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3 new restaurants to bring more traffic to Bend’s north north end

(Update: Adding Chipotle's planned opening in early summer)

Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle drive-thru and new Greek fast-food restaurant due

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Since the moment Chick-Fil-A announced they were planning a location in Bend, there's been a flurry of mixed reactions. Along with views of the food ad business were concerns about how the arrival of another popular restaurant chain could affect traffic in the area of Highway 97 and Robal Lane.

The concerns have only increased since Chick-Fil-A released the date of their grand opening in Robal Road Village, on Thursday, Jan. 23 -- and it's not just Chick-Fil-A that's expected to affect traffic on Highway 97.

Among the new additions expected to draw more visitors to the area are an upcoming Greek fast-food restaurant, Kefi Fresh, and a Chipotle drive-thru, Bend's second restaurant of that chain. Both are also located in Robal Road Village.

A Chipotle representative confirmed Wednesday to NewsChannel 21 that the new Chipotle on Robal Lane will open "in early summer" and "will feature a 'Chipotlane,' which is our drive-thru digital order pickup lane."

On Tuesday, NewsChannel 21 spoke with Peter Murphy, spokesman for the Oregon Department of Transportation, to hear how ODOT plans to address traffic concerns, with a forthcoming major reroute project for local traffic.

"Third Street will continue north on what is currently Highway 97, and we'll move the highway portion of that over closer to the railroad tracks," Murphy said. "Access to Cascade Village and the other shopping areas near there actually should become slightly better, because there will be less competition for the same space on the road."

The owners of Kefi Fresh agree, saying more traffic could mean more business.

Nick Stanitsas, who graduated from Central Oregon Community College's Cascade Culinary Institute, said he's excited to bring Greek cuisine to Bend.

"I have a new perspective on food after going to culinary school and working in restaurants here," Stanitsas said. "I'm excited for this center in particular to become the hub for the northeast side of town."

His mother, Menoula Stanitsas, says traffic in the area was a big factor in choosing a location for their restaurant.

"I know it's frustrating for people standing or sitting at that stop light, but it gives visibility to this center, which is one of the reasons we chose this location," Menoula said.

Kefi Fresh is expected to open in late February or early March. Chipotle has not yet released a date for when it's expected to open.

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Rhea Panela

Rhea Panela is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Rhea here.



  1. It is a fast food restaurant. Maybe initial interest but then it will just be like any other fast food joint. Am I missing something, I have never been to one?

    1. Their food is bad. They’re run by a bunch of religious nuts and as such, don’t open on Sundays and donate a ton of money to anti-LBGTQ organizations. That’s it in a nutshell.

      1. Other then they are closed on Sunday, every thing else you claim is not true. What they do do is hire smart employees that work, are clean, and treat customers with respect.

        1. It is absolutely 100% true. Sorry, dummy. If you want to flat out lie and not have to back it up, run for office! All this information is verifiable. Look it up. You can use all the practice you can get.

      2. I’m not religious, I never have been. The biggest reason is because I don’t believe there is an all knowing, all seeing higher power. It’s not because I didn’t try when I was younger because I did, but it didn’t take me long to realize that religions are filled with hypocrites, liars, drunks and drug addicts who use religion as a way to go through life making stupid decisions and using religion as a way to erase the bad things they did. I really didn’t like the way some of the very religious people I had met looked down on those who didn’t go to church on a regular basis. That was not what I was expecting…
        Ironically when I was younger, I leaned towards the Catholic religion because I had good friends who were devout Catholics, and I figured any religion that accepts drinking and smoking must be okay. Probably not a good reason to try and choose a religion but that’s they way I did it. Well, needless to say, my views on Catholic church didn’t last long when I began seeing stories of the sexual abuse and pedophilia by those who were supposed to be trusted,so that was the end of my religious quest…
        Anyway, we have many freedoms in this country that I am thankful for, and the freedom to chose religion is one of those. Even though I don’t agree with the radical religious outlook by many, I respect their right to make the choice as long as it doesn’t promote violence.
        I think the ever growing alphabet groups are ridiculous as well, and nothing more than a way to get attention and preferential treatment, but again, it’s one of the freedoms we have in this country. If a business owner wants to build their business around their personal views, so be it, at least he has the conviction to not hides his beliefs.
        Truth be told, if we knew the personal beliefs, and what goes on in the minds of other business owners, we would probably all be in shock and disbelief…

      1. They already have the 3rd biggest hunk of ground. They can’t figure out how to keep from burning it up and having it overran with illegal aliens tho. Now everything is all jacked up and tens of thousands are leaving. They have done better at recalling their crooked governor the democrats elected tho than we have. The only problem down there is election officials are refusing to count signatures aaaaand all sorts of other illegal crap to protect him. Don’t read it here tho…. helps to keep morons like you in the dark and only believing what they wanna give you to read. Looks like it works. Funny thing is NOTHING I said can be refuted by you or anyone else

  2. Just wait – This is a major deal and traffic will be affected greatly – The traffic will be greatly impacted on 97 too – This will not fade with time – the traffic will be a nightmare – Whoever allowed them to build there has never seen the lines that they have, especially at lunch time.

  3. For a local station Z21 sure does a lot of stories on big chains and their openings, especially restaurants? Either it’s slow news or the station is getting hooked up with processed fast food chicken sandwiches? I’m sure they enjoy the free press?

      1. Pfft. Name one other small business opening you’ve written multiple day after day stories about like you guys have done for chick-fil-a. I can’t wait to read about yalls breathless anticipation in tomorrow’s story.

        1. We’ve done maybe 3 stories in past 3 months on chick-fil-A, probably about the same as we did on Chipotle, Olive Garden, etc. etc. Restaurant and retail chains get big attention when we report on them – look at the Shopko closure and WinCo planned arrival, etc.

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