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C.O. business offers disinfecting backpack sprayer to kill COVID-19 virus

(Update: Adding video, details)

BEND, Ore, (KTVZ )-- There is a new product on the market for businesses interested in protecting their establishment from bacteria and viruses like COVID 19.

The electrostatic disinfecting backpack sprayer negatively charges the disinfectant and once sprays, it neutralizes any bacteria or viruses in a particular area.

Brian Fallini, owner of Affordable Quality Maintenance in Bend, has added the sprayer to his cleaning arsenal.

Deschutes Brewery on Bond Street was the first business he tackled, cleaning almost 8,000 square feet with the backpack sprayer.

Fallini says the sprayer costs $2,000 for each unit. He charges customers 10 cents per square foot to clean an establishment.

"The disinfectant that I use, it dries clear," Fallini said Thursday. "So there is a 10-minute 'sit time' to have that kill effect for corona or SARS, or many other viruses. It's great: You spray it, it dries clear and then the space is fully disinfected."

Fallini says the machine sprays the disinfectant almost like a mist consistency, so it does not affect the technology a business may have, such as computers or cellphones.

"We are just now rolling out the service, so the interest has been very robust," Fallini said. "I expect we are going to be very busy."

He also uses medical-grade and restaurant disinfectants, whatever is most suitable for the business. Fallini provides a recurring service for businesses who want to maintain the cleaning service.

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Arielle Brumfield

Arielle Brumfield is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Arielle here.



  1. “Affordable” Quality Maintenance ??? At $800 bucks a whack- I think Mr. Fallini is taking advantage of an unknowing public.

    For the common layman- there are numerous misting/fogging systems out there- like this one- many require that everyone vacate the premises during the application process- that is because these are “wet” applications- using large droplets- more than 100 PPM to attack the virus- and they usually consist of a peroxide or chlorine- stuff you don’t want to be breathing.

    For the time being, this product may be utilized on a short term basis- but at $800 a pop- it’s simply not affordable for daily use- and that is what we need to assure customers that restaurants are bacteria and virus free.

    1. You make your living spraying chlorox/purell in businesses/homes so suckers who believe in the Covid-19 hoax will feel safe, if I remember correctly.

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