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OLCC reprimands 12 C.O. bars, restaurants; 5 referred to Oregon OSHA

OSHA to investigate 5 C.O. businesses for possible violations

BEND, Ore., (KTVZ)-- After the Oregon Liquor Control Commission reprimanded 12 bars and restaurants in Deschutes County  for failing to ensure social distance over the holiday weekend, it referred five of those businesses to the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

The businesses were Ferguson's Market in Terrebonne, Astro Lounge, Dudas Billiards Bar, Taj Palace Indian Cuisine in Bend and General Duffy's Waterhole in Redmond.

OLCC did not identify the reprimanded businesses under their purview, as licensees are not publicly named at this stage in their investigation process.

NewsChannel 21 reached out to all five businesses Friday afternoon and left messages. A manager at Astro told us they are working to hire more staff and improve their social distancing efforts.

The report states that many people, including staff and patrons, were in close proximity and not wearing masks.

Oregon OSHA spokesman Aaron Covin shared with us that each case is being handled on an individual basis.

He said non-willful and non-repeat cases are subject to fines ranging from a $100 to $12,675. Willful violation fines range anywhere from $8,000 to $126,749.


OLCC news release:

Portland, OR -- The OLCC is forwarding reports to the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OR OSHA) that nine bars and restaurants may have violated social distancing and face covering requirements. The OLCC is continuing investigations of three non-related cases where bars and restaurants may have violated OLCC rules.

During the Fourth of July holiday weekend, OLCC inspectors found most Oregon bars and restaurants they visited were complying with OLCC rules, following social distancing guidelines, and that employees and patrons were wearing face coverings. The compliance checks were part of a statewide effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

OLCC inspectors checked on 800 businesses across Oregon during the three-day period. Inspectors issued 74 verbal instructions to bars and restaurants to comply with social distancing and face covering requirements, or about nine percent of the licensees visited.

Preliminary reports indicated that there were social distancing and face covering problems throughout Lincoln County but upon further investigation those incidents were determined to be localized to businesses outside Newport city limits.

Based on a review of investigators’ accounts, OLCC compliance staff is forwarding nine incident reports to OR OSHA; that’s one percent of the licensed establishments OLCC inspectors checked. It will be up OR OSHA to determine if there were any violations and what action to take.

The OLCC is continuing its investigations of three licensees alleged to be out of compliance with agency rules and will release that information if the licensees are ultimately charged. This coming weekend (July 10th - 12th) OLCC will again send additional inspectors out to make compliance checks.

OLCC 4th of July Holiday Weekend Compliance Inspections_Updated

Oregon OSHA news release:

As Oregon OSHA continues to process and evaluate complaints related to COVID-19, the division encourages workers and members of the public to use its online workplace hazard reporting form.

While people may still call the division with complaints, the online reporting form offers a quicker way to bring concerns to the division’s attention.

“We will continue to take phone calls about workplace hazards concerning the novel coronavirus,” said Michael Wood, administrator for Oregon OSHA. “However, our online system is just as fast – if not faster – at absorbing complaints and allowing us to efficiently respond to them.”

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  1. If the state is so concerned with its citizens staying healthy then why dont they publish thenames of ALL the business’s ? Or is this about control, not health ???

    1. No, it’s probably about “RIGHTS”. Also for those with minor violations it would be more likely to get them to fix things if they were given the promise the wouldn’t be exposed unless they wilfully kept up the bad behaviour. Kinda like if you screw up a little bit at work you may get a couple days without pay. Do it again, you’re fired.

      1. Barney, they obviously cited them or wrote them up. Do the reporter thing and ask the question. Don’t depend on the release. OLCC is a public agency. Let me give you a for instance. I have a wreck and get cited for DUII or some traffic violation. Your not going to report it?

        1. I told you the answer, they don’t release the names of licensees until the process gets much farther along. They have not been “cited.” As the story said, they were reprimanded. It’s like an officer giving you a warning, not a ticket.

              1. Just a simple question that begs a simple answer. This type of thing by the government is to suit their needs. Its not about peoples choices. Its about them controlling things. If they were worried about our health and safety then they would name all the business’s but they dont. Its simple.

