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Tumalo businessman joins race for Walden’s congressional seat

Jimmy Crumpacker congressional candidate
Submitted photo
Jimmy Crumpacker of Tumalo, a candidate for Oregon's 2nd Congressional District seat

13th candidate to file for 2nd District says he's raised more than $600,000

TUMALO, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Bend-area conservative businessman Jimmy Crumpacker announced Monday his bid for Oregon’s Second Congressional District seat held by Rep. Greg Walden, who announced last fall he won't seek re-election.

The secretary of state’s database showed a dozen candidates had filed for the seat previously, including seven Republicans and five Democrats.

The other Republicans include Jason Atkinson, Cliff Bentz, Knute Buehler, David Campbell, Kenneth Medenbach, Mark Roberts and Jeff Smith. The Democrats are Nick Heuertz, John Holm, Jack Howard, Alex Spenser and Isabella Tibbetts.

Here's the rest of the news release from Crumpacker announcing his candidacy:

Crumpacker, a seventh-generation Oregonian, had a successful career in the private sector fighting for American energy independence. Along with the launch of his campaign, Crumpacker announced that he had raised nearly $600,000 in the final 11 days of December. With his current January fundraising totals, Crumpacker has already raised comfortably more than $600,000. 

“Donald Trump proved the need for more business people in government. Like the President, I am a political outsider; someone who looks to bring private sector solutions to our Nation’s most pressing problems,” said Crumpacker.

“I’ve spent my career in the private sector, promoting capitalism and seeing first hand what the power of free markets and a strong private sector can do to grow the economy and increase wealth for middle-class Americans. I can’t wait to get to work advancing President Trump’s America First agenda and making sure rural Oregon enjoys the same economic boom the rest of the country has under President Trump’s leadership.”

“For far too long, Washington insiders have forgotten so many folks like those in rural Oregon - farmers, ranchers; folks who just want a fair shake,” continued Crumpacker. “That’s why this district voted for Donald Trump in the first place: they were tired of getting the short end of the stick. Rural Oregonians can rest assured knowing that I will work tirelessly with this President to deliver real results for the district. That means defending the Second Amendment, securing the border, and putting an end to the spread of radical socialism.”

Jimmy resides in Tumalo, on the farm his family has owned for the past 45 years. For more information about Jimmy or his campaign for Congress, please visit

Along with the launch of his campaign, Crumpacker announced a biographical ad outlining the reasons for his campaign to represent Oregon’s Second Congressional District. The ad can be viewed at Here's the script:

Narrator: Jimmy Crumpacker, a seventh-generation Oregonian who grew up playing baseball, backpacking and clearing brush on the family farm in rural Oregon. Spent his career working to make our Nation energy independent and volunteering for our veterans and seniors. But with liberals run amuck in Portland and Washington D.C., Jimmy Crumpacker came back to fight for our way of life. For our small towns, for our timber industry and our farming and ranching communities. To increase access to healthcare and emergency services, destroy the federal regulation machine, get meth and opioids out of our communities and get rural Oregonians back to work. That’s why Jimmy Crumpacker is running for Congress.

Jimmy Crumpacker: I’m Jimmy Crumpacker, these days Congress wants to tear down your house, cancel your health insurance, raise your taxes and impeach the President. They’re so out of touch, if you put them in charge of this outhouse they would gold plate the seat for themselves and rent us the basement. That’s why I stand with President Trump to put the American workers first, to defend the Second Amendment, secure the borders and to end socialism once and for all.

Narrator: Conservative, small businessman, not a politician. Jimmy Crumpacker for Congress.

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  1. The moment he mentioned Donald Trump as a businessman… good grief. Just go away. What we need as a nation, and anyone who serves in Congress, is for everyone to understand that there is an existential threat, and it is the GOP. It is a corrupt party, serves the shareholder class at the expense of the worker, more importantly humanity. We will no longer exist as a species if we continue to vote people in who give more weight in importance to corporations and businesses versus humans and the environment.

    1. What news have you been watching lady. The GOP is not the corrupt party. That would be the DNC. DO you realize the your beloved Obama gave over 100 billion dollars to Iran 1.8 billion in cash. You do know that the missiles fired at the basses in Iraq and the missile that shot down that Ukrainian passenger plane killing 175 civilians were paid for with your tax dollars right? You do know that President Trump’s policies are directly responsible for the height of our economy, right. Unemployment is at it’s lowest ever, employment at it’s highest. Have you had your head in the sand? The Democrats are the worst thing to walk the Earth. They want No borders. Which means they want no country. They want our country to be a socialist nation so they can control us. They want to take away your right to defend yourself and take away our constitutional rights. You know that, right? Get your head out if the sand.

        1. The story they tell us is that it was their money. Doesn’t really matter. The fact is they new the money would go to fund terrorism. And it did. They have been killing Americans for over forty years and have no plans to stop. Obama did nothing, Clinton did nothing. The Bushes did something. Trump is doing something. Stand and be counted. Freedom from tyranny is not free, nor is freedom from terroristic states. You hate President Trump, but can you give facts to back up your hate. You are the one with the problem. Hate consumes your soul while the rest of us who understand the facts and the truth rest easy knowing we have a strong President

        2. It was their money. It was also supposed to have money deducted from it to pay victims of terrorism. Google Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act and Iran. Obama victimized terrorism victims a second time. Then the money he quietly siphoned off from victims if terror was used to fund more terrorism. You can’t make this up…

    2. You don’t like businesses and you don’t like corporations – who is it that is providing jobs? How many are you hiring at a “family wage” whatever that is?

      1. Please remember the stock market is not the economy. Wages are stagnant, the federal minimum wage has not increased in over a decade, and about 40% of the US population can not cover a $400 emergency expense.

        1. Lolol What does the stock market have to do with anything other than our retirement funding (401K, IRA, Roth, etc)? It did in the ’20’s but even though the media trys to create a correlation hasn’t had the same effect as it did then. Wages are NOT stagnant, you need to become more aware of current conditions – in the real world wages do not hinge on any minimum wage – most people do not choose to stay at minimum so it doesn’t matter how low it is. An interesting little fact that really irritates some people is that, on average, those who can not cover an emergency expense at minimum wage most likely can not cover that same expense at triple or more income. I know some who have been able to save enough for 5-6 months of expenses working on minimum wage and I know some who are making much more than 5000.00 per month who don’t have 2 quarters to rub together.

    1. YOu are right about that. There are a few Demwits in This district. You are on the wrong side of the wrong side of the California border and the wrong side of the Cascades

    1. Greedy Republican. Who is that is advocating programs that will cost 32 trillion dollars? Who is it that is pushing their ridiculous Cap and Trade bill in Oregon? Who is is that is trying to raise your taxes? By the time the democrats are through you won’t have a country and you won’t have freedom either

      1. “Who is that is advocating programs that will cost 32 trillion dollars?”

        Then there are the worthless medical insurance middlemen corporations…That will cost 42 trillion!

    2. Let’s check the financial records of senators and representatives from both parties – especially the long term ones and see who is greedy, strong suspicion party is irrevelant….

  2. This guy sounds pretty good. I would like to hear more about him. The riding on Trumps coat tails gets a bit nauseating. I would like to hear more about Jims own ideas.

  3. Says he’s a businessman, but doesn’t say what he really did. Fighting energy interests sounds like a lobbyist! Congrats GOP, just start electing them directly!

  4. Is this the new trend? WHAT political party!?-none mentioned in this report or on his website,same as Bloomberg in his TV adverts,although by Bloomberg’s TV ad you KNOW he is a Dem by his “agenda”.

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