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Gov. Brown, DA Hummel lash out at feds over Bend protest; ICE offers more info

Border Patrol opens bus door Leah Henke Cora Ives 812
Leah Henke, Cora Ives
U.S. Border Patrol agents open an Immigration and Customs Enforcement bus in Bend late Wednesday night as they removed two detainees from a pair of buses

(Update: New ICE statement gives background on detainees)

Immigrant rights groups, others call news conference to decry 'abduction'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Gov. Kate Brown lashed out Thursday at the Trump administration and Border Patrol agents for their actions late Wednesday in Bend, when agents used pepper spray to move in on federal immigration buses surrounded by hundreds of protesters and remove two detainees.

“I am appalled by the callous actions of the Trump Administration yesterday in Bend to target immigrant communities and forcefully disperse a crowd of concerned community members and clergy who for hours held the line against injustice,” Brown wrote in a series of tweets Thursday.

"The actions by federal troops are all too familiar, designed for political headlines, meant to intimidate & strike fear into our communities instead of keeping us safe," the governor said. "To separate Oregon families is unacceptable & heartless. Especially during a pandemic."

“In Oregon, we welcome and include everyone who calls this state home” the governor added. “Those values are codified in our state laws, and they are a part of who we are. We welcome our neighbors, including Oregonian immigrants and refugees. We look out for one another. “

Despite U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement statements that the two men were wanted on warrants and had engaged in past violent behavior, Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel struck a similar tone in his tweets late Wednesday night.

“Federal troops stormed the buses in full tactical gear,” he wrote. “Unnecessary and outrageous. Never did I think I would see this in my country. I’ve never been so disgusted by my government and so proud of my community.”

Tanya Roman, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, issued a new statement Thursday but said she could not confirm publicly the men's identities or reason for their detention, due to the lawsuit filed late Wednesday against the agency.

“ICE continues to target public safety threats and immigration violators," the statement said. "The two individuals arrested by ICE have criminal records that include convictions for assault, harassment, coercion, and criminal trespassing."

"They are also repeat immigration violators who were previously encountered by U.S. immigration officials and granted voluntary return to their home countries,” the agency added.

Roman also provided information aimed at countering frequent misinformation about ICE's operations:

Meanwhile, Central Oregon and statewide immigrants' rights groups, faith leaders and community members were holding a Thursday news conference in the parking lot where the standoff occurred "to discuss the abduction of community members and the federal agents' dangerous response in Bend last night."

The Rural Organizing Project said they would livestream the event on their Facebook page and the ACLU of Oregon on its Twitter feed.

NewsChannel 21 reporters are working to cover various aspects in the aftermath of Wednesday’s protest. Our reports begin at 5 p.m. Our 4 p.m. Fox newscast is pre-empted by Major League Baseball.

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  1. If Mayor Russell knew the detainees had criminal warrants then hummel and brown both knew.

    These hacks are playing heartstring politics, plain and simple.

    1. I’d like to thank the federal officers helping Bend be a safe place to be by removing criminals from our streets. It’s too bad it takes the feds to do it as police chief Krantz, mayor Russel, DA Hummel and our worthless governor Kate Brown are impotent and are merely pandering to a small segment of our population.

      1. 500 people out at midnight on a school night too, even the food carts showed up to help out, if you lived here it wouldnt be such a surprise

        1. 500? The story says 250. Let’s say on the off chance you’re right it’s still roughly one 1/2 of 1% of the population of Bend. School night? Where have you been there is no school at the moment and if the teachers union gets their way there will be no in person school but they’ll get their raises.
          Amazing how the Bend politicians the DA Hummel and the new chief of police Krantz pander to a small segment of the Bend population in an effort to score political points from the miscreants and malcontents better known as BLM and ANTIFA.

        2. I live here. Those people that attended and protested, along with the politicians and vendors need to publically condemn the acts of violence against women and children committed by these 2 violent criminals or be prepared for the backlash that comes to those who advocate for and protect those that commit violence against women and children!

