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Mother's Day

Fun ways to spend Mother’s Day

Need some ideas for how to get the whole family involved this Mother's Day? Check out these ways to put some fun and laughter into Mother's Day!

1. Go the movies

Either rent one of your mom's favorites to enjoy at home or take a trip to the local theater to see something new.

2. Have a spa day

There's nothing your mom would like more than a little R&R;, so this Mother's Day treat her to a day at the spa for facials, massages, and more.

3. Enjoy a day at the museum

Take your mom (and the whole family) to a museum of her choice. To make the day extra special, you can pick up a little something for her in the gift shop to commemorate the day.

4. Take a stroll down memory lane

Spend the day looking through old family photos and home videos. This will be a fun trip down memory lane for everyone!

5. Brunch

Avoid the old cliche of breakfast in bed and take the whole family to a hip new brunch restaurant. This will be a tasty treat that everyone can enjoy.

6. Go hiking or camping

If your family is active, consider packing up some gear and enjoying a night in the great outdoors. You can also find a picturesque place to hike if camping seems a little too ambitious for the whole family.

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