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Bend restaurants offering free meals to laid-off workers

'This is a chance to help out those who really need.'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ)-- A growing wave of Bend restaurants are giving back to the community to those in need. As one example, a group of restaurants in NorthWest Crossing have come together to help feed service professionals who are out of work due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We Are Bend is a collaboration that started Friday among restaurants interested in giving away food to service professionals who have been temporarily laid off. Those include restaurant and bar workers, and those in the entertainment and hospitality industry.

Bend Pizza Kitchen, Sparrow Bakery, Poke Row and La Rosa Mexican Kitchen are the restaurants participating in the effort so far. To receive a meal at the partnering restaurants, all you have to do is share where you've been laid off from.

Many restaurants are seeing a serious drop in customers, so each restaurant is providing food based on what their inventory allows at his time.

"We feel like right now is really a time for everyone to show who they really are," BPK Manager Robert Eisenberg said Monday. "For us at Bend Pizza Kitchen and anyone who wants to provide, this is a chance to help out those who really need. We know all of us working together will get through this."

BPK is offering a free medium pizza and drink. La Rosa Mexican Kitchen will be providing La Rosa Meals that feed up to four people of either a taco or burrito bar. You can also receive a La Rosa Meal from both of its locations on Brookswood Boulevard and at NorthWest Crossing.

Other businesses looking to join the We Are Bend effort you can email, or visit to find the latest participating restaurants and partnerships.

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Arielle Brumfield

Arielle Brumfield is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Arielle here.



  1. Apparently Bend area restaurants don’t believe the trump virus is “a total hoax” “contained” “way down and will be gone soon” “will disappear, like miracle it will go away”
    They don’t believe big fat lyin donnie. Why doesn’t anybody believe him? You know the big fat snowflake is “totally jonsing for hooker and a round of golf” Soooooooooooooooooooo much winning!!!

  2. So lets do some math here to break down the lunacy of it all. Until the new census data comes out we’ll have to use some 2010 numbers- but it will still get the point across. The population of Bend alone is around 98,000- 90% of which are under the “at risk” age for severe complications with the Wuhan Bat virus from Wuhan China (lets not forget that). meaning that right now- there is really no reason that 88,200 people in Bend Oregon are under house arrest !

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was very clear today- that younger healthier people may have to go back into the work force very soon- or we are looking at a nationwide (which would then become a global) depression… with estimates of around a decade to recover from !

    I would like to see Central Oregonians take the lead on this- Kate Brown originally said that businesses could remain open- but no groups larger than ten. Fine- then that must remain the standard !

    All this baloney about “punishing” everyone for the actions of those Portlanders and liberals from Eugene who flooded the state parks this weekend is on them- not us !

    I say open your stores and restaurants under the original guidelines- if the Police want to cite you- fine- argue in court later- but right now- you are all staring down the barrel of a loaded depression ! And Kate Brown has no right to tell you how to run your business- she’s the one that is incompetently disorganized- not you. So let’s do what the vast majority of other states are doing- and get back to business as usual.

    1. We’re hearing from plenty of folks wanting to know who to call/contact about those not following the latest orders. So sure, take your chances. Or do the right thing. She’s following what health experts say. You just … say whatever you feel like.

        1. Oh- and these “states implementing “stay at home” orders”… How many can you count- cause it sure aint 50 ! Another article that supports my “dangerous misinformation” campaign.

          — Lets open the comments and see what the locals have to say besides “more golf anyone” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. how about the lady that Z21 did a bit on.Who put the microphone on this lady. Why was she in contact with a Z21 reporter that was within 6 feet of her. Anyone that is at risk for the Wuhan Stew is this lady, that is a 101 years old. Very irresponsible.

              1. I think the point is that Z21 news crews are out mixing it up with the public- have they all been tested ? Probably not- OK- so are the news crews wearing masks- gloves ? Do they subscribe to the most proven method of- MuGuWu- to protect themselves as well as the people they are interviewing ?

                At what point do the local news crews “practice what they preach” on behalf of Kate Brown ? If not- you may find yourself on the wrong end of local police demanding to see your papers ! Now wouldn’t that be funny !

  3. So if the microphone was HANDED to a family member. Doesn’t that break the social distancing rule that the health experts have put in place to keep the public safe from each other? Who HANDED the microphone to the family member.

    1. Well if restaurant workers are allowed to hand takeout to a customer… I’m not working in the newsroom so I may not be privvy to all conversations, but I’m just saying there’s not a blanket “never get within six feet of anyone” thing…

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