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Some C.O. parents say it’s best to keep teaching kids at home, but others face issues

School workers who are parents also have challenges

(Update: adding video, comments by teacher)

BEND, Ore., (KTVZ)-- After Gov. Kate Brown released new COVID-19 metrics on Tuesday, Bend-La Pine Schools officials said students likely will not return to the classroom in the fall. Some parents say that's the best approach for their children, but others are struggling to determine what to do amid work schedules and other issues.

With most of the state not meeting the current metrics for cases and infection rates, Bend- La Pine Schools said if students are unable to return to the classrooms in the fall, they will move toward comprehensive social distanced learning for all students, though they might incorporate in-person learning options for students in kindergarten through third grade, where the state is listing some exceptions.

Charlene Adkins has two children, a 6-year-old who just finished kindergarten at Ensworth Elementary School in Bend and a 3-year-old who she enrolled in a NeighborImpact Head Start program this week.

Adkins co-parents with her son's father, and she said they plan to split the social distanced learning between their two homes.

"It could absolutely work out for the best for my family," Adkins said. "I am going to miss out on having them in school, both of them, and that socialization. I think they are really going to miss out, but it is what it is.

Adkins said health-wise, it's the best possible outcome for not only students, but teachers as well.

Another Bend mother of two, Kelsey Spandauvr, said she plans to home-school her kids in the future. In addition to her concerns about young children being required to wear masks, she said she wouldn't let her kids return in to the classroom.

"Not because I am afraid of them getting sick," Spandauvr said. "But because I don't want them to go to school with all of those restrictions -- having to eat inside, not being able to play with their friends, having to wear a mask. I'll teach them at home."

The Redmond School District announced Tuesday they're working to interpret the new metrics and understand how these guidelines will affect reopening this fall. They are asking parents to stay tuned for their fall updates.

Emy Koike, who teaches at Sky View Middle School, said she understands that remote learning puts a burden on other parents who are not working at home, and want their students to return to the classroom. She said teachers have been a bit overwhelmed, not only figuring out how to teach students but also trying to help their parents as well.

Many teachers also have students who will be at home now, unless the metrics can be met and in-person classes resume.

"Some of our staff members are high-risk members, or they are taking care of high-risk individuals in their family. Not only that, they might be parents too," Koike said. "So they're having to play multiple roles all at once, on top of an already busy lifestyle."

Some parents say they can't afford to stay home from work and home-school their children, and worry that children need to be social and around their friends. 

More details of the state metrics for schools to reopen safely can be found at:

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Arielle Brumfield

Arielle Brumfield is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Arielle here.



          1. Although, you guys almost never follow up when i tie a story idea to the leg of a bird and then instruct it to fly up ob reily rd, and my last telegram went unanswered too 😡

          2. Ok here’s a story I’d like you to report. Please give us the survival rate of coronavirus. I’m not sure if it’s 99.5% or 99.75%. This technically is a social media so I expect your expert reporting tomorrow.

            1. Hey Nurse Johnny, I’d like to see your report on the long-term effects of the coronavirus for those who survive. What’s that, you’ve got no idea?

          1. Im not a big fan of all the scripts that constantly do weird things trying to squeeze every last cent out of the band width- but the site is very informative and updated

            I do want to say, this is the ONLY site ive EVER used that wont let my phone sleep at all, ive burned through entire batteries when i put it down for an hr or two with on my browser, i never see this with any other site and i hope it gets fixed someday

      1. Have you seen what the LA teachers union is demanding as a condition to re-opening?
        De-fund the police, and eliminate charter schools.
        Teachers are vital… union teachers are a bad joke.

      2. “education should be our highest priority”

        Failed Governor Kate Brown disagrees ! She closed schools- forcing children out- and parents to stay home to make emergency plans within days of the OHA declaring that the Wuhan Joe Bat Virus had declined by 5% and the evidence globally indicated that children were not susceptible to anything more than “mild” symptoms… So what made Kate (Ima failure) Brown acts so recklessly ?

        Talk about ignorant !

