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About 1,000 join in peaceful downtown Bend protest

george floyd rally
george floyd rally
george floyd rally

Rally, march have familiar message: 'Black Lives Matter'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Nearly 1,000 people from across Central Oregon gathered in downtown Bend Tuesday afternoon to rally, march and demonstrate solidarity in protest of the death of George Floyd, and to speak out against the many lives lost to police brutality.

The "Black Lives Matter" protest started around noon at Bond Street and Franklin Avenue but quickly moved around the downtown area as the crowd grew larger. Signs, T-shirts and paintings were on display as many chanted, "Black Lives Matter," "Silence is Violence" and "No Justice, No Peace."

NewsChannel 21 spoke with one of the organizers of the event, Jade Jager, who said: “Everyone should be treated equal, and the death of George Floyd is just one of many acts of police brutality. It is not okay, it is not okay for police to be out killing people, it's not okay to discriminate because of the color of someone’s skin.”

The protesters told NewsChannel 21 the focus of Tuesday's rally, the second downtown in four days, was to create allies and open the conversation to acknowledge the plight and struggles of black people and other communities of color.

Protester Maya Hopwood said, "It's super-amazing to know that we have all these allies and all these people that hear us. people are finally realizing that black lives do matter.

Grace Rivers said this was her opportunity to use her white privilege to help communities of color.

“It’s very important -- they haven’t been acknowledged their entire existence in the United States, and it’s actually a crime," she said. "It important that we are out here. I’ve never seen anything like this here in Bend and it's absolutely incredible.”

Fred Kent, who moved to Bend in 2003, shared that racism in Bend for him has been less overt and more systemic. He said this community has mostly supported him and his family, but he shared that the death of George Floyd affected him deeply.

“I was mad, angry and sad at the same time," Kent said. "It's frustrating that this type of thing keeps happening over and over again.”

Maxwell Friedman, another young man who grew up here in Central Oregon, said Floyd's death in Minneapolis police custody worried him for his future and how he is viewed as a black man.

“I’m worried that all of that can be reduced to one word, and that is ‘criminal’," Friedman said. "I am not a criminal -- a lot of us, all of us are not criminals. We’re criminals in the eyes of a lot of police officers, and honestly, that scares me. The murder of George Floyd, an innocent unarmed black man terrified me.”

As protesters marched, the crowd became a little rowdy as Trump supporters drove by with flags on the back of trucks. With raised voices, some protesters approached vehicles and removed the flags from some vehicles.

Bend police Lt. Juli McConkey said despite the relatively minor moments of agitation, the protest was exceptionally peaceful. She said one person was cited for nearly striking a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

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Arielle Brumfield

Arielle Brumfield is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Arielle here.



    1. yea, nice try. The Trump supporters had the same Right to Free Speech as the marchers. It was the marchers who looked to suppress the Free Speech

      1. What exactly were they counter protesting? This rallie appeared to be asking for fair and equal treatment, why would anyone not support that?

    2. The ralliers lost it and stole some of the flags off the trucks. Unhinged people. Fueled by TDS. Truckers didn’t have obscene signs.

    3. Remember that 5 Innocent Police officers were shot Monday night, last week in Oakland one office was shot and killed. Mr. Floyd did not deserve to die for a minor offense, no POST certification program teaches restraint in the neck area for obvious reasons. Blaming every officer for one bad apple is also wrong.

    4. Shut up!!! Trump supporters work for a living idiot. It was nothing but unemployed basement antifa wannabes down there! Probably you or one of your soon to be unemployed kids

    1. A better question- who “signed and approved” the permit for this rally- a clear violation of Demokkkrat Governor Kate Brown’s executive orders to “stay home- stay safe” !

      Kate Brown has yet to approve any large gatherings of over 25 people- that is unless you represent a “black group” ??? Cripes the irony- as all these protesters stomp around demanding “equal” rights… so how ’bout all them summer Fairs- Rodeos-Church Gatherings… are they back on Kate ???

  1. The irony ignored by all (especially KTVZ who continues to push this hate filled propaganda)- is that all these marchers- chanters and condemners are just as guilty of prejudice and bias against the nations police forces- as they claim LE is against black Americans.

    Once again- we see this futile attempt to fight bigotry… with bigotry !

    Every single one of these participants- these fools- are not ready to learn or heed the lessons necessary to conquer either real or perceived racial inequality… to bastardize an ancient Chinese proverb – “the students are not ready yet for the teacher” !

