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80-year-old Prineville school building set for demolition

Former Pioneer HS building Prineville
Crook County School District
Former Pioneer Alternative HS building is set for demolition in coming weeks.

Project begins Tuesday; building 'is beyond its useful life'

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The Crook County School Board has given the go-ahead to demolish the roughly 80-year-old district-owned building at the corner of Northeast Third and Northeast Holly streets in Prineville that most recently housed Pioneer Alternative High School. That project begins Tuesday, officials said.

"After careful consideration," the district said, the CCSD Board declared the building as surplus and gave permission to proceed to demolish the 3,700-square-foot building at the Dec. 9 board meeting.

The demolition will begin Tuesday and should be completed by month-end, said CCSD Facilities and Safety Director Leland Bliss.

“The building is not a good learning environment and is beyond its useful life,” Bliss said. “The building shakes from the traffic going by. It is in poor condition, has environmental concerns, and would be expensive to maintain.”

Removing the building from the corner of the district-owned city block will give the school district options for future land development of safe traffic flow for the new theme school and Pioneer Alternative High School.

District officials said records are not clear, but the building could date back to the 1940s.

Bliss has worked with local government agencies to secure the demolition permit. The district will do the demolition project in-house. Bliss noted that two district maintenance department employees have heavy equipment experience.

The building has housed various school district programs over the years, including a high school wood shop, a maintenance shop annex, instructional services, and the information technology department.

Pioneer Alternative High School opened in the building in 2005 and remained there until moving to the renovated Pioneer South building in April of 2017.

Since then, the building has been used for storage and the NJROTC shooting range.

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  1. As a former firefighter (yes Barney I am and that’s why I was so insistent on challenging the narrative on the Australian bushfires which have disappeared from KTVZ) I do hope Prineville FD allows the constructive burning of the building to train firefighters. Burn it, put it out while training, then haul the remains to the landfill.

    1. As a former fire fighter- you are then well aware of the amount of asbestos this building holds- and lots of “heat resistant” silica that was probably used in the insulation of pipes and overall construction… let’s not set this thing ablaze- allowing the seasonal winds to blow these chemical fibers and spread the silica crystals throughout the town !

      I would prefer they leave the building as is- remove the asbestos- turn it in to the daily logistics headquarters for the Facebook construction project- forcing the Fortress crew and all their contractors into the heart of the city of Prineville every morning. Time for these Portland and Bend/Redmond based companies to spend a little of “our” tax provided job dollars in the city that has gifted them thousands of jobs.

      Local citizens of Prineville are being shut out of these positions by Portland based unions and their management thugs- and what exactly is our city council doing in response- beside turning a blind eye- denying the problem- feigning ignorance ?

      Cmon Z21- send Feme out there and look into this !

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