        3. School hasn’t started yet Commie FUNKE.. you are so old and out of touch I can see why you will vote for Forget Who He Is Joe Biden. ICE picked up 2 violent criminals AND THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY

    2. Well lets get those warrants released if they exist, probably cheaper and quicker than flying in a hundred people from bellingham on ot to gas everyone DUH

          1. court dockets from Deschutes County courts. But does it really matter? do you think domestic violence doesn’t happen between same-sex couples? Or and as it certainly seems; you are a homophobic virtue signaler?

            1. I’m not trying to be an *******. I was just curious as to how you knew it was domestic assault. Now I’m curious how you accessed court records without the names of the men being publicized. Also, even though you infer that “it certainly seems” I deserve what you feel is a worthy insult, I’m not sure what in my question triggered it, so…whatever!

    3. “Obstructing or otherwise interfering with an ICE arrest is a crime, and anyone involved may be subject to prosecution under federal law. In addition, encouraging others to interfere or attempt to obstruct an arrest is extremely reckless and places all parties in jeopardy“ ICE

    4. No more chemical weapons on U.S. citizens! Tear gassing is a war crime per the Geneva convention. Our government should not be using chemical warfare on us.

        1. No protesting unjust government action is protected by the Constitution. Go back to Russia if you don’t respect the U.S. Constitution. There is a reason it is the 1st amendment.

          1. Respect the constitution? Why don’t Illegal alien criminals not have to respect the constitution. You progressive clowns are such two faced liars. you HATE the constitution.

            1. Even illegal aliens have rights protected by the Constitution which applies to all human beings on American soil, whether you think they are deserving of those protections or not. If you truly respected the Constitution, you would know everything that it stands for, not just the parts that protect you.

  2. If you interfere with federal officials enforcing federal law, you’re inviting a response you may not like. There’s a constitutional system for changing what you don’t like in this country – I suggest you anarchists and progressives begin to use it… and quit throwing your temper tantrums and breaking the law when you don’t get what you want.

    1. The first rule of the malheur national wildlife refuge armed occupation, is dont talk about the malheur national wildlife refuge armed occupation

      1. Funny you said that. Seems they also got a response they didn’t want. A man was killed. So there you go those “protesters yesterday were lucky they only got pepper sprayed.

      1. They don’t have the right to come to this country illegally then commit acts of violence against women and children! By your statement, we can only surmise you support violent acts against women and children! Your mother must be proud!

      2. “Immigrants” you keep using this word. I think you mean illegal criminals. Immigrants come through a port of entry and become part of America, they dont just come here and hide and not pay taxes or contribute to social programs.

        1. Not pay taxes or contribute to social programs? These guys had jobs. If their employers weren’t taking taxes, that’s a whole other crime by the employer. If the employer was taking taxes, then these guys have the pleasure of paying taxes and not being able to get a refund or collect social security. One of these men was reported as living here for 14 years – he must have excellent hiding skills. Being the horrible criminal some think all undocumented immigrants are, how do you explain him staying out of trouble all that time or, if he didn’t, why wasn’t he picked up by ICE before?

      3. It is clear these two have violated immigration laws on at least one previous occasion. What if these two men are murderers or rapists or drug dealers? Do they still have the same rights as legal immigrants like myself?

      4. Violent Criminals who are in the US Illegally deserve to go to jail. These are not legal immigrants.
        Take a smart pill… you need one.

    2. Yes, one of the parts of that Constitutional process is the exercise of free speech and protest to protect Democracy.

      Get out of the echo chambers of the liar in chief and friends and protect the USA and her citizens!

        1. If you’ve ever gotten a traffic ticket or a jaywalking citation, using your way of thinkong, you are an American thug and criminal. For the vast majority of these “border jumping criminals,” their only crime is border jumping, no more legally serious than a misdemeanor. If they are self-sufficient and do not have a felony criminal record, surely it’s a waste of taxpayer money to detain and deport them. Let these good people stay and have an easy but requisite path to citizenship. That would be more efficient and have long-term benefits for all involved.

      1. Interesting that you think Trump is unique in wanting immigrants to be legal:

        H. Clinton: “Well, I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in, and I do think you have to control your borders,” Clinton said.

        Barack Obama said: “… we simply cannot allow people to pour into the U.S. undetected, undocumented and unchecked. Americans are right to demand better border security and better enforcement of the immigration laws.”

