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Mother's Day

Fun mother-son outings

Mother-son outings can be fun and memorable. Get some ideas for your next outing.

Zoo: Going to the zoo is a great way to spend a day with your son. It's educational, fun, and it will keep you both interested.

Museum: Showing your son the local art, science or history museum is a great way to spend a mother-son outing. You can learn about the subject matter together and build memories of the outing.

Mini golf: Mini golf is a great activity as it doesn't get too competitive and it can be a lot of fun.

Bowling: Bowling is an activity that will allow mothers and sons to enjoy some mild competition while also enjoying some laughs. You can try bumper bowling for younger kids to ensure they don't get too frustrated.

Craft class: Bond with your son over a craft class - like ceramics, painting or woodworking. You will learn a new skill while also spending time with each other.

Sporting event: Does your son have a favorite sports team? Surprise him with tickets to a game.

Camping: If you're looking for a mother-son bonding weekend, consider going camping. You will bond while setting up your tent and your camp spot and can also enjoy nature while hiking and fishing.

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