    1. Correct comrade, its tough to say either side is ready, its been a century since the sheriff and commissioners burned crosses on pilot butte, will it be enough time
      We can only wait to see and hope, but i know one easy first step would be to remove the prejudiced and political false-flag stickers from our areas police cars, that would be a good way for the police to show they are ready to listen as you say

      1. “Stickers” are nothing more than irrelevant signage displayed to avoid discussion- so yeh- I’ll give you that… but insisting on their removal does nothing to move the discussion forward.

        What you first have to prove is that local LE are as racist and biased as you claim- and repeating the chants of “I can’t breathe” and displaying pictures of George Floyd clearly fail to do that.

        I said it a few days ago- there is no institutionalized racism in America and especially not in Oregon- marching around town- feigning outrage- when the state’s economy has been devastated by our Demokkkrat Governor in Salem- seems surreal ! Let’s try to focus on what really matters here in Oregon- and events in Minnesota don’t seem to fit that description !

        1. Well kkkkonsidering we used to have kkkkops in the kkk around here, it seems like they have the burden of proof to show theyve reformed

          1. So because of something that happened years ago, that involved people who are now dead, the current local LE is guilty of the same actions just because ?
            Wow. Nothing like reaching. A LOT…
            No, they absolutely don’t have the burden of proof to show you or anyone else that they aren’t involved in similar behavior, because none of them have been accused
            of committing similar actions. Quite the opposite actually, it’s up to YOU to prove that they have been involved in any crime or bias because you are the one insinuating that they are. Very simple…

          2. “it seems like they have the burden of proof to show theyve reformed” means guilty until proven innocent in your book? It seems a bit unfair to paint an entire profession as racist because of history. On that platform, all democrats are now KKK members, are against the right to vote for women and believe Indians are non people.

            1. “On that platform, all democrats are now KKK members, are against the right to vote for women and believe Indians are non people.”

              I’d say it’s worse than that- The Demokkkrat party under Obama is now being investigated for an attempted Coup De Tat against the Trump Presidency… where’s the coverage ? Where’s the outrage ?? Where are the flippin’ protests ???

          3. Oh, so you are one of those “guilty till proven innocent” folks. You are in the wrong country, our constitution says we are innocent till proven guilty by our peers.

          4. “Well kkkkonsidering we used to…”

            Lemme see- let’s start with what you “used” to do… You personally used to poop your pants- eat with your fingers- believe in dragons, witches, magic and hocus pocus. As a teen you used to rebel against authority- question your parents- “find yerself”.

            I’d like to think that in the 40 plus years of your life you have somehow evolved and have made peace with all the things you “used” to do… so bringing up the KKK-Nazi’s-Hebrew whipping Egyptians… is kinda silly don’t ya think ???

    2. I suggest you continue to troll the KTVZ website. You’re making a big difference and positive contribution to your community BGHWuhan.

  2. I was downtown this evening waiting at a red light when a protester left the sidewalk and got within a foot of my window and was screaming directly in my direction. Uh, I’m all about black lives matter but I’m not about you screaming at me. The protester was screaming & looking right at me with anger. Not so peaceful at all.

    1. “The protester was screaming & looking right at me with anger”

      Maybe he shoulda gone all “ROTFLMAOAY” like the rest of the Festers in Bend !

    2. You have a constitutions right to protect yourself. Fortunately for us Oregon is very good in comparison to other states when it come to open carry laws. Here in our state you’re not required to have a concealed license to open carry and are also allowed to transport in your vehicle. I for one do not recommend displaying on the dashboard nor do I conceal in my jockey box, but the front seat is fine.

  3. I would appreciate it if this reporter would acknowledge that not everyone at these protests is a liberal or Democrat. I know conservatives who have attended these protests in honor of Floyd, and they believe that racism is wrong in any shape or form. For the reporter to want us to believe that “Trump supporters” showed up to somehow trying to inflame the situation is ridiculous. You want us to believe that all people in this country who support the President are racist, which is absolutely untrue, and sadly feeds into this atmosphere of hate you are supposedly protesting.

          1. You might wanna check your CNN and “Fakebook” credentials at the door-

            “No, the Ku Klux Klan has not endorsed Trump for 2020”

            But who does the Klan “praise- support-endorse”…

            Rep. Ilhan Omar, Minnesota Democrat, has an ally of a new stripe in the furor over her use of anti-Semitic tropes regarding Israel and its American supporters David Duke.

