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State picks advisor for sale of Stevens Road Tract in SE Bend

Stevens Road Tract aerial
Cushman & Wakefield

No sales price set for 382-acre parcel

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Cushman & Wakefield announced Tuesday the firm has been retained as exclusive advisor by Oregon Department of State Lands for the sale of about 382 acres of land at the southeast corner of Bend, known as the Stevens Road Tract.

The firm said the property is currently unentitled, but is designated for development to a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial land uses within the City of Bend Comprehensive Plan.

The State Land Board approved the sale last month.

The Cushman & Wakefield sales team is led by Matt Johnson and Mark Carnese of the firm’s Portland office, in collaboration with Matt Davis of the firm’s specialized Land Advisory Group in San Diego providing advisory service support.

"The property is being offered unpriced," the company said in its news release, which continues below.  

“Oregon will benefit tremendously from the sale of these school lands,” says Vicki Walker, director of the Oregon Department of State Lands. “Sale proceeds will go to the Common School Fund, which sends millions to Oregon’s public school districts every year. Development of the property also helps meet Bend’s growing housing needs.”

“The Stevens Road Tract provides a very desirable Central Oregon location next to the Old Farm neighborhood at the southeastern boundary of the City of Bend and offers a gorgeous view of the Cascades to the west,” said Matt Johnson, executive director. “With a recently updated Comprehensive Plan in place, the property could be builder-ready after master plan and annexation approval for the project. At just over 382 acres, this expansive site presents the opportunity to create a substantial residential community with supporting commercial uses.”

Mark Carnese, Executive Director, added, “The local area boasts an attractive place to live and work, with many public parks and trails that will be further enhanced with the completion of the project.”

Located at 21425 Stevens Road, the site is located adjacent to 27th St and Reed Market Road, major arterial streets serving this part of Bend. Highways 20 and 97 are both conveniently located within a few miles, with downtown Bend also closely proximate.

Approximately 369.9 acres of the site offering are zoned Urbanizable Area (UA) and will need to be annexed into the city as part of the project, while 12.15 acres are already within the City boundary and designated as Standard Density Residential (SDR).

Matt Davis, Director, said, “This offering presents a great opportunity for a purchaser to provide much-needed reasonably priced housing to the Bend community, which we believe would be a welcomed plan to help support the consistent and strong level of in-migration occurring.”

The tract is currently surrounded by residential land uses to the north and west, rural undeveloped land to the east and Deschutes County Road Department facilities to the south.

With a population approaching 100,000 people, Bend is the largest urban area in Oregon east of the Cascade Mountains. Bend has been ranked in the top 15 fastest growing cities in the U.S. four of the last five years; and in 2018, it was ranked 6th fastest for population growth in the United States.

In-migration has been the primary factor in the area’s growth, with about 7,000 new residents moving to the area every year. Bend serves as a regional service and trade center for Central Oregon, and has also been ranked second for fastest job growth in the U.S. More than two-thirds of all the jobs in the county are in Bend, and many companies are continuing to move their businesses to the Bend area.

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    1. So in other words, bury our heads in the sand so as to not address the problems we face and hope they just go away? Yeah, sounds like a great idea to just yell at the wall instead of accepting the concept that the world population is growing EVERYWHERE.

          1. Zero growth in Wallowa County in the last ten years…they’re doing just fine, proud of it, and don’t want anything else different. There’s just one example

          1. Trying to make a point are ya, tantrum woman? Nothing like the sound of a woman in tantrum mode. You should record it. I would play it and drive away evil spirits if I were the church pastor

  1. Since this new potential development land is located in such close proximity to the Bend Senior Center, and “affordable” housing is badly needed, I hope the city will give BIG incentives for a portion to be developed into a nice Mobile Home Park for Seniors 50 and older. The new model mobile homes are REALLY nice inside, and it would be a win, win situation all the way around.

  2. Bend has ****** up the livability of central oregon enough, lack of proper infrastructure is one major issue city of Bend will not nor has not addressed. city of Bend politicians are a bunch of greedy, selfish A holes.

  3. This is a straight-up lie. Speaking of Lies I love how the comments are turned off of the Nick Sandmann story… you know the one where CNN flat-out lied and z21 perpetuated it all over for several weeks…. neither of which issued a retraction, and both places had commenters coming unhinged at the poor kid, calling him all sorts of names and everything else…. the same asshats that think making fun of Greta because she’s a 16 year old girl, is out of line

    Every last one of you people should be held accountable

      1. If you can’t turn on the comments when you post the story, I’m not gonna bother you to go back and do it. You guys should already know if they’re on or not

        1. 1,000s of stories flow through our site without our ‘posting’ or editing, just like just about every media site out there. We write the local news. If you are unwilling to help us allow the dialogue due to our technical issue, that’s your loss.

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