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The nation’s first ‘beer spa’ opens in Sisters


Central Oregonians love their beer. So much so, they’re not just drinking it, they’re soaking in it at the nation’s first beer spa.

“You’re going to soak in a proprietary blend of beer, hops, barley and some herbs,” said Sally Champa, owner at Hop in the Spa in Sisters, said Tuesday.

It’s more than just soaking in beer: A bath in brew is good for you.

“It’s great for insomnia, relaxation,” Champa said.

Many swear by hops’ medicinal qualities in getting rid of pain and aches.

“I used it, and my pains went away and I slept great,” said Mike Boyle, chief “hoptimisitc” officer at Hop in the Spa.

It all started after Boyle got into a car accident.

“My car rolled over three or four times,” Boyle said.

He went to Champa for a massage, and when he experienced a beer spa in Europe, he knew the industry was … well, hopping.

“One day we talked about this, and it just happened that I said: ‘Lets hop into the spa business,'” Boyle said.

Boyle does not even like beer.

“I didn’t drink beer until three months ago,” Boyle said.

After only a week in business, they’re already expanding.

“The phone is ringing nonstop,” Champa said.

And they’re not stopping at a beer spa, either.

“We’re planning on ‘Hop in the Garden,’ which will be our beer garden — and then ‘Hop in Cup,’ which will be a new coffee that has hops in it,” Boyle said.

For those hoping to get tipsy off the tub, we have to be “brew-tally” honest.

“You will not get drunk soaking in beer,” Champa said.

Still, the owners insist that a day at the beer spa will make you “hoptimistic” about the future.

“Hoptimism is that every day you wake up, you know there’s going to be great beer around,” Boyle said.

In that case, Central Oregon will always see the glass — and tub — half-full.

KTVZ News Team


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