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Federal panel to consider disputed Oregon natural gas project

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SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A three-member federal commission, all appointed by President Donald Trump, has on its agenda next week a controversial proposed natural gas pipeline and marine export terminal in Oregon.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission had been expected to make a decision Thursday on the project, but instead put it on its agenda for Feb. 20.

If the commission approves, it could be litigated by the state and residents opposed to the mega-project.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has already denied a water quality certification for the Jordan Cove natural gas export project proposed by Pembina, a Canadian energy company. 

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  1. Quite the dilemma here for Kate Brown and her Brownies- we just learned yesterday that if you grease enough palms and look the other way- She’ll make Oregon home to trucked in “radioactive waste materials”- no questions asked !

    But golly gee- a “pipeline” ? Kinda like what every contemporary house in Oregon has to provide fresh water and discharge used… Oh No- we can’t have any of that voodoo magic !

    I think the companies involved would have a better shot at approval if they played the anti-Canadian race card- rub that social justice warrior krap in Salem’s face.

    1. Yes, an interstate natural gas pipeline and EXPORT terminal are the same as a fresh water pipe going into your house. And Govenor Brown personally OKed the dumping of rdioactive waste in Oregon. Your juvenile and sophmoric reasoning belongs where you do. In North Korea with your dear leader’s lover!!! LOL!!! You should’ve stayed in school!!!! Sooooooo much whining!!!

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