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OSP, Oregon sheriffs, police chiefs condemn police actions in Floyd death

Police badge
KTVZ file

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Oregon State Police and the state's police chiefs and sheriffs have issued a joint statement condemning Minneapolis police treatment of George Floyd that led to his death and has sparked protests and unrest across the nation.

NewsChannel 21 reported Friday night on similar comments voice by Bend police officers and Police Chief Jim Porter.

Statement from Oregon Association Chiefs of Police, Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association, and Oregon State Police in response to the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis

Oregon’s Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, and State Police Superintendent are unified in condemning the reprehensible actions and tactics demonstrated in Minneapolis that resulted in the tragic death of George Floyd.

As police leaders and on behalf of our law enforcement officers in Oregon, we wish to reassure our communities that we do not condone and will not tolerate this type of conduct. Our police officers, deputies and troopers take a solemn oath to uphold the Constitution. Our profession is based on the core values of honesty, character, professionalism, respect and accountability. We recognize and value the sanctity of human life and we believe all persons should be treated humanely and with dignity.

Public trust and accountability for police agencies and police officers is crucial to a safe, inclusive community. We recognize that even isolated incidents of police misconduct anywhere undermine public trust everywhere. We are dismayed and disgusted when the actions of a few tarnish the reputation of our honorable law enforcement profession and undermine the heroic work our police officers perform in service to our communities. We will continue to work hard to strengthen the confidence Oregonians have in our work and we value the trust you place in us.

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  1. Dcso, sunriver and bend pd all have those blue lives matter false color american flags on some of their squads- they need to be removed if our local agencies want to be taken seriously about citizen equality and respect

    offensive and partisan political speech has no business on taxpayer property, ktvz these vehicle graphics are a perfect topic to illustrate local connections to the floyd killing, when you guys do another story

    1. Hmmmm…

      Another of your outright incorrect, inaccurate comments. Proving once again you cannot fix Stupid.

      Please remain at home and wearing a mask, perhaps one made from duct tape, for another 90 days.

      1. Have you not seen the back of a bend pd explorer lately? You can pretend youre ok with local leo escalating these racial divides, but pretending the graphics dont even exist here, is just childish

        1. Also barney, what will it take for ktvz to run a story about these blue lives matter slogans on our local police cars? It would be very topical now obviously- I can send you pics of course but im sure your station has better cameras anyways

        2. Actually, I’ve posted a very well documented/sourced opinion of not only the murder of Mr. Floyd by those officers involved. And here on KTVZ21.

          And your initial post says ALL Bend/DCSO/Sunriver patrol vehicles reflect the emblem.

          Now you offer ONLY Bend PD Explorers.

          Which is it, please?

          And if Chief Porter has no issue with it…then it’s not an issue.

          Unless, of course, dead cops mean nothing to you, as we’ve had several more officers killed in the line of duty in just the last week as well as Mr. Floyd and those other people of color that are in the news.

          1. Oh boy the racist graphic is on the newer squads for all 3 jurisdictions, no need to hyperventilate… and sorry listening to police chiefs is never going to solve a crisis caused by police chiefs, you have it backwards dear

      2. you must be part of the cult – according to you these things don’t exist? – glad you were able to identify yourself as one who can deny what is right in front of you for “the cause” – the folks who put every effort into keeping our country from progressing

    2. First of all, supporting the thin blue line, the thin red line, or the thin green line is not partisan. You are a fool for believing so. Supporting these people in non is neither political nor partisan speech.
      You, who supports nothing, should learn what it means to give support to something other than you beer habit. You, who are nothing but a keyboard protester with no real life experiences other that looking at your parents basement walls.

      1. Lol you make a good point, yes if they used all the colors of the flag to show they think all lives matter, it would be nice
        But instead they only used a fake color american flag with only the blue lives matter photoshop, so yes thats was quite partisan in fact, sorry

        1. You didn’t mention anything about the fact that many of the explorers that have the
          flags on the back are painted entirely black. No I don’t think it was intentionally
          done, just sayin…

        2. If they used all the colors of the American flag – that would be illegal per US Code.

          Look it up.

          Since the Red, White, and Blue are NOT used in the “Support” emblems – use of the design does not violate USC on this matter.

          Look it up.

          1. Theres police cars with proper american flags all over this country and have been forever, oops
            the issue is if you draw a flag with only black and blue it becomes racist symbology instead, already established in oregon courts to create a hostile work environment for black leos

            Whats interesting is youre smart enough to know the difference but stupid enough to still defend it, we need to do better especially from our publicly funded emergency workers

          2. there are public service vehicles, including police cars, all over this country with American flags on them – surprisingly very few with swastikas, confederate flags, and other hate cult symbols, for some reason – you writing “look it up” does not mean squat

      2. it is way beyond “partisan” – it is an ideology of dominance and suppression based on skin color, and you know it – that it is tied into your “politics” is even more disturbing and demonstrative that your aspirations are not good for humanity

        – “You, who supports nothing…”
        – are you really that lost in your existence that you think this cult you “support” is beneficial to anyone, even you? – how about taking supporting your fellow human beings, instead of re-imagining everyone as your enemy, and yourself the righteous avenging angle….. of what?

