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Bend financial planner suggests now is the time to invest

Survey finds Americans anxious about coronavirus impact on the economy

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The stock market just had its worst month since the 2008 recession, according to The New York Times.

So it’s only natural for you to worry about your money. But as long as your money is in a bank insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, your money will be safe.

A recent survey conducted by Tally revealed two in three Americans reported feeling anxious about the impact of the coronavirus on financial markets, while 45% of Americans have taken or plan to take actions to preserve cash due to the outbreak's negative impact on the economy.

Jinny Sterzinger, a Central Oregon resident, says she’s not too worried, though.

“Yeah, I’m feeling confident,” Sterzinger said Tuesday. “I use two different banks, so we kind of have it spread out right now.”

And Suzanne Daniel, a certified financial planner in Bend, says Sterzinger has the right idea. Daniel says there’s no reason to panic -- and actually, Daniel said she believes that now is the perfect time to invest.

“This is a great time to actually invest, if you have been thinking about investing,” Daniel said. “There is quite a few stocks on sale, and that’s sort of across the board.”

Daniel said she expects the coronavirus will continue to impact the economy for the next couple of months. She said it may be hard for some, but now would be the time to contribute more money to your retirement fund.

“This is really an ideal time to even put more money into your 401(K),” she said. “If you can increase your contributions to take advantage of this time, your purchase dollars in your 401(K) are going to go further in the long term.”

Daniel also suggests investing in mainstay consumer brands, like Amazon or Coca-Cola.

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Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jordan here.



  1. The first sentence says “The stock market just had its worth month” ???
    The 8th paragraph says “Daniel said she expects the coronavirus will continue to impact to economy”???

        1. Thanks. That reminds me – I THINK our platform folks, StoryMate, MAY have solved the vexing issue of some CNN stories not having comments turned on by default. I haven’t gotten an answer on that, but if you spot ones without comments at the bottom, please advise.

      1. numbers really suck, but the thing is, they really don’t care about your feelings, or the fantasies you generate from them – imagine if you actually paid attention to what really is – you know what you can do with your 401k, you pampered little twerp – just ignore the army of real people doing real work just so you can live your insular, clueless lifestyle

        1. wow, triggered! I’m not pampered but rather enjoying the benefits of hard work & sacrifice. And I do ‘real work’ for a living, enjoy going to work every day. (well, every other 5 days) …

          1. so, you can’t understand numbers – must be that snowflake life you lead – funny thing about privilege – it is easily recognized, except by the people experiencing it – your windbag “hard work and sacrifice” is so tired – is that what you tell yourself in the mirror to justify all those low paid people necessary to maintain your powder puff lifestyle? – who do you think you are fooling?

          1. you’re still trying to hide? Why? don’t you deserve your privilege because of all that “hard work and sacrifice”? Tell yourself whatever you need to, but don’t expect anybody to buy it

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