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Panel proposes ways to improve Oregon’s outdoor recreation

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SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A panel commissioned by Gov. Kate Brown aiming to improve recreation in Oregon’s outdoors suggests creating an Oregon Outdoors Pass and getting more diversity in wild spaces.

The 33-person Governor’s Task Force on the Outdoors released a draft report Thursday.

The Statesman Journal reports the goal is to recommend to Gov. Kate Brown policies, legislation and initiatives that would boost Oregon’s recreation economy, improve resources, and boost outdoor participation, especially among youth and underserved communities.

To that end, they came up with 30 initial ideas under five broad categories that will be discussed at a final meeting Jan. 23 in Salem. Final recommendations will come this spring. The hope is that the recommendations are applied in the next five years.

Among the recommendations is to encourage diversity by reaching out to minority communities to have a hand in land management planning or hiring more diverse people in state agencies. Another plan would seek to make state parks more accessible — or highlight accessibility — to disabled visitors.

Another idea is to look at ways to bridge the gap between state and federal lands policies — given over half of Oregon’s outdoors is managed by the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management.

The panelists also propose a $100 million fund to improve trails, campgrounds and other projects through a constitutional amendment.

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  1. Go out and harass these people wherever you find them…. just like Maxine Waters instructed people to do. If it’s ok for a government official to instruct people to go out and harass others, then it’s okay for me to instruct others to go out and harass the government. You can tell ’em I said so and you can tell ’em I said we’re coming

  2. What a clueless idiot… Here’s a thought, stop raising the fees for all outdoor activities in Oregon. Not everyone has a lucrative Gov’t job and a ridiculous PERS pension. Some people
    actually have to work for a living and have limited resources… You idiots have been pricing people out for years and are to stupid to see it I guess.
    And of course hiring a more diverse group of people, and reaching out to minorities is
    the answer to solve the problem. I’m sure this is a big concern for your pet illegals and those from the special alphabet groups…

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