            In a Thursday podcast at his site, the former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard spoke out strongly in favor of the Muslim Congresswoman who has accused Jewish lawmakers of dual loyalty, attributed support for Israel to foreign money, and said Israel has “hypnotized” the world.


            “Former KKK Leader David Duke Endorses Tulsi Gabbard 2020 Presidential Campaign, Says She’ll Put American Interests Over Israel”

            Seems the Klan is not interested in the GOP “at all” !

            Shame on Z21 for not “removing” your original post- clearly offensive- but for whatever reason the Moderator believes “the Klan” and their beliefs need to be promoted here at KTVZ !

            Really ??? Disgusting !!!

            1. I see you clocked in for your trolling shift bright and early today BGHWuhan. You really need to get a life.
              Your beloved KKK might not have endorsed Trump for 2020 yet but I’m sure you all will just like you all did in 2016. Hail Fuhrer Trump! KKKAG!

      1. I get a kick out of it when your kind uses the term “white supremacists”. Especially when you gold said that about joey gibson and his people… When his outfit are made up of all sorts, including people of all kinds of colors, gays, single guys and married ones. But fail to call Bill clinton and Joe biden racists

        1. Or killing a black, retired police officer, or shooting an officer in the head, or shooting four police officers in Missouri, or killing a security guard, the list goes on.

      2. If you support a racist, you are a racist. Supporting Trump is supporting treason, fascism, authoritarianism and hate. All of these things are anti-American.

    1. Im glad you understand the blue lives matter symbol isnt just a flag, its a political message! Now if you can just explain it to sheriff nelson and chief porter, let alone the ktvz news staff

  4. A thousand brain dead imbeciles is more like it. I thought I saw a sign that read “no justice no peace.” Is that a threat to all who live in the city of Bend?

    1. You’re right. There were many ACAB signs today, standing for ” All Cops Are ****_ _ _ _”. Words of threat, words that embolden brazen protesters.

        1. ACAB, No Justice No Peace, & FTP signs have been prominent at protests nationwide. Orchestrated events, bussed in protesters, large numbers among the masses ready to rage; and you have a recipe for these opportunists to loot, vandalize, attack and kill.

    2. Not brain dead they were paid to come to Bend and other cities to create havoc. The big question is who paid for these buses and clearly orchestrated trained protesters?

  5. Haha……got wind today that buses delivered many of these protesters from Portland. I was wondering when I would hear about this protest and here it is.

    1. I was wondering when the first piece of rusky-sympathizing psyops bs would show up in the comments for this story, and here it is

      1. Anonymous: People like yourself could watch buses go from A to B and still find a way to reject what you see. Stop being a sheep! Quite possibly a mommy blogger too.

    2. Not a big surprise. That’s very common, especially in smaller towns where they
      are worried that the turnout will be very small, but they do it in larger cities
      as well… It’s been common knowledge for years, and isn’t a secret, but I guess
      anonymous never got those memos…

  6. Did KTVZ find the one black person in the entire crowd? Funny how it’s more whites protesting around the country than it is blacks. I guess they don’t care 370 whites were killed by cops last year compared to 235 blacks.

    1. Oh man now youre gonna have to divide by total population to get usable numbers and jeez i dont think youre going to like the answer you get

    2. “Did KTVZ find the one black person in the entire crowd?”

      Let me correct you… when you add in the KTVZ reporter… you have two !

      Akin to going to Alaska to promote growing cactus !

    3. White participation is not surprising. Common sense and intelligence would dictate whatever adversely affects one facet of our community affects us all, regardless of gender identity, race, religion or political ideology. Injustice for George Floyd today could be injustice for you or me tomorrow.

    1. Well in their defense, no one really wants to protest FOR looting 🤷‍♂️, but I get it. Seriously tho, peaceful protesting is starting to overwhelm those looters and that’s a good thing. I saw a sea of people today in Houston, Portland, Utah, NC, Georgia, Virginia and was very impressed w little to no looting this time. Good call Oregon for not putting more government pressure on us & lifting the curfew! Those lockdowns for covid19 where enough let alone the military marching thru our streets, phew! Hopefully reform comes quick, justice is served and we can all get on w our lives… hopefully w better intentions and a new appreciation for life. RIP Mr.Floyd may your name live forever in your city, this nation and the world #standstrongertogether 😔🇺🇲💪🏽

      1. “peaceful protesting is starting to overwhelm those looters”…

        Yeh- that kinda thing happens once the stores…. ARE ALL EMPTY !!!

