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Abuse victim advocates for others; Prineville ‘Save the Children’ rally set for Sunday

PRINEVILLE, Ore., (KTVZ)-- Prineville resident Brittney Mills says she suffered sexual abuse when she was a child. And she says she wants people to recognize that it happens every day, in your own community. 

"Most of it is in your hometown, from people you know and people you love, and that you trust," Mills said Friday. "When justice doesn't prevail or these kind of things, there is a lot of pain, from the victim to the families of victims."

On Sunday, the group Save the Children is holding its first rally in Prineville, from noon to 3 p.m in front of the Crook County Courthouse.

Mills said she saw the Save the Children demonstrations from a Facebook post, with gatherings happening all over the country, and she wanted to bring it to Prineville.

Mills said she first started organizing the group last month, and that attackers often are not held accountable.

"A lot of them get away with it, or just get a slap on this wrist, and go and do it again," Mills said. "A lot of times, the victims don't get heard again, and that does happen here in Prineville, and we need to make a difference in that."

She said so far, she's had positive responses from the community in Prineville about wanting to do more to advocate for child abuse and assault victims. The goal for the rally is to simply open the door for conversations and brainstorm other ways to rally behind this issue.

Sunday was chosen as the day for the rally because Mills said it's a day for rest, and she hopes people will have the time to support the Save the Children effort.

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  1. Hollywood is involved and so is Hillary Bill Clinton, Obama, Podesta and many more. That’s why they are making this flu virus seem so bad. They need mail in voting so they can try to steal the election! They know they are going down if Trump wins!

    1. In 30 years of reporting on Oregon’s mail-in balloting, fraud has never become a major issue, election year or otherwise. But of course, today’s Blame Society knows “better” and the blamers will use whatever they can to dismiss results they don’t like.

      1. Barney if they can riot in Portland wearing masks they can wear a mask to the voting both. Problem solved. You should look up the “frazzle drip” video and report on that! I’ll be waiting to see what you find out! Thank You

      2. I have to respectfully disagree on this one, Barney.
        Calling out what happened in the NY election has little or nothing to do with the “blame society”. Potentially thousands of votes weren’t counted… I think that raises some valid concerns about a national mail in ballot system.

        1. There are issues with polling-place voting, too. The pandemic’s impacts will be an issue as well. Officials of both parties have cited great success of Oregon’s system. But nowadays, everything’s a target if you think it’ll give the Evil Other Side a win. That’s a far bigger issue than mail balloting.

          1. Any system will have problems, true. I think voting at a polling place (ID required) is a simple way to mitigate some of those problems.
            And I’m sure you remember the May primaries here in OR? I wouldn’t characterize that as a great success.

    1. Probably because of Facebook and Apple- high profile multi-nationals that blew into town and treated the locals poorly… so it’s kinda another Karma having her way thing- again !

    1. This is a story about a group trying to protect children from abuse and speak for victims. Bringing up totally non-germane politics on such a sensitive topic is “offensive” in my judgment. We allow the vast majority of posts here, from every possible viewpoint.

    2. Bwahahaaa… if you knew it wouldn’t be posted- why write it ???

      Bout time your constant “off topic” trash got the boot ! Let that be a clear volley across the bow to the rest of you out there- looks like Sheriff Barney finally found his trigger finger works both ways !

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