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The US should prepare for a predictable Southern summer surge of Covid-19, Birx says

<i>CNN</i><br/>The US should prepare for a possible summer surge of Covid-19 cases across Southern states
The US should prepare for a possible summer surge of Covid-19 cases across Southern states

By Hannah Sarisohn, CNN

The US should prepare for a possible summer surge of Covid-19 cases across Southern states, former White House Coronavirus Response Task Force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx told CBS on Sunday morning.

It’s now predictable that the South will see surges in the summer and Northern states will see surges in the winter — especially around the holidays, Birx said.

Birx said she closely follows data out of South Africa, which has recently seen a rise in new Covid-19 cases.

“Each of these surges are about four to six months apart. That tells me that natural immunity wanes enough in the general population after four to six months — that a significant surge is going to occur again,” Birx told “Face the Nation.”

“This is what we have to be prepared for in this country. We should be preparing right now for a potential surge in the summer across the Southern United States because we saw it in 2020 and we saw it in 2021.”

Public health officials need to make clear to the public that protection against the infection wanes over time, and precautions should be taken with vulnerable or compromised people, said Birx.

She said Covid-19 home testing kits and booster shots are critical tools to help Americans handle surges.

Birx’s warning comes as US cases are again rising with the spread of another Omicron strain, the BA.2 subvariant. The seven-day average of US cases was almost 54,000 Saturday, up from about 49,000 a week earlier and almost 31,000 a month ago.

Nearly 60% of adults and 75% of children have antibodies indicating that they’ve been infected with Covid-19, according to new data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is unclear what that means for protection against future infections, health experts say, and for that reason, the CDC says it is still important to stay up to date on Covid-19 vaccinations and boosters.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, caused a stir last week when he said, “We are certainly, right now, in this country, out of the pandemic phase.” He clarified that later to explain he didn’t mean that the pandemic is over, but that the country is in a transition phase.

“We’re not over the pandemic. Don’t let anybody get the misinterpretation that the pandemic is over, but what we are in is a different phase of the pandemic,” Fauci said. “A phase that’s a transition phase, hopefully headed toward more of a control where you can actually get back to some form of normality without total disruption of society, economically, socially, school-wise, etc.”

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CNN’s Theresa Waldrop, Naomi Thomas and Brenda Goodman contributed to this report.

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  1. We might as well ask Bill Gates.. Didn’t you know he is a modern-day psychic??? He “predicted” all of this would happen, just like he did at Event 201. You know, when the elites met on October 8,2019 at the World Economic Forum to discuss “What if there was a sars-virus outbreak in the near future?” Then 5 months later it happens!!! Dont believe me look it up.. Good’ol Expert Barn will say the same line
    “Correlation and causation are not the same etc” You would need to be a complete fool to believe that nonsense LOL That is 100% BS and any rational human can see that that something extremely shady is going on.. Do you own research people, MSM has been compromised aka bought and that include KTVZ..

      1. Keep telling yourself that Barn LOL.. Like you say ” Just because you say something 1000’s times doesn’t mean its true”.

        1. The fact you’re quoting me back at me shows there’s hope;-)
          I feel a very firm foundation for any links I share or folks I quote, careful to only share views of my own on things like growth issues, or in general the hate and blame. I don’t hate the haters (or anyone). I HATE THE HATE.
          It’s counter-productive, toxic and solves nothing.
          Have a good night.

          1. You really are not fooling anyone on here Barn, no matter what you keep telling yourself. The only thing that I hate is your one-sided, left leaning attempt at being a ” Moderator” Nothing toxic there just the undeniable truth that KTVZ is NOT a reputable, non-biased source of information

            1. Not true, 1,000s of posts here from conservatives/Republicans disprove your claim. As for our news, any specifics on specific posts we review and can revise as warranted. But the broad smears just don’t fly.

      2. Barney, you wouldn’t know if your company was bought and paid for anyways and further more you’d never admit it. Why would you bite the hand that feeds you the cash. Everyone can see your station tries to keep a narrative and refute anyone that goes against that narrative. There are plenty of people refuting your “facts”. You just choose to believe the same people paying you. Good little foot soldier.