        Damn some of you is just… D-u-m-b… Dum ! (sic)

          1. You see the video coming out of New York ??? Probably not- as you were too busy trying to find ways to promote the Klan-Nazi’s and all things “Never-Trumper” !

            You know- the local news !

        1. Are you there BarnGHW? Have u attempted to see w yr own eyes what’s really happening out there? Bcz it sure looks like u do more typing than fighting 🤷‍♂️. Especially w all yr scary Queen Kate takes, but I think I know why you’re not… you’re TERRIFIED! Look, I just got back documenting some of it and it wasn’t scary at all, but it was intense! A lot of sincere, fully passionate people there. Singing, holding hands, praying, walking around free! I wept. I’m honored to be part of this Country where I can go freely to all 50 states w out fear of my government! I’m overwhelmed by the energy of folks in this state. The protest was powerful. Republican and Democrat hand in hand singing songs and carrying signs like that old CCR song. Humbling. Thank you Oregon for teaching me how to be a better person 😔🙏🏽 a lot to think about & even more to learn. And BarnGHW, I get it brother… Peace be w u my friend and forgive me in advance if you are there 💯

          1. “A lot of sincere, fully passionate people there. Singing, holding hands, praying, walking around free!”

            So your actions (like hundreds of others) demonstrate that you no longer believe in the Governor’s policies-mandates-executive orders surrounding the covid wuhan virus pandemic- that “you personally” have been promoting for three months now.

            So why the sudden change of heart- because a black man in Minnesota was killed by a rogue cop in a rogue police force- under the guidance of their Demokkkrat Mayor and Governor ?

            Not sure how any of that translates over here to Oregon- where the Demokkkrat Governor has put hundreds of thousands… not just one… into potential poverty- has decimated the economy for the next two decades- has single handedly created more social, economic, and emotional hardship than any Governor in the history of the state… You’ll protest over the death of a petty criminal- but won’t say boo-hoo to the millions here in Oregon currently suffering at the hands of a governor gone completely bat poo crazy ! Go figure !

            1. Serious issues with that comment from BarnGHW above. As y’all can see, the poster didn’t address less government, less taxes or any reform of any kind. She is more interested in starting riots and arguments online #oldnews. I’m starting to think this poster is not part of our community and his/her only goal is invoking fear and confusion in order to cause chaos. Go search and read his/her comments and you’ll see what I’m talking about. We have an opportunity to come together and fight and defeat systemic racism. Let’s talk about equal and fair tax reform. Upgrade our children’s schools. Let’s finally get us a fair tax reform bill for the low & middle class. Let’s support our local businesses w a local small business tax break bill. Fix our roads & preserve our water. Restructure and fund our seniors w updated SSI and VA benefits. We can begin to regulate corporate welfare and make the greedy rich and super harmful corporations like big pharma and insurance companies pay for it! I’m for lowering the costs of our medicine like insulin and inhalers. A chance to observe a new legal system where race isn’t an automatic guilty verdict and police officers are trained properly and earn the trust of their communities. So much to do, but it’s going to be tough w confused, hate filled and angry people like the poster above. Stay clear of bullcrap stories in these forums, do yr research and go out and see for yourselves. Wear a mask, practice social distancing etc. Go be free, be smart and participate in our wonderful democracy! #besafe #americastrong 🇺🇲🙏🏽 Onward my fellow Americans… Onward!

  7. I am glad the protest was peaceful. I would like to know though why there wasn’t a protest when the police shot the woman 4 or 5 times out on Highway 20 recently. Would there have been if she would have been killed. I would also like to know why the guy who hit an elderly man 51 times was not charged with a hate crime. There should be no racism at all. Except we also have things such as the United Negro College Fund. We have Black Television Stations. There is without a doubt discrimination towards whites, especially white young men. Jobs are not always given to the most qualified. Sometimes they are given to people based on their color to fill the mandated non-discrimination rules. Why can’t we all just be considered people. You are either man or a women period. (Which I know is also an issue).
    What happened to George Floyd was sickening. The officers definitely should be held for murder. But for all those out there burning places down and looting etcetera, they are not protesting for any type of cause. When you have public officials telling our President to **** *** that is not acceptable. Then they wonder why no one has any respect for each oher.

    1. Because the woman had a BAC of 0.27, 3X the legal limit? Because she had fled police and weaved her way through east side of Bend? Because she tried to back her van over the cops?

      Pretty easy to see why no protests in her favor.