        B. Clinton: “President Clinton has a comprehensive and effective strategy to combat illegal immigration—including strengthening border control, safeguarding the interests of legal workers through increased enforcement of employer sanctions and worksite standards, and removing criminal and other illegal aliens. “

        G.H.W Bush: Bush also noted that “immigration reform began in 1986 with an effort to close the ‘back door’ on illegal immigration … Now, as we open the ‘front door’ to increased legal immigration, I am pleased that this Act also provides needed enforcement authority.”

        G.W. Bush: “America needs to secure our borders–and with your help, my administration is taking steps to do so. We’re increasing worksite enforcement, deploying fences and advanced technologies to stop illegal crossings. We’ve effectively ended the policy of “catch and release” at the border, and by the end of this year, we will have doubled the number of border patrol agents. Yet we also need to acknowledge that we will never fully secure our border until we create a lawful way for foreign workers to come here and support our economy. This will take pressure off the border and allow law enforcement to concentrate on those who mean us harm. We must also find a sensible and humane way to deal with people here illegally. Illegal immigration is complicated, but it can be resolved. And it must be resolved in a way that upholds both our laws and our highest ideals.”

        Reagan: “The ongoing migration of persons to the United States in violation of our laws is a serious national problem detrimental to the interests of the United States.”

  3. Yet, Ms. Brown is perfectly fine with ANTIFA terrorists wearing tactical gear and storming publicly funded properties? I love her quote regarding keeping the community safe. Her actions, or lack there of in Portland is epic.

    1. It actually looks like we are making progress with the feds, less gas this time and they didnt arrest any protestors… learning from your mistakes is a good thing

      1. Don’t need gas when they don’t get violent. Good thing we have a small and rather pathetic anarchist presence here. I only hope it stays that way.

        1. Tear gas is a chemical weapon. None of us should be ok with it being deployed in and on our citizens while exercising a Constitutional right.

            1. Too bad you aren’t a lawyer like some of us. Oh I forgot people with educations are scary to the Republican snowflakes. Enjoy the last 93 days…..
              Biden/Kamala 2024
              Don’t worry, we millenials are going to teach your grand-babies about the Trump’s Republican Nazi party.

              1. Don’t forget to tell your grandkids that you supported a rapist in joe biden…who’s vp pick publicly stated she believed biden’s accuser….PLUS the vp pick herself is a descendant of Hamilton Brown, one of the most prolific slave owners in Jamaica

                You go ahead and tell them kids!!!

                1. Joe Biden is a rapist for sniffing/kissing hair? Blaming Harris for the sins of an ancestor generations before she was born? Do you think slave owning is in her genetic makeup and somehow will influence her leadership? If those Biden-Harris qualities, alleged or true, rattle your false sense of morality so much, maybe you need to find yourself a highly moral, pure-as-the-driven-snow candidate to replace the Liar and ***** Grabber in Thief, one who wasn’t sued for housing discrimination or who verbally attacks women, especially ones of color. I’m sure all readers can see the hypocrisy of your comment.

  4. Brown and Hummel should be ashamed of themselves. This was on private property and the owners did not want the protesters there. Brown and Hummel need to be publicly shamed for these comments trying to pin it on Trump.

  5. Great job Mr. President. Job well done! Anyone Illegally in this country or state. Not Kate’s state, my state should immediately be taken into custody and deported. Needs to be a regular occurrence.

    Oregon needs a new Governor and Deschutes County a new DA. Individuals who uphold the laws that should be upheld. This is the USA not Mexico. You come here illegally you get sent home. You come again. You go to prison.

    TRUMP 2020!

    1. Youve lost several popular votes on welcoming immigrants, governor and da apparently over the years… im sorry the votes arent going your way but that doesnt make you right, kinda indicates youre wrong actually

  6. There were certainly some things that could have been answered. Were the men linked? Were they traveling together when ICE detained them? Is ICE trying to take the men back to the country of the alleged crime? How long ago were the alleged crimes committed? Do these men have citizenship in the U.S.? I’ve heard a lot of things and I’m not sure what’s fact. My understanding is that ICE gets involved if immigration is not legal or a serious criminal act occurred outside our boarders and the criminal is being taken back to be tried. The people deserve some explanation. The people are to have the power, not the feds.