    3. That’s rich. I might agree with the blue lives matter, but the American flag? Get out of the country right now if you don’t like the American flag no matter where it’s displayed. I guess all those people that put out the american flag at their home on veterans day are being offensive to you? Ridiculous.

      1. Conservatives are a conspiracy cult. This is another one of the many plots that they have “uncovered.”

        Conservatism is the worst thing about America. By a lot.

        1. Are you *******? It’s public info that was in court transcripts and testimony, as well as the Clackamas County Coroner’s Report….which listed the cause of death of LaVoy Finicum as “HOMICIDE”. I’d bet a pile of cash you didn’t know any of that, nor do you believe it now

          1. Any officer involved shooting, fatal, is listed as a Homicide.

            The shooting is then reviewed and determined to be either justified under law, or otherwise.

            Levoy Finicum’s death was determined as Justified.

            I know you don’t agree – but get your technical facts right, please?

          2. Robert Finicum fancied himself a superhero “patriot” – even wrote a book about it, in which he created the the cartoon persona that he adopted, and certain cult boys propagate – he had been searching for a stage to live out his fantasy when some dingdongs decided an armed occupation of a wildlife sanctuary was the ultimate symbol of their patriotic sainthood – as far as the last stand he orchestrated to fulfill his prophesy, can’t say, wasn’t there

  2. Relevant data is always helpful in constructive discussions.

    For example, Law Enforcement in Bend (Oregon) serves the below demographics (link provided).

    “The ethnic composition of the population of Bend, OR is composed of 75k White Alone residents (86.1%), 7.9k Hispanic or Latino residents (9.06%), 1.79k Two or More Races residents (2.06%), 1.55k Asian Alone residents (1.77%), 552 Black or African American Alone residents (0.633%), 242 American Indian & Alaska Native …”

    A “deep dive” into Bend’s race & ethnicity, to include being able to focus on the specific neighborhoods in Bend, is both helpful and revealing from both a cultural and economic standpoint.

    Law Enforcement to include Bend PD, the Sheriff’s Office, OSP, and federal agencies such as the FBI’s local office, rely on such data for a number of reasons. One day the local Media in Bend just might assign a truly professional reporter to do a story on why this is?

    How about the State of Oregon? “The ethnic composition of the population of Oregon is composed of 3.15M White Alone residents (75.1%), 556k Hispanic or Latino residents (13.3%), 188k Asian Alone residents (4.5%), 155k Two or More Races residents (3.69%), 77.9k Black or African American Alone residents (1.86%), 41.1k American Indian & Alaska Native … –

    In this instance going to this chart, Map of Race and Ethnicity by County in Oregon, is most educational –

    Again, such data illustrates how each county in the state reflects how local law enforcement, state law enforcement, and federal law enforcement must “flex” while at the same time ensuring internally, by organization, it abides by ethical, moral, and legal standards/laws for all of Oregon’s residents and visitors.

    In short, kudos to those who have issued well considered public statements such as those in this article.

    1. Yes we all already know bend (and oregon) is so white some folks dont even acknowledge a problem, or they think they have plausible deniability

        1. I think we can both agree oregon would be improved by a more multicultural outlook, our nation and states history of institutional racism is a little hard to see from the winners circle

    2. Nice research. Start with well organized and complete data set, mix in solid interpretation and THEN come to a conclusion. A lot of social unrest would be prevented if we were better able to do this. So really, the big picture is one should be aware of what one doesn’t know, and that’s why listening to others is actually a good thing, even if we disagree. At least when I see your handle, I will take you more seriously than the vast majority.

    1. Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Is this why riots are happening, or are these patrols because of the riots? Not saying it is ok for anyone to shoot rubber bullets at someone sitting on their porch.

      1. Pathetic is cuckolds like you that just sit back and do nothing. Cuckolds like you that do as told by unlawful and non-legit orders. Cuckolds like you….That’s what’s pathetic

  3. Will they condemn this? These people are on their own porches, on their own property, wearing masks, and CLEARLY there’s no issue in the neighborhood. Yet DOZENS of police with armored vehicles roll thru and go full jackboot thug. I no longer feel sorry or bad for them. Barney doesn’t think these actions are threatening, nor intimidating….BUT…if I profess shooting back…then I’m promoting violence and blah blah blah

    I don’t hear the president yammering on about it either, nor mainstream media. You’re gonna need more ammo, folks.

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