        1. You put fake news and counterfeit information on here all the time soo…? In ur own words yr breaking the law and engaging in criminal activity genius #bebetter #racistwordsmatter 🤷‍♂️👎🏽 Plus, how can those words come from your mouth right now? Scary how much hate and anger u have. Hope u get better barnywish, really do 😔 #gethelp

    2. There is discrimination of some form against every race, and has been for many years…

      -Yes, your example of BET is one small thing that proves inequality. Personally I could
      care less if they have the BET channel, but if someone wanted to start a WET channel, there would be cries of discrimination, racism, the NAACP and others would be filing lawsuits as fast as they could, and the idiot Jesse Jackson would be all over the t.v…
      The anti discrimination laws were put into place for good reason and were well intended,
      but like many things, they have gone overboard and now we have people arguing over trivial
      things instead of focusing on the important issues that were the original focus.

      – Yes it is true that sometimes jobs are given to a person who is not the best qualified, but because the Gov’t forces them to pick a person simply because of the color of their skin, or what kind of plumbing the person has, and it has gotten even more ridiculous with the ever growing number of special Alphabet groups that demand special treatment.
      Of course the Gov’t can’t do anything without over-complicating it and that certainly doesn’t help, and there are an endless number of ambulance chasing lawyers who are more
      than eager to file a discrimination lawsuit in hopes of striking it rich even for the most trivial reason…

  8. The title of the article says a peaceful protest. So in KTVZ words stealing private property off of vehicles is peaceful ? laying in the street blocking traffic so people can’t go to work it’s peaceful? I don’t quite understand how that is peaceful when the protesters are breaking the law.

      1. Hahaha what an idiot. What will your comment be in 2 months when nothing happens? How long will you carry this bs narrative? Until a Bill Gates endorsed vaccine? You’re pathetic

    1. There is no COVID now, look at the cities which still have stay at home orders yet the aren’t enforcing them. Portland actually promotes mass gathering all of a sudden. They are not enforcing stay at home and also removed curfew last for the rioters. As usual lib politics showing their true colors. No care for people as long as their agenda keeps moving forward.

    1. You are missing the point. When someone says “protect the rainforest” they don’t mean “screw all the other forests!”
      Institutionalized racism is an enormous problem in our country. The BLM movement is to shed light on the fact that people of color have been unjustly killed for hundreds of years. Please show some compassion and empathy for people who don’t have a life as good as yours.

      1. Here’s another point: BLM is a front by Soros and The Clinton Organization, using the black man as cannon fodder against the right in the next civil war. It won’t take long, but it’s going to be messy.

    2. “Want to guess” ???

      No not really- but I will openly declare that if it comes down to me or you… I’m puttin’ more value on my bony carcass over yours… I don’t have to outrun the bear- I just have to outrun you…

      See how that works !

  9. Not from a media stand point. I mean “lockdown” and people freaking out for 3 months about gatherings like school, restaurants, church, work and almost everything else but now suddenly thousands of people congregating together all over the country is accepted or justified subjectively, but only for a specific cause. There have been tattle tales calling in neighbors for breaking quarantine and people getting arrested for being in a park with their kid, but now protesting, rioting and looting are OK.

      1. “but now protesting, rioting and looting are OK”

        Has Demokkkrat Governor Kate Brown made any public statements decrying the abuse of her “stay at home” mandates ???

        Did your reporter take any time in this story to address the issue of possible police backlash for violating Kate Brown’s orders to not gather ?

        “Who says such things are ok”… Fine ! But who says such things are not OK- certainly not KTVZ ! See you all straddling the fence down there at the station- but you did find just enough time to add this piece of propaganda…

        “the crowd became a little rowdy as Trump supporters drove by with flags on the back of trucks”

        How exactly does one define “a little rowdy” ??? Clearly a subjective term- an opinion- an attempt to influence your audience- in other terms- political propaganda… Sad !

      2. The new rule is “silence = complacency.” When all of the protests are covered (glamorized) and maybe 1 out of 100 reports even mentions the pandemic, I interpret the protests as being OK as far as the media is concerned. Of course I’m referring to all national media, not KTVZ specifically.

        Not sure why a few of my comments in different threads did not appear in the correct place as replies to previous comments. Disqus seemed better visually for tracking comments & replies.