    1. Here is a fact for you! They are both convicted of domestic violence! By not supporting their arrest then you by definition support violence against women and children!

      1. If you voted for Trump, you by definition support violence against women by voting for a confessed sexual assault perpetrator.

        “I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. … Grab ‘em by the *****. You can do anything.” – Donald Trump

        1. LOLOLOLOLOLOL you JUST said you support biden harris….by definition, you are supporting a man that was accused of rape and a vp that believes the accuser!

        1. Flatten the Curve,
          You’d have to be employed and paying taxes in order for you statement to be true so that kind of counts you out.
          Why not get off your parents couch and make something of yourself rather than soaking up the left wing propaganda and perpetuating the myths through your unintelligible rants?Perhaps you’d feel better about yourself and for once make your family proud by being a productive member of society and gain the respect you’ve never attained throughout your your unproductive life. You must get tired of trying to gain the attention of your ANTIFA buddies?

  7. If you don’t like the immigration laws then get congress to change them.

    Interfering with the Feds who have detained prisoners is not acceptable.

    I feel that Hummel should resign at this point and I have zero confidence in his oath to protect the public.

    Very sad day to see that Bend Oregon has become just like Portland, Seattle and all these other Westcoast cities under the control of failed Democrat Policies and leadership.

  8. Vote, the Republicans are for separating families during a pandemic. If these two were detained for violent, criminal activities then prove it. Otherwise let them stay in our community and take care of their wives and children. This is not compassionate conservatism that used to define the Republican party. This is just cruel show boating.

    1. I believe it stated that they had warrants for their arrest. What authority do you have to “demand” proof of what’s in that warrant? What is really going on here when you are demanding that criminals with previous records and current warrants be released and put back into our community without due process of law?

    2. So when it comes out that these guys have assaulted people have burglary 1 charges, parole/probation violations felony, will you change your tune? If not then do not complain or call the cops when its your family member beaten or your house that is the residence of a burglary 1. Pathetic

  9. Of course Kate Brown and Hummel are going to throw fits – they support criminal behavior and blame it on our President, yet Kate needs the feds help when she feels threatened (eastern Oregon situation a few years ago). We desperately need strong leadership in our cities as well as our state who are for the people and not going to tolerate criminal activity.

  10. The facts are now clear! Hummel & Brown support violence against women & children! The men are both convicted of acts of violence against women & children. Oddly, prosecuted in one of the cases here in Deschutes county.

      1. We are not a nation of laws. Look at rope a dope in the WH. America’s BEST criminal. The US has never been a true “nation of laws”. It is a bumper sticker slogan when it supports your political statement. It should be, but it is definitely not

  11. So why doesn’t gov brown and the rest open their homes to these people, let them stay in their bedrooms, feed them, provide them medical care and more? Oh, no, let the taxpayers do that since illegals don’t pay a dime in taxes. The US welcomes people coming here legally but invaders, who just cross the border or overstay their visa should be promptly deported without a chance to ever return.

    1. Who says they don’t pay taxes? Both of these men were reported to have jobs. Payroll taxes are certainly deducted from them but they can neither get a refund nor collect social security. Calling these people invaders does them a great disservice. The vast majority urgently escaped poverty, violence or hunger in their native countries. If my kids were about to fall victim to any of those things and it took years to legally get to where my kids might have a chance to survive, I think I’d take chances to help them immediately too.

      1. FC, I think what he’s probably referring to is claiming the highest dependent deduction in order to not pay state or federal income tax. They most certainly pay SS which is also how many are caught because the numbers rarely match up to what is on file. My problem with all this is that it’s been stated on numerous news outlets that these men are repeat offenders with numerous felony convictions. Why would anyone want these people released into our community? It’s one thing to let those in seeking to better their lives, it’s another to welcome convicted and repeating criminals. That’s just proving the far right are true in their accusations.

        1. I wholeheartedly agree that violent criminals have no place in any free society. I take exception to the idea that has been propagated that all undocumented immigrants are criminals and somehow stealing from American citizens. Numerous studies have shown that they give more to our communities than they get.

  12. Illegal? Criminal? Goodbye, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya! Hummel and Brown are a disgrace. Thank you feds for doing your job, I appreciate it very much.

