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Redmond Airport answers questions about Real ID, air travel amid pandemic

(Update: Adding video, more answers)

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A Redmond Airport official reached out to NewsChannel 21 Wednesday with answers to some questions the public are asking about traveling, including information regarding the Real ID requirement, as well as what you need to do to fly amid the pandemic.

Here are the questions and answers:

"When does the REAL ID requirement go into effect?"

Pending COVID updates, that begins on Oct. 1. At that point, a standard ID or driver license will not be accepted for domestic air travel.

Airport officials said it's important to stress the "pending COVID updates" part, because the REAL ID deadline has been postponed twice.

You will still be able to fly anywhere using a passport before and after REAL ID's become required.

"I lost my license or it is expired, or I have a temporary one—can I still travel?"

Yes, but you will be subject to additional screening at TSA checkpoint—plan on arriving earlier and check with your airline or TSA directly for questions.

"What are the Covid restrictions and requirements to fly to and from RDM?"

The Redmond Airport follows federal guidelines when it comes to air travel. That means masks are required at all times.

People arriving in the Oregon from other states or countries, including returning Oregon residents, are encouraged to self-quarantine for 14 days after arrival. Non-essential travel, which includes tourism, is discouraged.

"Do I need a COVID-19 test to fly?"

Well, it depends on your destination. If you're traveling to Hawaii, you must have a negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours of the final leg of departure.

On most domestic flights, though, you likely won't need one because most states do not require a negative result.

However, several states do ask you to fill out a travel health form on your phone upon arrival, or quarantine for 10-14 days.

If you're headed to the U.S. on an international flight, then you must have a negative test result before you enter the country.

You do not need to be vaccinated before flying.

Still unsure?

The Redmond Airport recommends you reach out to your airline, or to them directly with any other questions you might have at 541-548-0646.

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Max Goldwasser

Max Goldwasser is a reporter and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Max here.



  1. So here’s the logic –

    NO ID necessary to vote
    ID Necessary to show vaccination and to fly

    We live in a clown world. Everyone knows that mail in voting is ripe with fraud. Democrats in their corrupt run cities ballot harvest and then wait until all votes tallied then use their suitcases filled with ballots to steal elections. We saw it in 2020. They covered up windows so no monitors can see them in action, their were tapes showing hidden suitcases coming out from under tables, ballots being scanned multiple times. And just because our corrupt courts won’t even look at the evidence does not mean it does not exist!

      1. Therein lies the problem: there were no court wins or losses, only a bunch of judges who didn’t want to be in the hot seat hearing the case. Failure of the courts to hear these election/voter fraud allegations with both sides fighting over the facts leaves us in the unsatisfactory position of not knowing what is true.

    1. Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. Re-tweeting something some yahoo posted on Twitter is not evidence, let alone an extraordinary one. It’s amazing; Trump sees a good opportunity to raise million$ by telling his gullible followers that there was this massive conspiracy involving 1000’s of Republican and Democratic election officials, Republican and Democratic volunteers, dead Venezuelan dictators, Trump-appointed judges, Bill Barr, DOJ, DHS, etc. And his supporters ACTUALLY BOUGHT IT. 🤣🤣 As if it couldn’t possibly be that he had the lowest consistent approval ratings in the modern presidency, lost the House in 2018, and presided over a terrible economy and a single-handedly awful response to a catastrophic health emergency. P.T. Barnum was right.

      1. I have to laugh every time I see a rant like this. The question you need to ask yourself – are his supporters being brainwashed as you are accusing or are his supporters behind him because he is the only one saying what we, the people, have been saying to each other for so long, finally.

        Just like Rush, or any other commentator – is/was he succesful because in his 3 hours a day he could keep his listeners brainwashed or more likely was his popularity due to the fact that he was saying on a national stage what we, the people, are saying and not able to get anybody to listen.

            1. Well it’s nice to just be able to make up your own rules as you go, huh? That’s why you get called out on here every day. Now go brush those yellow teeth!

    1. True. All just post-9/11 Security Theater. The reality is that no crew nor set of passengers will every permit a plane to be hijacked again. The element of surprise disappeared on 9/12.

    2. You were correct until Kate and her crew diluted our drivers license a couple years ago by allowing “undocumented” driver’s license holders – against twice the same idea being voted down by popular vote.

    3. Let’s take a moment to remember that it was GW who instituted the Homeland Security Department after 9/11 and called for a RealID card. The program sat there delayed for 13 years through the Obama administration because it was stupid, and then Trump revisited the idea in 2018 because Mexicans. Why it’s a topic again right now is beyond me, but hopefully it fails miserably and is discarded.

  2. If at all possible simply drive or take the bus / train.

    Or commute to Portland and fly out of PDX. At least the airport there is comfortable and there are far less TSA junior detectives to deal with as you check in, screen, and then go about your business.

    Just say’in.

  3. And the most relevant questions remain unasked –

    Why is it that more than 15 years after the Real ID legislation took affect is Oregon still dealing with this?

    Who is being held accountable for this ineptitude?

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