          1. Children of all ages openly display symptoms with the cold- the flu- cooties !

            Children even die at a higher rate of the common seasonal flu than of this Wuhan Joe Bat Virus- yet Schools never closed- teachers never refused to go to class- the Governor never imploded the state economy over a runny nose that Grandma might get… and ‘yes… die from !

            Again… it aint Ebola- the plague- Armageddon !!!

            So how did you miss all the international data on that- kinda like you missed the findings on the “Russia-Russia-Russia” probe- through shear ignorance.

            You best stay home- stay afraid-go broke- let Kate decide your fate… we jet setters got work to do !

      3. Let me clarify. CNN ran a similar story that talked about the same thing. Doesn’t matter if its national or local. KTVZ will use it as its own if it fits its liberal narrative. Somehow KTVZ will not check facts. In Redmond for instance almost 75% of parents polled want their children to return to school.

    1. Yes we need to keep paying folks if we expect our economy to stay “reopened”… they dont teach supply and demand on your side of the iron curtain?

    2. Q-mass makes a legitimate point. A breakdown of last years property taxes shows I paid $1400 to the school district. How can we be taxed for schools that are closed? Even if districts provide some sort of online program those costs would be minimal compared to business as usual.

      1. If you think operations are bad you dont even want to start with the real cost penalty for the district: constant expensive building bonds
        Ask yourself who benefits from regularly putting new schools at city limits, adding not just primary construction cost to the district but increased secondary infrastructure cost to the city/county taxpayers? Good days to pour asphalt or concrete, would be the polite way to phrase it

        1. That’s hilarious. You keep telling us it’s HIPPA preventing some info to be put out, like number of cases in town and cities blah blah blah. I seen a story in a newspaper I follow here in the state that is now providing that info. You could have provided us the info we were asking for, but did not because you weren’t authorized to release because OHA didn’t give permission to ANYBODY. HIPPA has NOTHING to do with that info. State health officials haveno power. Why aren’t your people down there grilling them? How come you never answer these questions about why there’s no reporting at z21…and you know what we mean about “no reporting”. Like the knee on the neck investigation… reporting

          1. By Zip codes? I’ve mentioned it, we’ve reported it, and linked to it. We do lots of reporting, we just don’t do your bidding/’grilling’? What about the 1,000 other media outlets in the state? Do any of them measure up to your expectations? Doubtful, at least not in an unbiased fashion.

        2. Because they are being pressured by the teachers Union. That is a fact Barney. The teachers are threatening to strike. Cant have school without teachers

      1. It’s teachers unions who set the demands for reopening schools. Shut down private schools, charter schools, and home schooling. Among other things.Making all students go to government controlled schools. Can’t have mandatory vaccinations otherwise.

  1. Resuming school puts some of the most intelligent and valuable people in our communities at risk. No one wants our children to suffer, but if we don’t curb the spread of this virus effectively, the greater the chance is of schools having to remain closed or operate with restrictions for a longer period.
    Remember that time Oregon had less than 100 new infections each day? Then we “opened” the state and now those numbers have tripled? This is not rocket science.

      1. Small, stable cohorts. If we’re going to make classes 10 students with one teacher, and no interaction between these small groups, then we can make things safe. Provide testing and contact tracing. It will take $$ to open schools.

        1. Exactly, there is a way to do this safely and it has already been tested with positive results in many other countries… Online school is a joke and will always be a joke, so you might as well not even do that and just do a gap-year. This state has been failing in education for decades and this just goes to show where the real priorities are from Salem. If you think this is about the “Safety” of our children and teachers than you are part of the problem with this state. Other countries have gone back to the in-classroom teacher lead instruction for months now and the vast majority of those countries are having success. They have the disease present in their communities just like us but they can figure out how to actually educate their children successfully while mitigating the exposure.

          1. No most other countries have far less severe outbreaks than we do (thats why our borders are sealed right now), not to mention different school calendars (havent you heard the toilets flush backwards in australia)

            1. “most other countries have far less severe outbreaks than we do”

              As usual- wrong ! Only Asian countries are seeing consistent success with the various waves- they do it by attacking the virus- not sitting back and waiting for it to come.