        1. Nope, I trust the facts and believe in the truth. Those who claim we’re a ‘bought company’ probably trust no “evil mainstream media” and that says more about them than us. Far more.
          I’ve seen no refutation of local stories, or even the wire ones, which we would of course correct any errors or get in touch with our partners. Repeated broad generalizations of untruths don’t gain favor.


    1. Funny I never mentioned Trump once. That seems to be the fallback response from the left these days. Its almost a pathetic as Biden’s speech attempts.. Dont worry you got a close 2nd place. By all means please go and get 5 jabs, we wont stop you. Thats the difference between the Right and Left.. We support our freedom and right to choose what gets injected into our body and that include the opposing party.. The Left doesn’t give a hoot about anyone who isn’t on their side. That is undeniable

      1. Of course it’s deniable. Both sides’ extremes do the same thing, saying the other side are all uncaring devils, and are blind to it or excuse it on their “better” side.
        The folks in the middle sigh and try to find a better way.

        1. Your constant attempts to find a middle ground is a hopeless and lame attempt to present some kind of false sense of apathy… I say this because you had four years of President Trump being blasted ten times more- by both posters and your website- to step up and plead for “a better way” ! So why now ? This just reeks of hypocrisy.

            1. You seem to have all the energy in the world to blather on with those you believe to be less intellectual… seems you’ve conceded my ability to shout you down through fact based debate and well organized arguments… I’ll take my victories and rub your nose in them. Others need not be intimidated by this one- who can’t back the opinions with real facts- yet claims to be a journalist… I just don’t see it !

                1. That’s a good article/link but doesn’t ‘prove’ anything you said. It says we professional journalists have to do a more transparent job of telling what we do and why. One reason I cannot sit silent while untruths are flung at us over and over, never proving their opinions.

        2. The Right side is fed up with the lies, the Left side does all they can to suppress the views of the Right.. We all know you and the KTVZ leans left. You make that clear to us everyday.. But YOU are not part of the problem right Barn? LOL keep telling yourself what you need to hear.. You clearly are not fooling anyone on this platform..

          1. Then why have 100s of your comments shown up here? Disproves your point. Many folks don’t read the comments, and I get why. We do very, very well in readers and viewers looking for news they can trust. Anonymous commenters can say what they will.

            1. You allow the comments so you can attempt to “disprove” opposing claims.. and eventually when you cant disprove them you call them “Trolls” We have seen that time and time again on this platform by you, Barn the “Non-biased Moderator” lol Again your not fooling anyone..

              1. I try to let their words speak for themselves but I defend the facts we present daily. Journalists under unfair attack cannot keep silent, as if to admit any false allegations of wrongdoing.

            2. Hundreds of comments? lol That cant be 100% accurate… How many exactly have written Barn? If it not in the hundreds than YOU just spread some misinformation.. Don’t worry we are used that that by now with you..

      2. No, what’s funny is your egocentricism making you believe every comment is directed at you. Since my comment was not a reply to you, what you wrote or didn’t write is irrelevant. That being said, one does not need to be on the left or the right to call out that level of stupidity whenever it is encountered. It is a patriotic duty.

        1. American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. and its subsidiary Pharmacia & Upjohn Company Inc. have agreed to pay $2.3 billion, the largest health care fraud settlement in the history of the Department of Justice, to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from the illegal promotion of certain pharmaceutical products. Go ahead and google Johnson&Johnson Talc Power Lawsuit…Why should these companies be trusted??? Take your time, I’ll wait….

          Docters have been threatened to have their license revoked if they don’t go ahead and support the ever changing “science”. So unfortunately most chose to play ball..

  2. Both Birx and Fauci lost the trust of Americans long ago. I’m not sure why anyone chooses to put a microphone in front of their faces anymore.

  3. Sheesh I say barney has a poster of fauci with trust the science in his office and his druthers got up and somehow it violated the tos.

      1. Lot of us aren’t willing to keep the wool pulled over our eyes, in prineville that had a different country connotation to it. Heck 🐑 are on tinder there. Anyways they thrust a 🎤 in front of them now so they can try to hornswoggle new people now that trump is out of the way. My uncle’s one of them then again he swears up and down an alien attacked whilst hiking in the sawtooth mountains and tried to impregnate him few years ago.

  4. They are putting out the notice of the coming Mid-Term Variant due in September. No in person voting, it will be mail in, e-mail. Some type of this will be tried.

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