                1. Or the licensees in such situations are promised and afforded due process, despite what you think. When someone says something is “simple,” I’m always suspicious at least. NOTHING is “simple.” (And often, “simple” answers are simplistic ones that don’t take many variables into account.)

                2. Simple is always simple. Simple stops being simple when something doesnt fit.

                  Barney Lerten says:
                  July 11, 2020 at 10:47 am
                  Or the licensees in such situations are promised and afforded due process, despite what you think. When someone says something is “simple,” I’m always suspicious at least. NOTHING is “simple.” (And often, “simple” answers are simplistic ones that don’t take many variables into account.)

                  The state simply says they care about us when this proves that they really dont. I personally think you simply made a bad analogy Barney.

                1. Thank you. We ban only in the most extreme cases. Besides, they’d probably log in under another name. There’s no “perfect” lock online. Some of our regulars have clearly been on here under more than one name, and not due to any banning. Some (few!) would have me/us wasting time trying to sleuth and investigate if folks use more than one name. Why? Talk about a waste of time! Sorry, my time is far better spent trying to get some fresh local news on the site!

  2. Hey Oregon OSHA MORONS! Forcing workers to wear masks at the work place violates your own regulations concerning available oxygen percentages. Care to explain this? Morons.

    1. I’ve always hated OSHA. You have to be a real jerk to even want to work there. Tell them to get off your property unless they have a search warrant. Morons is right

      1. OSHA was given the mandate to enforce this. It’s their job. Why blame them? If they didn’t they’d lose their jobs. Is that how you work? When your boss tells you to do something can you just decide you don’t want to?

      1. no kidding Nick, masks do not reduce available O2 Sats, otherwise you would see OR, Isolation, transplant units all going without masks. The masks filter particulate, not oxygen.

        1. Never said that masks filter oxygen. I said that masks reduce the amount of oxygen available to people’s lungs to the point of violating OSHA standards, and I am correct.

          1. Oxygen deficiency is considered below 19.5% of available air… how exactly is your N95 mask creating this hazard ?

            Not sure what OSHA standard you are quoting- but I too know a lot about “toxic atmospheres”- this site being one of the most “unhealthy” I’ve seen around.

    2. Who cares what OSHA says, masks save lives of trade workers daily. PPE is for personal protection, one lung tick, eye scrape, horrible sliver and masks, glasses, and gloves seem wise. I hate hard hats also but you cannot cure others stupidity, masks in work and covid are completely different.

  3. Friday 7-10-2020 General Duffy’s Watering Hole hold music venue. Probably over 100 attendees with no mask sitting shoulder to shoulder. Social distancing doesn’t exist there.

    1. Isn’t the owner of General Duffy’s one of the official KTVZ Trolls? A member of the tinfoil hat wearing, conspiracy theory, right wing, deep thinkers club?

      1. He sure is. He was one of the featured idiots who held that ignorant rally in downtown Redmond where people protested wearing masks, along with that full-blown militia kook BJ Soper. Disgusting people.

    2. I had to drive by Duffy’s at around 7 and hundreds of people shoulder to shoulder, no masks on anyone inside or out of the patios. It truly looked like no covid exists at all. Very scary.

      1. “It truly looked like no covid exists at all”

        For more than 80% of people- it’s nothing more than an annoyance- the fatality rate us no-where near the numbers that were constantly promoted here at Z21- the “covi pandemic” never materialized here in Oregon- thank our cool wet climate (and pacific sea breezes) for that.

        There has been no reason to destroy the state’s economy over a boogey-man that never showed up… in short- ‘covid” doesn’t exist in the manner promoted by Democrat Governors up and down the west coast- the numbers prove it- so don’t be afraid of actual data- statistics- or the science… they are your friend- Dictator Governor Kate Brown isn’t- you get your unemployment money yet ??? Nope- thousands haven’t ! Get a stimulus check from the President- bet you have !

        This is political shenanigans run amoke- “destroy this President at any cost”- and this is the price Kate Brown wants everyone to pay !

        1. No politics involved in my friend dying from covid last month in PDX, “it truly looked like covid doesn’t exist” I meant all these people are very ignorant. Living in their own world without thinking of others. Not it doesn’t exist, that these people are very ignorant and selfish for booze. It’s real and will sweep this area hard in the next few months, very sad.