              Their multi-pronged approach is also void of “original liberal thinkers” like we see dominate this website with all your constant confusion- snarky comments- and useless “opinions” never based on fact !

              A good place for you all to start- is with the updated CDC guidelines- it seems since the President called them out for their over- reliance on China- we are now starting to see rational and science based effective measures to fight the Wuhan Bat Joe Corona Virus from China.

              Bring Barney along for your ride- he needs to an updated dose of science anyway- call it a vaccine against stupidity !

                1. Stevie (You haven’t done Nothin’) Wonder ?

                  “Why do you keep on making us hear your song
                  Tellin’ us how you are changin’ right from wrong
                  ‘Cause if you really want to hear our views
                  You haven’t done nothin'”

                  Jackson 5 join along with me say
                  Doo doo wop – hey hey hey
                  Doo doo wop – whoa whoa whoa…

                  Now that’s a SW song for the Kate Brown era !

                2. Wonderful song. But it could be song at/for you. too. All you do is complain. You’re not out gathering petition signatures for your other favorite villain.

                3. “You’re not out gathering petition signatures for your other favorite villain.”

                  Nope- but I sure as hell signed it… which is more than you can say !

                  Again- “no action-is action”- and your refusal to sign a petition to remove that villain will only extend the misery- the economic disaster- the days of hell with no end in sight… How does that dose of reality make you feel ?

                4. You support journalists who take sides. I will never do that. Makes me feel great to know I’m not part of your Blame Society hate, and overdone claims of blame, when many governors of both parties took much the same action. But you are the “expert.”

        2. “Provide testing and contact tracing”

          Lag time data that never get’s ahead of the virus. The data is clear- “testing” does not reduce the number of cases- and “contact tracing” is just some creepy way to follow people around- nothing more than harassment- stalking.

          The idea is to do what other countries are… get ahead of the virus… many of the answers are found in the CDC re-opening guidelines… I can’t believe KTZV hasn’t done a bit of research here and confronted the Governor.

          This is lazy journalism during historic times- as we are all suffering under the heavy handed stupidity of the worst Governor our state has ever seen- Failed Demokkkrat Governor Brown !

          1. The more you repeat yourself the more vague you get comrade, yes of course we should be copying all these other countries that have already stopped bat flu- it the president you support who has been trying to cut ties with our allies instead

            1. Sorry- don’t see the connection between international allies and Kate Brown’s Executive Orders to lock-down the state- put businesses out of work- close schools- ban public gatherings (outside of BLM riots of course).

              And you know what… neither do you !

    1. Actually “No” I don’t remember when we “opened”… I think there was some chatter about phase I then maybe phase II… I do know that right now 28 counties have been approved by a third party observer as having met Brown’s mandates for re-opening- but they’re still not.

      What I really remember though is all them George Floyd-BLM-Antifa rallies- protests- riots that brought in people from all over the country to shout and spit all over each other for days on end… yup- I remember that !

      1. How many times are you going to throw that against the wall to see if it sticks, youre getting lazy comrade owen
        Rest assured in the real world the numbers are worsening fast in rural areas like umatilla, jefferson, lincoln counties etc… for someone who claims to read the health dept website everyday i would think you would already know this

        Buuuuut instead you consistently comment about bat flu (like any successful and educated corporate executive would) using racial language and references, whether it be spanish speakers, wuhanese, or blacks depending on your mood

    2. “Resuming school puts some of the most intelligent and valuable people in our communities at risk.”I’m assuming you are referring to the kids.

  2. “Eating inside” is the new oppression for these tough maga snowflakes?????
    That mom is maybe going to lose it come her first january here, or will she just find a different dumpster of crappy propaganda to repeat?

  3. Obviously schools have been deemed nonessential, so close them down permanently and sell the buildings and lower our property taxes by 2/3rds! Most parents can do a better job homeschooling because all public schools do is brainwash our youth to far left veiws.

    1. I would be much better if the students never returned to these indoctrination stations. Home schooling, private schools, and charter schools would provide students a more rounded education. Close the liberal controlled indoctrination stations they till like to call schools.

