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Bend Halloween store sees many excited kids; ‘Ghostface,’ witches among popular costumes

Spirit Halloween also raising funds for Portland children's hospital

BEND, Ore (KTVZ) -- With Halloween right around the corner, people are scoping out places to get good costumes, and the Spirit Halloween store in Bend is a busy spot.

A sales associate at the store, located at Bend Factory Outlets, says they’ve been pretty busy, especially on the weekends.

“I think the most requested costume is ‘Ghostface.’ I know that it’s been blowing up on TikTok recently,” Shelby Small said Monday. “I usually do see a lot of witch costumes. I feel like it’s a good like, classic, easy costume to put together.”

Small said the store has been getting shipments every week to meet the demand, but they don’t always know what will be in them. 

Customers also have the option to go on a waitlist, and when the desired costume comes in, they receive a notification from the store. 

The store also is holding its annual ‘Spirit of Children’ fundraiser. 

“Whatever donation amount we get, it always goes to a children’s hospital,” Small said. “This year, it’s Doernbecher (Children's Hospital in Portland). So far, we have got a good amount. We have a whole bunch of donation stickers all over the wall, and it’s for every person who donates, or every group of people who donate.”

Small said all the funds go to families who are struggling with bills and kids who are in the hospital long-term. On Halloween, the kids are thrown a party in the hospital, to lift their spirits.

For this Halloween season, Small said she’s seen a lot more enthusiasm, which she said wasn’t the case last year.

“Customers seem to be pretty excited -- mostly the kids. Sometimes the adults are a little exhausted, but I know most of the kids are excited for it,” Small said.

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Bola Gbadebo

Bola Gbadebo is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Bola here.



  1. Kalamity Kate ruined Halloween last year- Biden will muck up yer Christmas this year- so don’t worry- plenty of time to disappoint the kiddies- the nations future young Republicans !

      1. In the past 10 months “everyone’s”life has changed- for the worse ! Fuel prices are surging at both the gas pumps and for home heating ! Inflation is at a 30 year high- our US borders may as well be no existent- our US military has once again been defanged and resembles a toothless ol alley cat- murder is rampant in cities like Portland- hospitals- police- and teachers are being forced out of their careers all because 81 million unnamed Americans decided that global peace and a healthy US economy was not a priority… Halloween 2021 will be a bust just like last year as Demokant policies continue to turn children of Demokant parents into Young Republicans !

    1. Ive heard that kids are asking what happened to President Trump. They know things were better when he ran the show. Lets pray that Christmas can be saved this year. We need a Christian President again.

        1. You didn’t really add anything to the conversation with that comment… why don’t you tell us why children might prefer Joey and Hunter- The Grinch who’s dumping their toys in the ocean- over Donald and Ivanka who filled their parents pockets with more spending cash !

      1. define “free country”. When has it been free for my people? we didn’t get our rights to our own religous beliefs till 1968, and your heroic american ancestors threw our children in mass graves at residential schools. Yeah, real free.

      1. I love the fact that two generations of American youth are having to “deal” with Demokant policies that are ruining their childhood- showing them what failures the D-party really is- and pushing them towards a lifetime of GOP support. Anyone really think children and teens today are enjoying their youth of cancelled school- parties- events- sports- and rights of passage ??? Not to mention- every kid named Brandon- must be completely confused !

    1. Whazzamatter- the sight of 28 million dollars in holiday goods sitting off the shores of California should be kept a secret- part of the denial campaign to save the nation’s worst “Resident” in office ever ? Gee- just what kinda story should be posted here- how ’bout an update on the American hostages in Afghanistan- the price of gasoline “today”- more on Hunter Biden’s laptop of sleaze and porn ??? Is that the news you are suggesting- cause I must say- I don’t disagree !

    2. You are correct. This is not news. Its called a human interest story. A human interest story is something to lighten the mood in the world of gloom and doom that saturates the news industry. All news medias run human interest stories. If you dont like to read them either dont click on them or dont watch the news.

  2. Spirit Halloween needs to remove “Indian” costumes. Our culture is not your costume.Fake sacred headress, and sexualized “pocahontas” costumes only bring shame to our people

  3. I like how most people removed their muzzles after they got past the front door lady and in the store. Felt normal for a bit, minus the occasional mom and young kids muzzled here and there. I also liked seeing people look at someone unmuzzled and take off their own muzzle. There was a feeling of unity between the Americans in the store when i went. Pretty cool.

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