    1. “Illegal? Criminal? Goodbye, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!”…hold that thought and come back talk on Nov. 4th.

  13. My question is, why does the district attorney have any comment on this at all? His job is to determine if a crime has been committed and prosecute when needed. If the DA, the Governor, the Mayor, and city council persons wish to be activists they should resign and go be activists. The people didn’t elect them to be activists. Please remember this come election time!!!!

    1. My question exactly. If he had tweeted his message as a private citizen, so be it as it’s his opinion but he tweeted it under the description of Deschutes County District Attorney and as a public servant which in my opinion was wrong!

  14. So these two illegal people were charged with domestic violence and you idiots are wanting to protect them! What is wrong with you people??!! Recall Hummel and Brown

  15. “In Oregon, we welcome and include everyone who calls this state home” the governor added. Queen Brown considers Illegals to be Oregonians, revolting

  16. Hummel was present and condoning the actions of the belligerent few. Time for a new DA in Bend. Please sign the recall petition when it becomes available. Bend should be a safe place for honest, hard working citizens and their children, not a safe haven for those who commit violence. We have always been silent, preferring not to provoke. But enough is enough. Stand up for your rights!

    1. “Stand up for your rights!” Funny, standing up for rights is what you call “the belligerent few” were doing, but you oppose it and demand a recall of officials because you hold a different view. You say you’ve been silent, not wanting to provoke. Provoke what? Healthy debate? Community activism? Maybe a passionate discussion is too provocative for you. The sanctuary state status was voted on and approved in 2018 by the majority of Oregon voters, so you are part of a silent minority at best, and your hypocrisy about rights is astounding.

  17. brown, hummel, russell, and the new worthless portland transplant chief are acting in a criminal manner as they do not follow the rule of law. would like to see them be investigated, indicted, and charged with appropriate federal crimes. worthless leadership all the way around.

  18. Brown and Hummel owe the victims (assault, harassment, coercion, and criminal trespassing, burglary 1, parole/probation violation felony) a huge apology. I bet if Kate or Hummel’s family members were assaulted by one of these guys, it’d be a different story.

      1. Break the law and get away with it for 14 years? You had a good run. Time to pay up. Should we give each of our violent offenders in Bend a 14 year chance? See how dumb that sounds?

  19. Here is DA Hummel’s office number. 541-388-6520 Ask if he would be taking the same stance if his wife or child was one of the victims that was assaulted. Ask if he thinks it’s a slap in the face to the victims with his current stance.

  20. Hummel has done nothing but pass off cases he can’t handle…be surprised when his own office gets sued by a former DDA…fawn and kowtow and generally go “belly up” to please anyone who says “boo”.

    His presence last night, and tweet, and on camera comments were disgusting. He has ZERO presence in the federal scheme of things. To imply otherwise as he did belies the man’s chronic narcissism.

    Recall petition? Yes. Long overdue.

    Kate Brown? Hand puppet for GOV Newsome in California? She needs yo go, as well.

    “Peacecreeper Richter? There may be a warrant coming down from the Feds for him after yesterday. Starting with Obstruction.

    Welcome to Portland, Bend.

    1. The Republican Party, as an institution, is a danger to the rule of law, the integrity of our democracy and survival of life on planet earth.

      The problem is not just President No Responsibility; it’s Republicans’ Conservative ideology.

      The only hope of defending the country from President No Responsibility and his Republican Congressional collaborators is to vote against Republicans at every opportunity.

      1. We’ve never been a democracy, were never designed as such, aaaaaaand will never be one. Funny that you squall like a leppy calf about it tho. You would do well for yourself to read what Hamilton said about one party rule

  21. Illegal Aliens that commit crimes, need to be arrested and sent back to the country they came from. Antifa has destroyed Portland and Seattle. Round them up and lock them up. Law and Order please!

    1. Now if we could just find a central meeting place where all the antifa could be found and arrested. Oops! They’re not organized enough. But we can arrest their leader. Oops! They don’t have a leader. Well, we can cut off their funding. Oops! They don’t have any. Round them up? Lock them up? Hard to catch a boogeyman that was fabricated to successfully stoke fear and hostility in Trump’s base.