  4. This story is a joke! Why don’t you interview more parents or even high school students to get their perspective? It’s like you found two random parents in FB who gave their input.

  5. Kids ain’t learnin’ nothing these days anyway, only can do what’s on their phone. Little Johnny pick up that shovel, son – that ditch ain’t gonna dig itself!

  6. No sympathy for the morons who pay top dollar to live here yet complain constantly about how our society works. If you don’t like it then leave? With all the wealth here in Central Oregon it’s amazing how cheap people are. Live in Portland, NY or LA and get back to us on the cost of living. Crybabies!

    1. So what exactly are my tax dollars providing ? BLM rallies where everyone and their cousin violate the Governor’s executive orders on public gatherings ??? Which in turn results in a dramatic increase in new cases- which are then hidden by the OHA under the chart titled “covid19 cases not traced to a known course”- which just happens to surge right after the Floyd-BLM-Get Whitey protests and demonstrations ?

      How convenient of the Governor’s lying left wing branch of disinformation to go along with her charade ! And gee- tax dollars go to that organization also- just for the honor of lying to you !

      Talk about gullible !

      1. Speaking of disinformation, so you WANT people to follow the guidelines — or not because it’s a hoax? Inconsistency is one of your many daily traits. And if visitors are welcome but “must mask up,” how would you enforce that? Fine them all? Jail them all? Rent a bus to take them back to wherever? Your illogic, as always, escapes me.

        1. Good gawd here comes Barney butt-inski to lay down more misinformation to keep the locals all twitterpated !

          So again- for the umpteenth gazzilion time… the “China” virus from China is real- it’s out there- we’ve seen pictures… so there’s no hoax there. The hoax is in the Democrat response- one that started when the three Democrat Governors on the west coast “colluded” to destroy the regions economy… well documented !

          Yes- I want people to read the CDC Guidelines for re-opening (have you ?) and ask the failed Governor of our state why she is babbling about masks and school closures instead of putting proven “pro-active” policies in place !

          Lemme ponder- do you believe that the Asian nations displaying single digit deaths per one million citizens is a lie- a joke- can’t be ??? well sluggo- I been there- I’ve seen what they do- much of it is in the CDC Guidelines- and we’re not doing it !

          Why ? because yer all distracted with masks and enforcement- and a big ol fish !

          It’s easy to understand your confusion- you hear- but you don’t listen !

          My “disinformation” has been 100% accurate from day one- I told you all- put on a mask- I said that the Covington kids would sue for millions and win- I was the first outta the blocks begging one and all to get grampa out of the nursing home- and I’m on record again… that as soon as Oregon stops the smoke and mirrors and simply applies the strategies defined in the CDC re-opening guide- we’ll see single digit death rates per million in weeks !

          So what you got- besides another angst filled day because I keep pointing out your inadequacies ?

          1. Oh man you didnt notice that you contradicted yourself just in that one comment? Oops! Try explaining yourself clearly next time instead of obfuscating

            1. Of course you can’t identify the contradiction- or you would have “explained” it.

              So let’s focus all together now… the CDC Guidelines- which obviously neither Lerten nor yourself have bothered to read- provides “lead time” recommendations to get ahead of this hoax of a response- this in conjunction with my MuGuWu strategies will vault the state of Oregon into single digit deaths per 1 million population in months- forget your vaccine- forget your over-dependence on masks social distancing- and the lot… In case you haven’t noticed- Oregon’s response is failing !

        2. When the ferry goes to Victoria and everybody gets off, if one of us Yankees has a duii, or any other felony….they get to sit in the little Customs jail room until the next ferry south. There isn’t any reason tourists can’t be detained as well

  7. There should be an exception for young children with disabilities to be able to attend school still. My autistic son needs the guided 1on1 services the school provides and the social interactions.

      1. What exactly has the state provided- ‘cept 7 months of a failed virus response- financial ruin- and mental stress for parents- families-children- and grandparents ?

        At least the conservative President got me my Guvment hand out- what’s failed Governor Kate Brown produced- just more excuses for an unemployment office in chaos- the city of Portland under siege by rioters (60 days and counting)- and more finger-pointing thana group of school yard kids picking sides for dodge ball !