  10. More media stunt to further divide this country. Where were the protests when Justine Damond, Australian female was shot by Mohamed Noor, African-American officer for no reason? Where were the protests when Rhogena Nicholas and Dennis Tuttle were shot to death in their own homes by Gerald Goines and Steven Bryant, both African-American officers after executing a no-knock warrant they obtained by lying? Oh, most of these don’t even make national headlines because their lives don’t matter.
    The media is disgusting, if they abolished all media outlets I wouldn’t care. They are no better than the Soviet Pravda…

  11. Don’t these people have jobs or classes to show up? How can many just show up on a business day for a nonsense like this? Unless of course protesting is their job.

    1. As it’s been reported those receiving unemployment plus the additional $600 have no incentive to work. And if the dimms have their way this program will continue til January. But this is our country where more Influencers are created yearly than graduate Engineers. Compare that to the 250,000 engineers a yr getting degrees from China. Finally, George Floyd’s family the other day said, “We’re not protesting why is everyone else”.

  12. And what the hack happened to social distancing and not gathering in large groups. So we cannot go to a restaurant or bar, kids cannot have a graduation party but large gathering like this is somehow “justified”.

    1. The symptom of a centuries-long pandemic of racism and inequality has moved the latest pandemic to a lower priority. If people could stamp out racism and bigotry, it would be much easier to take on any issue as a united people.

      1. Just to clarify, none of today’s living have owner or have been slaves in this country. The constant, false “racism” narrative is getting old, black folks are threatening to take over white people’s houses because they “owe” them. Make a white person walk down a street in a black neighborhood and you’ll see what racism is!

    2. “And what the hack happened to social distancing and not gathering in large groups.”

      Concepts that KTVZ have been shoving down the throats of Central Oregonians for three months now- suddenly forgotten- not a word from the reporter about the clear violations to Demokkkrat Governor Kate Brown’s executive orders… It’s all been a political hoax from day one !

      This only adds more proof that the Demokkkrats in Salem couldn’t care less about the Wuhan virus !

      1. A ton of counterfeit information on here folks. Be wary of rumors, conspiracy’s and sneaky opinions shrouded in hate and anger. An amazing movement is coming! It cannot be stopped by rough talk online or brutal policies in the outside world. The world is changing for the better and I can feel it! Onward! I ask for everyone to pause, appreciate your breathe, obsorb the pain of those in mourning and open your hearts for those who need a safe place to heal. Our community has to be truth, honor and freedom from all misguided & racist persecution! Hold your loved ones & teach them well. 😔 God Bless America!! 🇺🇲 #georgefloyd is all of us. Rest in Peace Brother Floyd 🙏🏽

  13. Everyone you are racist white, black, yellow, brown, etc. You all are puppets to the media. I hope you all just stay away from true Central Oregonians that are busting there butts to make a living!

  14. First of all we all feel bad for Mr Floyd. Unacceptable actions by the arresting officer.
    However the leftist always takes advantage of anything they can to cause even more division in America.
    Lets see… who where these OUT OF TOWN protesters?
    They held signs that Read…
    “ACAB = All Cops are Bastards” that is a Disgusting sign
    “Black Lives Matter” That is a Racist sign.. all lives matter
    “No Justice No Peace” That is the Revolutionary Communist Party USA battle cry
    “Justice for George Floyd” The cop was fired and charged with Murder, Your beloved protesters have beat the elderly, the handicapped, looted , burned, destroyed minority owned businesses, shot and killed while rioting.
    There is nothing better than having 15 year old white girls on the news telling all us how it is and the ways of the world. Ummm like totally … um.. like police are bad
    The fact that American flags were not seen and the ones that did show up were stolen shows that these people are a bunch of entitled Socialist white turds. Study the agenda of these types of people and what they want. The leftist THROUGHOUT HISTORY Use race and lack of money to recruit, they use division to say “See told ya so.. America has failed.. we need Revelation” How did that work out in Cuba and Venezuela? How has Socialism worked out in the US? Chicago? Detroit? Portland?
    They created ghettos, put people on welfare for 3 generations, destroyed the minority families by creating financial incentives to not have the fathers live at home because they may lose their welfare/ free housing and food. The leftist bigger plan is more Government control over every aspect of your life.
    Wealth redistribution is theft.
    Loss of Natural Rights
    Destruction of The Constitution
    Promotion of White Guilt
    Destruction of Capitalism
    Control of what you drive, where you live and what you eat.
    Abortion on demand up to nine months in the womb.
    Hatred for Christians.
    Rewriting History of America.
    There was 1000 of you.. most not from here if the other 200,000 that live in the area showed up it would have been more interesting.

    We will keep our freedom.. you all get back on the bus and head back to Portland now.

