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C.O. law enforcement agencies ramp up holiday patrols

Law enforcement adds patrol to decrease driving under the influence

BEND, Ore. ( KTVZ) -- If you've been seeing more patrol cars on the street and a higher police presence, it's because local law enforcement is trying to ensure those celebrating are making wise decisions, in regards to driving and alcohol consumption.

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office began its focused DUII patrol on Dec. 20 and it will continue through New Year's Day.

So far, one DUII arrest was made, Sunday night.

In 2017, from New Year's Eve to New Year's Day, Bend police made seven DUII arrests, and in 2018 there were only four arrests made for DUII during the period.

Police Lt. Juli McConkey shared Monday how the department will ramp up patrols.

"We are having overtime slots for DUII enforcement specifically," McConkey said. "So we are beefing up our patrols for DUIIs on New Year's Eve and then into New Year's morning. Then also, we've had extra patrol requests come in, so officers are going to be working extra patrols, because we do have a high volume of calls that come in New Year's Eve and then into New Year's morning as well."

Redmond police shared that in 2017, from Dec. 15 to New Year's Day, there were nine DUII arrests. In 2018, during the same time frame, there were five and so far in 2019, there have only been four arrests made.

The Redmond Police Department will be fully staffed on New Year's Eve, with at least 11 officers on duty in nine patrol vehicles (two officers are in training and are paired with a training officer).  That includes their traffic enforcement officer, who will be focusing solely on DUII deterrence and enforcement.  

Redmond police Lt. Curtis Chambers gave NewsChannel 21 this statement:

"It is the goal of the Redmond Police Department to keep everyone safe during New Year's Eve and to encourage good decision-making.  All on-duty officers will be looking for DUII drivers.

"We encourage those celebrating the new year with impairing substances to plan their transportation needs ahead of time or choose to stay the night at the location they are celebrating. 

"There is any number of transportation options available; driving impaired is NOT an option.  The decision to drive impaired can lead to life-long unintended consequences, the least of which is getting arrested."

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Arielle Brumfield

Arielle Brumfield is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Arielle here.



  1. Good luck These SnowFlakes just don’t get it Don’t drink & drive & slow the hell down you won’t get tickets & your auto insurance won’t increase plus you brakes on your auto will last longer by slowing down Hope they bust a bunch of the idiots

  2. Don’t get it confused, the police are not “ramping up” patrols for your safety or well being. This is a business decision and DUIIs are a straight up revenue stream for the police, courts, local attorneys, and treatment centers. If the police really wanted to help the community they’d be issuing $25,000 fines to every bar that over-serves people who then end up driving away and getting pulled over.

    1. That sounds expensive as do all these extra overtime positions, the cheaper and more effective solution would simply be to use some of this punitive grant $ to instead fund safe rides home for drunk people, whether its transit or rideshare or cabs

      1. as far as I know they still do use that grant money for cab rides. the cops offer the bars 5 dollar vouchers for cab rides. like in Prineville it covered within the city limits. in bend they covered a ride within 10 miles

    2. the cheese has slipped off your cracker. the current system of making the idiot pay for their own mistakes works. making a bar totally responsible and the person who took it upon themselves to drive the victim is laughable. if you think its all about the revenue, stop driving drunk and paying into it.

    3. Honestly, I’m glad the police are increasing their presence and looking for impaired drivers. For those that claim they’re only doing it to create a revenue stream–I DON’T CARE. Every impaired driver (republican or democrat) pulled over and removed from the road is one less potential injury accident. And since I don’t use alcohol, I’m not too worried about contributing to the money grab that you accuse them of. Your proposal for fining bars would require cops to be lying in wait outside (or nearby) the establishment, ready to follow patrons as they leave. I’m not certain they are legally allowed to do that, are they? Also, that doesn’t address those people who drink at home and then drive somewhere.

      I say the most effective way to address those who choose to drive drunk/impaired is to take away their license for a year on the first offense and require a substantial fine. We could stand to see more bicycles and less cars in Bend, anyway.

  3. I was a happy camper on New Years eve when a Redmond Police Officer pulled me over for speeding while heading E on HWY 126 near Fred Meyer and gave me a warning ticket. I even sent the Officer a Christmas card and thanked him for the courtesy. Really a courteous officer too TKS Redmond police !!!!

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