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Beulah’s Place finishing new Redmond spot for at-risk teens

Organization is still seeking more funding, donations and volunteers

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The doors to Beulah's Place, on Southwest Deschutes Avenue in Redmond, are expected to be open and welcoming at-risk teens by this summer. It'll be Central Oregon's first teen community center for those in need.

The new location has several rooms, each catering to the different needs of the at-risk teens. It'll help to rehabilitate youth providing food, clothing, medical and dental services, and job training and assistance.

Teens that need housing help will be placed in private homes for a period of three to five months while they learn how to be financially independent.

In the future, they hope to expand and potentially house teens at this location in Redmond.

Andi Buerger, the executive director and co- founder of Beulah's Place, says this was a great need for the community. On Friday, she shared more about the goals for the future.

"Our plan is to make it a teen center dedicated to the at-risk and homeless teens, and help reduce that suicide rate and help give them that neutral place to come to, that they may be able to come to us before they make a permanent life decision, or they become lost in the system," Buerger said.

The mission of Beulah's Place "is to lead homeless teens away from sexual exploitation by criminals and predators," their website states. "Here, in a non-judgmental environment, Beulah's Place will provide victims and at-risk kids help, healing, and most of all, hope."

Buerger says teens ages 18- 21 can be housed through their services, but they offer a variety of services to teens as young as 14.

As Beulah's Place gets ready to open the center, they are in need of more kitchen appliances, volunteers and funding.

Grants have been the primary source of funding for the center, and Rep. Greg Walden has also helped Beulah's Place secure funds.

"Our goal is to get the building ready, and then staff it with ... volunteers that have background checks," Buerger said. "We're working with the police department here in Redmond to find out who we can have and how to manage it, so we are learning a lot as we go along, in preparation to be open."

A public meeting will be held at Redmond City Hall on Saturday, Jan. 25 from 10-11 a.m. for community members to hear more about Beulah's Place and the volunteer opportunities it offers.

Donations can also be given directly to the center, or volunteers can sponsor a teen. It costs about $1,800 for one teen to go through phase one of the services Beulah's Place offers.

For more information on how you can help or donate, visit or call 541-526-0445.

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Arielle Brumfield

Arielle Brumfield is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Arielle here.



  1. “Teens that need housing help will be placed in private homes for a period of three to five months while they learn how to be financially independent?”
    I don’t know a single teenager who is capable of being “financially independent.”

    1. Operating verb in that sentence referring to finances: “learn.” I love how this place is trying to bring people up, and boomers will twist it to be another way to crap on young people.

      1. Boomer here, Last day of HS was June 7, June 10 I turned 18 and was on my own. My bills were x amount and simple math told me min wage would not cover that so I got a better job. By then I already had been working for 4 years.

        So what else do we have to “learn” these 20 and 21 year old teenagers? How to wipe them self after using the bathroom?

        1. news flash – herding dinosaurs is no longer a viable profession – that you don’t know that the parameters you functioned under oh so long ago do not apply in today’s world is shocking – try not to be too offended when you are dismissed as just another entitled boomer

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