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Quarterback returns to Madras to give back


Former Madras High School quarterback Josh Farrester is back in Madras to help out the community that helped him so much in the past.

In 2007, during his senior year of high school, Farrester injured his knee during a game.

Farrester immediately took advantage of Apex Physical Therapy’s free athletic injury clinic for Jefferson County student-athletes. There, he met owner and physical therapist Brock Monger, who later would become Farrester’s first professional mentor.

Farrester left high school and attended Oregon State University for undergraduate school. After Oregon State, Farrester earned his doctorate of physical therapy from George Fox University in Newberg.

Last month, about eight years later, Farrester moved back to Madras with his wife, where he was offered a job to work alongside Monger as Apex Physical Therapy’s newest physical therapist.

Farrester told NewsChannel 21’s Dani Fried, “I was like, ‘Man, I could see myself back here happy one day.’ And my phone started to ring, and it said Brock’s cell on there, and he was calling saying, ‘Hey, we need a guy down here — are you open to coming back to Madras?'”

Farrester said he believes physical therapy is key to getting people with mobility issues or in pain back to doing what they love. And whether he can do that in the clinic, on the football field sidelines or both, he’ll cherish being able to do so, back in his hometown.

KTVZ News Team


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