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ODOT managers retire following internal investigation


SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Two Oregon Department of Transportation managers at the center of a 2017 whistleblower-retaliation scandal have retired following a six-month internal investigation into possible new policy violations.

The Statesman Journal reports that David McKane and David Fifer worked for ODOT’s Motor Carrier Transportation Division, which regulates trucking and operates weigh stations throughout the state.

Both were put on paid administrative leave on Aug. 27, 2019.  The agency says neither returned or will return to work.

The Statesman Journal detailed nearly a decade of problems at the Motor Carrier Division in a special report published in November 2017.

The report documented multiple complaints by at least four whistleblowers. They involved allegations of contracting irregularities, code and safety violations, contractor overbilling, personal activities on work time, and more.

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  1. “allegations of… code and safety violations…”

    So where is Oregon OSHA on these whistle-blower complaints ? I’ll say it again- Oregon’s OSHA Representative (Michael Wood) needs to step up- or step down- and explain his lack of over-sight- these are structural flaws where the checks and balances just don’t add up !

    I’m willing to bet this is just more of the “OK Boomer” gray hairs at the top abusing their positions- sure as hell looks like it- Right Tony !

    1. Yup- Nailed It ! I went ahead and checked the Statesman Journal article for the finer details… and as expected “OK Boomers” through and through !

      “David McKane, 60, and David Fifer, 63”

      Unfortunately our state continues to suffer at the hands of these old fools- the gray hairs at the top who insist on “their way or the highway” !

      Our Central Oregon landscape is just full of these dimwits- just spend a day on any CO construction site and look at the overweight- slave boss with the diabetes and gout- barking out orders- cause “time is money”- no matter what the risks may be !

      Right Tony !

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