    1. Amen…..I find it quite interesting that the narrative four weeks ago was how dare those right wingers protest liberty (media categorized many normal citizens as White Nationalist) over safety. Today, the media and the narrative is proud of such protest and even the riots in some instants. They are now pushing the worries of COVID spreading to the side to support liberty/justice. These same leftist are the ones trying to take away guns (yes those words have been used by leftist politicians) and yet at the same time they point out how corrupt the police force is and how we can’t trust them. What have we gun owners been saying for years???? The right to bear arms isn’t because we’re some crazy right wing nut jobs. The mere presence of guns allows minorities to have a fighting chance. Remember, taking away guns from crazy white folks also means your taking away guns from black americans.

      1. And you sounds like a repeating white liberal who likes to use little snarky quotes and one liners to try and shut up the opposition. Good luck pal!

  15. Rosenstein is being question by the Senate right now on the Russia lies perpetuated by the trump haters…and z21 pushed the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA investigation every single dam day. HERDS of trump haters converged here to await more news….

    Now nothing. Not even a news headline that it’s going on….let alone a story

      1. “I’ll keep focusing on local news, my primary duty.”

        So let’s get out there and find out why this protest was allowed to go on in clear violations of Kate Brown’s executive orders !

        The Z has been promoting all things Wuhan virus control for three months- but as soon as a buncha thugs from Portland Salem and Eugene are bussed into your “local”… you suddenly go staunch silent on “Stay Home-Save Lives” !

        Maybe you all should run that “Most Trusted News” advert again- I’m just not feeling it !

        1. Go protest bud… U have some good points! Go grab a sign and make change! Start a media company! Get a platform and see what happens! Please.

  16. I think the most interesting part of all these “protests” is that we are not hearing from any of the folks that sound against opening our economy back up because of a virus. Your comments would have more credibility if you were coming down on these protestors as hard as you have been coming down on the rest of us for trying to earn a living.

    1. This is exactly what I have been trying to explain! I think weddings, funerals, and graduations should be allowed if these protests are being allowed. If we can’t work, go to restaurants, travel, take our kids to the playground or shop for non-essential items, why can hundreds or thousands of people be clumped together yelling and spitting on each other. Hypocritical!

  17. If you have 10 bad cops, and 1000 good cops, but those 1000 good cops don’t do anything about the 10 bad cops, you have 1010 bad cops. Police reform needs to happen. Stop arming them like soldiers.
    If you can’t look beyond your own privilege and put yourself in another’s shoes, you are part of the problem. Racism and inequality are unacceptable.

    1. By your own reasoning – if the union protects one less than adequate worker that makes all the union workers less than adequate even though there are several excellent workers doing their job as well as the job the less than adequate worker is supposed to do?

      1. Right, let’s compare killing people to “less than adequate work”. What a lovely red herring.
        Now if a worker in a union killed someone, and the union does nothing about it, regardless of the quality of all the other workers, then yes, the union should be held to the standard of a murderer.

    1. Are you saying that hundreds of years of oppression and weathering undue violence and murder isn’t enough for the same respect a white citizen gets when pulled over?

  18. Reading all these comments by you conservative idiots, shows exactly why this keeps happening and why it will all happen again! you just don’t get it and I’m sure with your myopic views and closed minds, you never will!

    1. Sorry but there is NO excuse for destruction of property or hurting innocent bystanders no matter how you try and justify it. Otherwise, not even conservatives have a problem with the protests. But you being a hypocrite have a problem with conservatives protesting on any cause like stay at home orders.

      1. Actually you have no clue what I think! and no clue overall! I am referring mostly to the fact that all you idiots are up in arms about a peaceful protest in Bend! that’s what this article is about clown! not riots, not destruction of anything and so this is why things will not change! you have no clue and don’t have any empathy towards anyone other than your own! You seem to be the hypocrites who protest stay home orders then tell these protestors to stay home!

    2. Minnesota is bluer than your ba…. um- errr… Bahama skies !

      Cripes wasn’t it just a month or so ago that KTVZ was telling everyone within ear shot how liberal democrats now outnumber more rational minded Republicans around here ???

    1. Sounds to me that the police understand that a Trump supporter doesn’t get to display Old Glory because he’s a ******* fascist pig.

  19. All of you moaning about bussed in protesters were SO UPSET about the Bundys and all the rest of those out-of-state douche bags who came here to occupy Malheur Wildlife Refuge. It’s fresh in my mind, I remember you all denouncing them in all those stories for weeks and weeks. Yup, you all hated out-of-state protesters back then. Totally discredited their cause. I remember it like it was yesterday.