        1. I know there are individuals who have popped up to fit the Antifa mould, but many more showed up after they were named such. There have also been Antifa imitators, protest infiltrators who have ties to right wing organizations who have been arrested doing the violent things antifa has been blamed for. Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of bad actors on the left side and still many more that are not politically motivated at all but just out and out looters and rioters, criminals in every sense. But Antifa as a national security threat to America – they just aren’t organized enough currently and probably never will be.

    1. Let’s see, would that agenda include supporting first amendment rights and standing for the almost 65% of Oregon voters who support sanctuary state status?

  22. If you disagreed with Hummel’s comments condemning the feds from removing violent criminals from your community feel free to give him a call and let him know. His office number is 5413886520. Option 6 will get you to a receptionist. If you get placed on hold it’s a small wait. Time for the silent to start speaking up.

  23. Gov Turd Brown and Hummel are full of Bolshevist! The Federal Police were doing their jobs. Unlike The turd and her cohort Hummel. Hummel was said to have been at the protest supporting the protesters. That is not in his job description. In fact, that goes against The code of conduct for someone in his position. He should be fired!!

  24. let’s be honest, if these 2 CRIMINALS WITH RECORDS had neck tats and were from burns, prineville, etc. …. there would be no protests, but rather cheers and jabbing at ‘rednecks’ or the ‘seedy element of CO’.

    simply disgusting that central oregonians would obstruct the law. especially disturbing that hummel said what he said and stood AGAINST THE LAW, which is a violation of his post. he should resign immediately.

    shame on the “protesters” for making gross assumptions and acting like children.

    whatever happened to learning the facts THEN reacting?!?!

  25. I feel sorry for ya’ poor saps in Bend. I saw the day that Bend would go Democrat and moved on to the coast, that’s pretty strong Conservative. Ya’ll let the Liberals/Democrats take over and now ya’ not happy. November is coming up quick . . . you might have a chance to take the city back, but I doubt you’ll have the numbers to do so. Get used to living in “Little Portland”, it’s only going to get worse!

  26. “a crowd of concerned community members and clergy who for hours held the line against injustice, Brown wrote in a series of tweets Thursday.” Now follow along with me Kate. We won’t even talk about what those two have done since they’ve been here. Our country was founded as a country of laws. One of which is the immigration LAWS, that are supposed to restrict who and how LEGAL immigrants come to our country. These two snuck in, thus breaking that law. That would make them ILLEGAL immigrants, not undocumented workers, or any other euphemism you might want to use to make them sound innocent. I know I’m hurting their feelings by calling them what they are. How unPC of me. Now the definition of justice is “the administration of the law or authority in maintaining this.” So sneaking into this country would be breaking a law, not a rule or any other term you might want to use to make them seem like their innocent. Are you still with me Kate. So they broke the law and the Feds are trying to administer the immigration laws. Kate, here is where you went astray. The feds are trying to administer laws, back to the definition, administer justice. So how can those actions be called an “injustice”. I hope this helps clear up your fuzzy thinking. Yeah right I’m not going to hold my breath.

  27. If justice and the punishment were equitable, I’d agree 100%. In general, and I’m not talking about proven criminals, but only those who are here illegally and have no criminal record, their crime of illegal entry is a misdemeanor, no more serious than jaywalking. Do you really believe it is “just” to stalk someone, who has constitutional rights, going to and from work, grab them off the street, separate him or her from family, coerce them into signing a confession and then deport them without due process – for something no more serious legally than jaywalking? IMO, the more beneficial use of all the taxpayer money spent for that process of deportation would be to provide a path to citizenship so our community can get the long-term benefit from someone who is honest, working, and paying taxes. No fuzzy thinking – just common sense. This should be a no-brainer plan for those who have been here illegally but have been productive community members for years, sometimes decades, without ever showing up on police radar. These people should be welcomed and helped to become “legal.”

    As far as what Kate Brown is doing, she is upholding the sanctuary state status Oregonians approved in 2018 as well as supporting 1A rights. So, start a petition to get the sanctuary status changed, since it is obvious you are not a proponent. As far as defending the 1A, it seems currently each side defends the 1A when it pertains to them but don’t think opposing views should have the same right. We have mutated into a nation of intolerance for one another as well as for the issues that raise passions, and, IMHO, it is a malignant mutation that will kill its host if left unchecked.

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