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Fewer than 1 in 5 US parents say they’ll get Covid-19 vaccines for kids under 5 as soon as they can, survey finds


By Virginia Langmaid, CNN

US children under 5 are getting closer to authorized Covid-19 vaccines, but most parents may be reluctant to actually get them when they become available, a new survey found.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Vaccine Monitor survey, published Wednesday, only 18% of parents of children under 5 said they would vaccinate their child against Covid-19 as soon as a vaccine was available.

Nearly 40% of parents of young children said they would “wait and see” before vaccinating their child, 11% said they would get the vaccine only if required, and 27% said they would “definitely not” vaccinate their child against Covid-19.

More than half of parents in this age group said they “don’t have enough information about the safety and effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines for children in this age group,” compared with 34% of parents of children ages 5-11 and 25% of parents of children ages 12-17. About 13% of parents of young children said the US Food and Drug Administration’s delay in authorizing a vaccine in this age group made them less confident about its safety, and 22% said it made them more confident.

There were similar findings among parents of older children. For the 5 to 11 age group, 39% of parents said their children were vaccinated, and 32% said their children would definitely not be vaccinated. Among parents of children 12 to 17, 56% said their kids had been vaccinated, and 31% said they definitely will not have their children vaccinated.

A majority of parents who took part in the survey also said they felt that their child was at least somewhat safe from Covid-19 while at school, but the answers varied by race.

More than 80% of parents surveyed said their child was very or somewhat safe in school. However, only a third of Black or Hispanic parents said they felt that their child was very safe, compared with 52% of White parents.

The survey found a “large shift” in school mask requirements, with the percentage of parents who said that their child was required to wear a mask at school falling from 69% in September to 16% in April.

“Parents who are Black or Hispanic are more than twice as likely as White parents to say their child usually wears a mask (70% vs. 26%) and five times as likely to say that most other students at their child’s school wear masks (9% vs. 47%),” the report authors wrote.

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  1. Profit over health that is the big pHARMa motto.. Kids are doing just fine without it. Their immune systems will take care of any problems.. The only loser is Moderna since they dont get to make any money awww… boo freaking hoo LEAVE THE KIDS OUT OF THIS! IF YOU WANT TO GET THE JOB NOBODY WILL STOP YOU, JUST LEAVE INNOCENT KIDS OUT THIS OR CONSIDER YOU AS THIER PARENT ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANY NEGITIVE LIFE CHANGING SIDE EFFECTS.. DONT LOOK AT MODERNA, ETC THEY HAVE FULL IMMUNITY IN THAT DEPT..

  2. “Emergency Use Authorization” — I believe the “emergency” here is that Moderna’s stock price has been headed south. But I’m sure their friends at the FDA will do their best to help out.

  3. There is no more emergency. How can the FDA legally use the emergency use label? Remember parents, these experimental gene therapy shots are not FDA approved and when/if the kid develops clots, myocarditis, or any of the many other devastating side effects, you can not hold anyone accountable. By taking the shot that is not FDA approved, you are consenting to being a test subject. This goes for all you adults out there getting booster after booster. Guaranteed none of you have Comirnaty, the only FDA approved clot shot, even if they told you it was “fda approved”.

    1. Just because you say the same things 1,000s of times here doesn’t make them any more true/accurate or change minds.
      I’m sure you and many like you could spend all day trying to convince folks that EUA is not “approval,” but others hopefully will find better use of their time.
      Have a great weekend.

      1. Barney, are you claiming they are FDA approved? If so you are spreading major fake news. What I am saying is TRUE and ACCURATE. If people are dumb enough to get a million boosters that’s on them, I can’t change their sheep minds. But, I hope parents think twice.

        1. Nope, real facts. EUA is an emergency use authorization, it has been explained many many times.
          “A million boosters” is such an overstatement, others can decide who’s the sheep, with an agenda etc. and who’s trying to navigate the facts, talk to their own health professionals etc.

          1. You’re such a lefty cuck!! Everyone is tired of your garbage on this day in and day out. Good luck with your shots bud….never had one never will. Had covid in January. It’s a cold. The fact your pushing this poison on kids is disgusting.

              1. Haha that’s laughable. The same “reputable” people that have clearly been bought and paid for by big pharma? Guaranteed you wore your mask around for 2 years all while covid spread and everyone still got it. Those same people your trust? I never wore a mask. Not once. Never got the shot. Got covid in January and had a cold. Like 99 percent of the population. So keep it up bud. You say you sent push anything yet post these persistent lies from cnn on a daily basis.