  20. I have watched this week’s unfolding events, angry and appalled. The words “Equal Justice Under Law” are carved in the pediment of the United States Supreme Court. This is precisely what protesters are rightly demanding. It is a wholesome and unifying demand—one that all of us should be able to get behind. We must not be distracted by a small number of lawbreakers. The protests are defined by tens of thousands of people of conscience who are insisting that we live up to our values—our values as people and our values as a nation.
    When I joined the military, some 50 years ago, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Never did I dream that troops taking that same oath would be ordered under any circumstance to violate the Constitutional rights of their fellow citizens—much less to provide a bizarre photo op for the elected commander-in-chief, with military leadership standing alongside.
    We must reject any thinking of our cities as a “battlespace” that our uniformed military is called upon to “dominate.” At home, we should use our military only when requested to do so, on very rare occasions, by state governors. Militarizing our response, as we witnessed in Washington, D.C., sets up a conflict—a false conflict—between the military and civilian society. It erodes the moral ground that ensures a trusted bond between men and women in uniform and the society they are sworn to protect, and of which they themselves are a part. Keeping public order rests with civilian state and local leaders who best understand their communities and are answerable to them.
    James Madison wrote in Federalist 14 that “America united with a handful of troops, or without a single soldier, exhibits a more forbidding posture to foreign ambition than America disunited, with a hundred thousand veterans ready for combat.” We do not need to militarize our response to protests. We need to unite around a common purpose. And it starts by guaranteeing that all of us are equal before the law.
    Instructions given by the military departments to our troops before the Normandy invasion reminded soldiers that “The Nazi slogan for destroying us…was ‘Divide and Conquer.’ Our American answer is ‘In Union there is Strength.’” We must summon that unity to surmount this crisis—confident that we are better than our politics.
    Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try. Instead he tries to divide us. We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership. We can unite without him, drawing on the strengths inherent in our civil society. This will not be easy, as the past few days have shown, but we owe it to our fellow citizens; to past generations that bled to defend our promise; and to our children.
    We can come through this trying time stronger, and with a renewed sense of purpose and respect for one another. The pandemic has shown us that it is not only our troops who are willing to offer the ultimate sacrifice for the safety of the community. Americans in hospitals, grocery stores, post offices, and elsewhere have put their lives on the line in order to serve their fellow citizens and their country. We know that we are better than the abuse of executive authority that we witnessed in Lafayette Square. We must reject and hold accountable those in office who would make a mockery of our Constitution. At the same time, we must remember Lincoln’s “better angels,” and listen to them, as we work to unite.
    Only by adopting a new path—which means, in truth, returning to the original path of our founding ideals—will we again be a country admired and respected at home and abroad.
    James Mattis, General, US Marines, Retired

    1. He is calling out our military leadership and soldiers for obeying orders to ‘dominate’ our US citizens on US soil, which Defense Secretary Mark Esper called their ‘battlespace’. The military is now considered a cog in Trump’s political machinery against all his political enemies, and the people will not forget. All of you 2a peps with your AR’s so you can defend yourself from tyranny, you didn’t stand up when blackhawk helicopters threatened protesters, you didn’t stand up when LE gassed, stunned, and shot protesters so Trump could get his photo taken with an upside down and backwards bible, you’re just cosplay patriots and we always knew you would lay down your weapons and lick Trumps boots when the crap hit the fan. Worthless. Less than worthless… pathetic.
      These kids protesting, and yes, looting, finally got those four cops charged. Do you see what it took to finally get some justice? Cops are willing to go to war with us to protect 3 of their own. And where were you? These kids won’t forget. People of conscience wont forget who stood against them. #BlackLivesMatter #BlueWave #kpop #ByeDon

  21. The bottom line here is….ktvz and cnn etc have now shut their mouths after 3 months of fear mongering a virus that never did anything more than kill the same amount of people as the flu. They have fully participated in the destruction of the entire economy for a clear cut liberal agenda. And now they turn a blind eye to so called people advocating for the destruction of the entire system that has ironically made them money for over 100 years. Capitalism. They turn a blind eye to people’s business being flushed down a toilet for a virus that has turned out to be nothing they predicted for months. They don’t report on the countless fires, looting, murders, etc in the past week. All while calling them peaceful protesters. We’ve come to the point of civi war. Conservative versus democrats. I wonder who will win 🙂

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