  4. Hopefully, one of them has the courage to fight this non-sense. Politicians understandably jumped on board, as most are vulnerable and want the rest of us to be so inconvenienced. Statistics prove less than .02% of generally healthy people are adversely affected. The politicians speak of science, yet none review the actual data! Yes, some people who have no known health risks, die! The medical community acknowledges that 1/3 of people with diabetes don’t even know it. Also, they recognize as much as half of the people with hypertension don’t even know it. We have spent more money on medical care for COVID19 in NYC than anywhere else. Like the Flu, even under the best medical care, people with compromised immune systems still die!! New York has published daily stats of comorbidity factors related to the COVID19 deaths. Our children shouldn’t have to suffer because the 55+ club was too foolish to eat right and exercise regularly! Nor should the rest of us! This mask and physical distancing directive/order is nonsense!!!

  5. Good thing the OLCC didn’t waste time and effort investigating any Prinetucky bars as it is well known that everyone in Crook County is immune to the hoax virus.

  6. I’m glad OSHA is cracking down but I am surprised a few more Redmond and Bend businesses were not reprimanded. Maybe this can be a warning to them.

  7. ah yes , destroy small business for doing business. and of course the liberal Democrats applaud! soon the whole country will be on welfare and under the control of the world elites . the depopulation effort will be in full swing , if it isn’t already

  8. We’ve been to Duffy’s a couple of times. Then, I caught the guy’s act at one of the loserpaloozas in Centennial Park. Whining and bitching about liberty and tyranny and so on. Really just selfishness and greed. We won’t be back. Plenty of local businesses to support that don’t promote conspiracy theories.

  9. Hmm. Pretty questionable thrown together tactics here. OLCC playing cop for OSHA?? Also gives you a good idea of how wasteful and overstaffed OLCC is when they can suddenly send “agents” out all over doing non-OLCC business.

  10. I would be sueing the pants off the state! Not only is this unconstitutional but Kate Brown was just on TV with about 75 kid’s and nobody had a mask on! She just put those kids life at risk! Kate Brown needs to step down now! And why is she letting criminals out of jail just give them a mask and keep them where they need to be, behind bars! She’s not playing with a full deck!

  11. It truly makes me wonder about the number of anti-mask opinions that are posted here. Many of these same people claim to be patriots, willing to sacrifice their lives for country and fellow citizen’s rights, but they won’t wear a mask to protect those around them? The hypocrisy is amazing!

    1. In reply to your comment of “Anti-maskers”. The other day I was sitting by myself, away from others because I didn’t feel the need to wear one. When a woman parked her car, Got out and put her mask on along with three or four kids. She then proceeded to take the long way around to the store front within inches of me as did all her brats (yes, uncontrolled brats). If she was so concerned she would have taken the easy straight path into the store approach and not come within 15 feet of me. Some people like this lady are brain dead and make me wonder how they even stayed above ground for so long.

        1. Yeh but everyone around here lies… the moderator lies about removing “offensive” posts- yet the garbage you posted remains.

          Sigh !

    2. “the number of anti-mask opinions that are posted here”

      Way back in late February and early March I was the first- loudest- and most consistent promoter of wearing masks- putting on gloves (which has once again gone ignored) and washing your hands… I was publicly ridiculed- verbally assaulted- and called out by the moderator for promoting- his words- “dangerous misinformation” !

      Now that I have refreshed your memory- are you still convinced that your anti-maskers are un-patriotic- hypocrites- or are maybe just plain victims of a misinformation, bad politics, and arrogance that was peddled for weeks here at Z21… I know that I’ve never received an “open apology” for the abuse I took early on in this “Global ending pandemic” !

      Yes indeed- “amazing” !

  12. Wait a minute, wait a minute. People drink and sit out on that porch at WALL ST bar, not the Taj Palace. That is amazing Taj Palace got a ticket, I’ve never seen more then 3 people in that place in the last 20 years.

  13. po·lice state
    /pəˈlēs ˈstāt/
    a totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens’ activities.

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