                1. “Everyone” got covid? What percentage didn’t even know it if they did? And what percentage of THEM were vaccinated? You cannot disprove the vaccine played a role in that.
                  CNN quotes sources, by name and agency, for what they report. The targeted fact-checkers and journalists have disproven much of what’s flung at them time and again.
                  NOTHING about this is laughable – it’s sad, and frightening.

            1. Pushing poison on kids- look at that response- under the guise of expert approval ??? I’d love to see the “long term” research and data on these vaccines (which at one point Moderna was yanked from approval and Pfizer sued to keep the concoction secret) prove these vaccines are effective- non-harmful-and where the producers can be held liable for any serious side effect or fatality. Until then- BIB is spot on !

              1. Mr. “Prove Me Wrong” who never proves himself right to any reputable degree? But thinks endlessly repeating unproven or untrue claims “proves” something? Nah.
                You are apparently “hooked” on this site that you hate so much. It’s part (a SMALL part) of my job, but you? I haven’t a clue why you feel the need to post so much, changing few if any minds except about whether the comments are worth reading.

                1. What is funny Barn is you never seem to be able to disprove BGHW’s claims.. You just spew out the same generic CNN =backed response.. The majority of people know that KTVZ cant be trusted. Keep telling yourself whatever you need to so you can get through the day lol. You are not fooling anyone on this platform.

                2. And yet we’re still the news leader. Your premise is false. And slippery trolls with false conclusions become experts at thinking they are always right.
                  I spend very little time worrying about what the few hateful constant trolls here think of me/us. Real people in my real life are very supportive of our news content, as are 10s of 1,000s of viewers and readers.

  4. Barney is a terrified old lefty. Like Howard Stern. Probably sitting in his house 99 percent of the time. Keep pushing poison Barn. It does absolutely NOTHING!! YOU WILL STILL GET IT AND BE SICK.

    1. Actually, I am back in the newsroom, after two years, and loving it. Have my own office, and the respect of peers, bosses and many other kind folks. Do some of the trolls and haters here scare me? Damn straight, but not about their words. They speak for themselves, and change no minds. But I have yet to run into anyone who regrets getting vaccinated. The experts most trust are still learning more as this virus evolves, as most people understand. Many got sick and didn’t know it – many because they WERE vaccinated, according to the experts whose names and reputations are on the line.

      1. What evidence do you have that “peoples minds are not changed” ? I for one have been astounded at the recent levels of anti-lockdown- no more masks- bring back our civil liberty protests I’ve seen statewide. There has clearly been an awakening after this Kovid Kate induced horrific assault on our constitutions- both state and federal ! As for vaccine regrets ? I’ve seen family curled up on the sofa with fever for days after the first booster- they sure as hell won’t get anymore- and the Oregon data supports that- one was enough ! Regrets ???

        1. Because people like you whip up the hate and blame? That’s easy to do. Sure you have your fans. Scaring people about the virus and then accusing those who defend science and facts as “fear-mongerers.” It’s really sad.
          Just words, it’s easy to make them weapons. Someone has to call out the haters.

  5. All you dopes that got that shot were brainwashed. Hoodwinked by the same big pharma you all on the left screamed about for years as being corrupt corporations out for money. Well congratulations. You ran to get a shot thats killing thousands if not more. All because you’re virtue signaling SHEEP. IT’S A COLD

    1. Calling millions of Americans “dopes” and “sheep” when those experts who those millions trust point to evidence that the vaccines greatly reduced the risk of serious illness, well… it’s very unfortunate. They can decide who’s been brainwashed.

  6. I’ll end this discussion with this Barney. You cannot admit that this wasn’t 100 percent a political move by the left to oust a president and have control over the people in left leaning states ? Really? You consider yourself an intelligent man I assume? Covid has just magically almost disappeared right before the midterms? All the mandates and masks have gone away. That’s just a coincidence to you? Come on. Do some self reflection. Think for yourself pal.

    1. You have no proof. Correlation is not and never will be causation. Must be a perfect vast coverup for you not to have a single reputable source for the claims.
      I daresay I think for myself more than the conspiracy theorists who believe the worst of their fellow Oregonians. Being… well, jerks doesn’t help either. When has being a jerk ever convinced anyone of anything? And yet so many haters are. It’s obvious on its face. Attack, attack. Seems to be what they enjoy the most, and that’s truly sad. Only listening to the other side long enough to gather ammunition, never with an open mind.
      That’s why I support Braver Angels, the Bridge Alliance and similar organizations with concrete goals of depolarization, and ways to get there. Because some think if we tear ourselves apart with hate and blame, their side will “win” when we’ll all lose, big-time.

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