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Work begins on new Oregon cap and trade bill

SALEM, Ore. (AP) -- A climate change bill that could dominate the 2020 Oregon legislative session got its first public hearing as lawmakers try to find a compromise on an issue that led to GOP senators walking out of the Capitol last year.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports the bill to implement a so-called cap and trade program in Oregon took center stage in a three-hour meeting on Monday of the Senate Environment and Natural Resources committee.

Lawmakers are meeting for part of this week in regularly scheduled interim committee hearings before the session begins Feb. 3.

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  1. Higher taxes will not fix anything. Taking more money from the tax payer with not do anything but decrease the ability of the tax payer to afford to live. Punishing the poor will not fix the climate. The elitists can afford the higher fuel prices but not the rest of us. Those who live in the more rural areas and commute to the urban areas will no longer be able to afford to travel to work, or visit a doctor, or even shop for groceries, because the prices of everything will increase, including groceries. Raising the price of fuel will raise the cost of transporting goods. Queen Brown cares little about the people.

  2. Here we go again! Let me give you a hint: if you wiped Oregon and its entire population off of the face of the Earth it wouldn’t do anything to stop “climate change”.
    Yet the same people have no problem letting millions of illegals into the country boosting pollution and green house gas emission.
    Why cannot they tax only democrat voters for their idiocy?

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