        I don’t know who’s dug their heels in more- you or the Big Buttinski !

  8. If schools are going to reopen in Central Oregon, ALL short term rentals (hotels, motels, air B and B s, etc) need to shut down again and it should have happened weeks ago. We can’t have outsiders coming to our community and expect our COVID numbers to improve.

    1. Nothing wrong with “visitors” to CO. But they must mask up- should wear gloves- wash their hands- and social distance accordingly… the problem is the protests and BLM demonstrations.

      They all clearly violated the failed Governor’s mandates for crowd size- and we’ve seen a huge uptick in new cases- that are being hidden by the OHA- under their ridiculous graphic titled “Percent of Covid cases not traced to a known source” !

      All of Oregon’s BLM-Antifa-riots-protests-hate whitey rallies resulted in large numbers of new cases being spread- there have been no other wide scale gatherings throughout the state- especially in Portland and Bend that can be blamed on the increase in new cases.

      local Governments that approved of these BLM protests should be held accountable- so where’s the local media to act in a manner as laid out in the US Constitution- that silly part that allows them special privileges for just such occasions… lemme guess- it’s time for “Big Ol Fish” !

      1. Youre mistaken or lying comrade, hundreds and hundreds of oregon cases since memorial day have been in rural ag processing and churches, you really want to blame the protests even though umatilla county has a massive bat flu problem even without protesting, same right here in jefferson co

        1. So how do you know that “team Umatilla” didn’t attend any BLM riot- protest-or rally ???

          Did you glean that bit of stupidity off the OHA website- that has a whole graphic dedicated to all them “new cases” that have no known origin- can’t be traced- just showed up outta no-where.

          Keep sucking on the teat of misinformation and gullibility- keeps you from being sent back to Russia-Russia-Russia !

        2. You people act like your not smart enough to figure out Umatilla is on 84, which runs right thru pdx, which people drive to for protests. Your kind acts like it’s some sort of mystical phantom when it shows up in conservative places like Malheur and Umatilla and mock everybody….then turn around and whine about travelers and tourists spreading it in Bend…where you live

          1. All the recent use of “you people” here – anyone who says that gets ignored by many, because it clearly comes from a position of hate and blame, rather than working together to solve tough problems.

            1. I see you are still snapping at a selective few here while the whole site goes into the idiot tank as you continue to enable your liberal loons.

              When exactly are you going to chastise anymouse or irrelevant for their mass postings- mostly personal attacks- off topic BS- or “dangerous misinformation.

              Yer such a hypocrite- when exactly are you going to demonstrate this “work together” mantra of yours ???

              I point you to the CDC Re-opening Guidelines and I’m met with snarky biased comments. You should have said- “The CDC ? Granted they stepped on their hoots outta the gates- but since the President called them out for their China bias- they seem to have gotten back on track. But Nope- it’s do as I say- not as I do around here. Sigh !

    2. Does that mean all restaurants, coffee shops and businesses that serve visitors need to close, too? How about we start with our beloved Chick-Fil-A. I’m sure it has served more than one out of towner. I mean that’s the whole reason people come to Bend, isn’t it?

  9. So close the schools, but it’s ok to have hundreds of people together at the rivers and lakes. You can’t even go to a river or lake in central Oregon with running into people. Our governor is a joke you can riot and destroy things but kids going to school is dangerous. I’m married to a teacher who wants to go back and teach!!

      1. “Pay your health insurance” ??? You mean it’s not being garnished from your wages like back in the Kremlin ???

        No wonder you bolted the iron curtain- “Merika” treat you right eh- comrade !

  10. This is bad. If parents realize they can raise and teach their own children then the public schools will no longer have the uncontested power of indoctrinating the children.

  11. After all the millions that have been spent on building these Gucci new schools – and now they’re not even being used.

    I want my tax dollars back!

  12. Yeap, we got it. Protesting, rioting, looting all over the state is ok; sending our kids to school so they have a better education and future is not. The priorities of the democratic party.

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