults to receive at least one dose by July 4.

About 63.2% of US adults had at least one dose as of Friday morning, according to the CDC. Were the country to maintain its current pace, the US wouldn’t hit the 70% target until mid-to-late July.

Twelve states have already met Biden’s one-dose goal: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.

As the country pushes for more vaccinations, evidence has mounted that the mass vaccination programs have helped to push daily infections and deaths lower.

The US has averaged about 14,300 new cases a day over the last week, down from around 71,300 daily in mid-April, according to Johns Hopkins University data. That’s also well below the country’s peak average, above 250,000 daily reached in early January, according to Johns Hopkins.

Nearly 170 million people in the US — just over half of the country’s total population — have received at least one dose of vaccine, and about 137.5 million people — 41.4% of the population — are fully vaccinated, according to the CDC.

Incentives for vaccines continue

A multitude of states and companies in the last month have hoped to create demand for vaccines by awarding prizes to those inoculated.

The latest is Hawaii, which is offering a variety of donated prizes, including vacation packages and airline miles, to help reach vaccination milestones as soon as possible.

“The last 15 or 16 months have been a very difficult time for our tourism sector,” said Hawaiian Airlines president and CEO Peter Ingram.

Hawaii, which has maintained some of the toughest travel restrictions throughout the pandemic, is beginning to loosen rules on air travel, dropping its testing and quarantine requirements for people flying between the Hawaiian islands starting June 15. All pandemic restrictions will be lifted once the full vaccination rate reaches 70%, the state announced.

“We need to push hard now so we can get to the point where Safe Travels is no longer needed to keep the people of Hawaii safe,” Gov. David Ige said Friday.

In Kentucky, Gov. Andy Beshear announced the state’s new Covid-19 vaccine incentive which will give vaccinated adults “a shot at a million dollars,” he said.

“In the coming weeks, three vaccinated Kentuckians, 18 years or older, will become millionaires,” Beshear said Friday, adding that 15 Kentuckians ages 12 to 17 will win full scholarships to a state public college, university, or technical or trade school.

More than 2 million Kentuckians have already been vaccinated, but Beshear anticipates “a significant increase” following Friday’s announcement, he said.

In Colorado, Gov. Jared Polis presented Sally Sliger with a super-sized check for $1 million as the winner of the first drawing in the state’s ‘Comeback Cash’ initiative.

Sliger said she is a lifelong resident of Colorado and currently lives in the town of Mead with her husband and two children.

“The odds of me and my family being given one million dollars overnight seemed impossibly small,” Sliger said, encouraging everyone to get vaccinated for the freedom provided. “It was surreal, of course.”

Protecting children remains a focus

As vaccines continue to go into the arms of eligible teens and adults, health officials remain concerned about the safety of children. Only those ages 12 years and older are currently eligible to receive a Covid-19 vaccine in the US — and children ages 12-15 became eligible only last month.

Hospitalization rates for adolescents rose in April, after having fallen from January to mid-March, research that the CDC published Friday showed.

The increase might be related to more transmissible coronavirus variants, large numbers of children returning to school and other indoor activities, and changes in physical distancing, mask-wearing and other prevention behaviors, researchers wrote.

This is a reminder that children “can still suffer and be hospitalized by this virus,” Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, said Friday.

“We had this notion, initially, that this was just a disease of older people. It’s not true. This virus can also hurt children,” Offit told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Because of this, bans on school mask mandates in states like Texas are irresponsible and could result in more children getting sick, Offit said.

“To have those kinds of rules which only promote the spread of this virus — which only promote more children getting sick — is just nonsensical,” he said.

The CDC says vaccinated people may stop wearing masks in most cases, but unvaccinated people should continue to use them.

The FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC), on which Offit sits, is set to meet on June 10 to discuss what the FDA should consider in either authorizing or approving the use of coronavirus vaccines in children under 12.

Both Moderna and Pfizer are running trials for their vaccines in children ages 11 and under.

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  1. No state could persuade me to take the jab with the lure of a million dollars, a mansion, a worldwide vacation or whatever. As previous posters have indicated, if this so-called vaccine is so great, “Why are businesses and states bribing people to take it?” (As young as age 12 in Kentucky!) What a shameful and sick pitch for the unknown.

    Want some hard facts?? Check out,, Dr. Simone Gold,, and to name a few sources.

      1. Ok…..!!!!! “We feel free to not get a vaccine!!!”””” Now leave us the eff alone, you psycho. That is exactly what we are asking of you egotistical dousche bag.

    1. There are three classes of people, here.

      1) People who got the vaccine to prevent getting or spreading COVID-19. Donald Trump is in this group.

      2) People who are just being lazy about getting it, not feeling any pressure.

      3) Anti-vaxxers, or anti-MRNA vaxxers.

      All this state action is aimed at group 2. Groups 1 and 3 aren’t worth targeting.

      1. You forgot about group 4) people who are young and healthy and looked at the data and determined they don’t need the vaccine as the data shows they are extremely unlikely to have covid complications and that they don’t need to get it to protect anyone because those people can get the vaccine if they want protection. It’s the same people that don’t bother to get a flu vaccine every year.

      2. 4th group, those who don’t believe they can accept a biologic agent developed with the use of embryonic stem cells, even if only in testing.

      3. YO BJ you forgot to mention a group….or maybe you are assuming there are anti vaxxers as the media is pushing, like KTVZ…..but people have all vaccines that are known to be safe, but are waiting for this new, experimental mRNA medication, to be tested for safety as all medications are and then approved by the FDA. AND TO BE LABELED ANTI-VAXXER BY YOU AND THE MEDIA is literally going AGAINST SCIENCE. YOU DUMB****!!!

        1. Hey, now. I specifically listed mRNA anti-vaxxers. It’s not my fault you didn’t see it.

          But nice to see that you value government approval so highly.

      1. You ever read that one about “taxation without representation” ? Feel free to send yer copy to the Shove Guv Hate Brown !

  2. Sorry Bub ! You shut down my economy- closed my schools- created social unrest- told me how to dress- violated one civil liberty after another… I’ll not be getting any experimental vaccine and will instead rely on my own ingenuity and personal hygiene habits to avoid another year of nasty germs and viruses presented on a daily basis here on planet Earth… and no amount of whining will change my position- “My Body-My Choice”… You don’t like it- go ahead and fume- stomp yer feet- bang out a buncha nasty vicious thoughts here at the Z21 comments board- this virus will be with us forever- get used to living around people who will be infected- then wait for the mutations- then ask yerself- was removing an effective and energetic President worth all this ?

  3. So Harris & Biden spit on Memorial Day, now the narcissists are at it again. Taking the true meaning of July 4th and making it about them, AGAIN! Focusing on their fake % vaccine goal through bribery by giving out lotto, lap dances, and beer. They know how to bribe stupid.

        1. You happy with your 70% increase in fuel prices ? Your surging consumer prices at all levels- the fact that ‘Merika is back to carpet bombing third world nations- schools- and senior living centers ? You elated because the US immigration policy has been completely over-thrown by caravans of Guatemalans insisting the Joe Biden has invited them in ? Lemme guess- the constant cyber-attacks by them damn Russians on our oil and food supply institutions is just alright with you ? I’ll take a loudmouthed carni-barker who fights for my rights- my civil liberties- my economy- and my ability to live in a country that supports the concept of “Life-Liberty-and the pursuit of happiness” over your slum lord- get on my plantation- live by the world I create or go to jail Joe Biden-esque nightmare… any day of the freakin’ week ! And so should you- LOSER !!!

  4. Would “encouraging” us mean that we can’t go to a Guns n’ Roses concert in the Moda Center in Portland this August without being fully vaccinated? Think I’m lying? Head on over to TicketMaster and try to buy tickets for the show! It’s getting serious folks! It’s getting stupid folks! ……. It’s getting seriously stupid folks!!!

  5. People ask why always call out the Trumpers? His speech tonight is why. He is continuing the Big Lie, and his cult members believe him on every subject, COVID, the election, doesn’t matter, his false rhetoric is a danger. The. Election.Wasn’t. Rigged. Morons. This isn’t funny, we can’t ignore it, or we will have a crazy man attempt another coup.

    1. “The. Election.Wasn’t. Rigged. Morons.”… But was it free of irregularities ??? You won’t find a single politician from either side who will go on record to say it was. Team Biden has yet to prove that his victory was without a single violation of US Election laws…instead- they all argue that there wasn’t “enough” to change the outcome ! Sorry- that’s not the right answer ! Recounts in Arizona suggest a 17% turnaround- that would be enough to gift Trump the State. At question- is why do so many of you resist an honest to goodness recount ??? Whatchu hidin’… If you are so confident of your victory- PROVE IT- You got nothing to lose but bragging rights !!!

  6. I would say before you get jabbed, check the death count and vaccine effects that people report and t MSM will never tell you on Vaers. Oh, wait! You can’t look up that info because Vaers shut it down for maintenance. The sam week Facui’s emails came out. Hmmm

  7. This whole thing is a little too big brother for me, no thanks.

    Crazy how many folks drank the kool-aid without an accurate understanding of th virus and “vaccine”

    Follow the science, research the actual data and leave folks alone that don’t subscribe to your groupthink…lemmings

  8. those daily numbers are going to tank. they are running out of people willing to get the shot/s. once the people on the fence about the vaccination stop responding to the high pressure campaign, all that is going to be left is the hell no’s

  9. 3 different links to the same story about yesterday’s covid numbers wow really trying to drive it home that the virus is still out there and we need to be careful huh z just a tad overkill you think. Either slow news weekend or your really trying to lean more to the left with the reporting by keeping this vaccine story front and center. At least we’re not having cops going around knocking on people’s doors asking if they’ve had the vaccine.

  10. Nope knew about the Rona section. 5 new stories today the one about chuckles plane getting back safely after technical issue. It’s probably an urgent news alert on CNN 😕

  11. All the president would need to do is announce the US is sending all unused vaccine to Mexico, the Middle East, Africa and China if not used here by a certain date. Reverse psychology should work well. It’s not hard to find true patriots who are opposed to absolutely everything that any democrat would propose. Plenty of them posting comments on KTVZ.

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