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Max Goldwasser

Max Goldwasser is a reporter and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Max here.



    1. Both of the TV channels showed up AFTER the rally!! There were 100 people at least. There are no pictures because this was a Conservative, pro-police, pro-flag, pro-Trump rally, which is taboo to film in Bend, apparently. I was there, on that corner for 1 hour, so I know.

      1. As I explained elsewhere, we were not made aware of this event in advance, as has happened several times recently. A staffer literally happened upon it and notified others, we got there as fast as we could.

  1. It sure would be nice if Bend P D started writing tickets for cars being parked the wrong direction on the streets parked in front of mail boxes Fire hyd’s on or across sidewalks And all the speeders & Red light runners & slow the dim whits down on Parkway Get out there & earn money for the City of Bend There is lots to get with all the morons out there

  2. Waving a Trump flag has zero to do with supporting the police. I have a dream that groups like the military, police, firefighters, postal service can return to being politically agnostic.

    1. The response from the public was dramatically pro, not con. Happy people waving and clapping for the rally from their windows, unhappy Liberals using the F word and one-finger sign. Easy to see the difference.

  3. It’s nice to see proud happy Americas exercising their 1st Amendment Rights rather than the usual bitter & joyless pregressives ranting and throwing tantrums

  4. Nice masks….oops I mean no masks… Figures. Bend PD was in the St Charles ED with someone in custody last week and NOT one police officer had a mask on! We kept watching…for hours and they were up in the staffs faces without masks walking around like idiots. The hospital policy is that everyone wears a mask for others safety. Bend PD is a joke

        1. The mandate from Kate Brown states that you must wear a mask outside in public areas IF 6ft spacing cannot be maintained. So, if you stay 6ft apart you are good!

          I have know idea why I am trying to have a dialog with you based on what I have seen from you in the past on this forum.

    1. Unless it’s changed recently, the ED was sectioned off and in certain areas you weren’t required to keep the masks on. Also, once a person was taken to a treatment room in the
      ED, the patient could remove the mask.
      It’s the same way if you are admitted. Once you are in a room, you don’t have to keep the
      mask on, it’s up to the person…

      – Tell me how much sense that really makes. As far as BPD being a joke, St Chucks is
      at the very top of the list.

      1. Sorry that’s not correct. The officers were walking out side of the exam room in the halls and next to the work stations for doctors and nurses. Hospital policy it that everyone wear a mask the entire time for the exeption of patients when they are in their room. And yes St. Chucks is a joke…but the safety of the staff isn’t. Bend PD can follow the rules like everyone else to prevent the spread of Covid to others.

    2. Why don’t you complain about all the hundreds of young millenials in the Old Mill District not wearing their masks, or the many on wall street? Have you seen the many millenials out there by the bridge along the Deschutes rapids congregating together, or on the Colorado Bridge, and most of them on wearing a mask. We are talking many here. Where is the Bend PD on this? I see these morons doing this every single day of the week. Seems to me you are being selective of who you criticize for not wearing a mask. Is there a reason for this, I wonder?

  5. The count was 95 there when I left 15 min. early due to the heat. Trump flags were mixed in with pro law and order & 1st responder signs because of the obvious— President Trump IS a law and order president–one who upholds our nation’s laws and directly exposes the chaos, criminal acts and discord sown by the BLM/Indivisible/Antifa crowd who are anything but peaceful. Btw, the local “Peacekeepers” is a misnomer. They are instigators & peacefakers as demonstrated by their young, foul-mouthed, screeching women leaders with their megaphones and live streaming….while their “men” idly stand by and shoot video of anyone opposing them and their visible tattoos, nearby cars and license plates. PEACEFAKERS all.

    1. Barney, Could this be one of those Russian farm bot things? There aren’t really people out there that believe this stuff right? Do we really have people in this country that believe That in order to make America great again they need a president that destroys our Constitution our environment our world standing and our election process to do so?

    2. Foul language is all the antifa and BLM crowed knows. They are unable to utter a single sentence, let alone word without obscenities spewing out. Amazing many of these men, and women are parents, and with these same mouths, which emanates vile fecal matter, they tell their children and families they love them, which I considered sacrilege to their loved ones.

    1. It’s quality, no quantity… I have more respect for the 100 or so that showed
      support for L.E than I do for the large group of clueless idiots, including a local
      politician, that thought it was a good idea to show their support for a couple scumbag illegals with arrest warrants, by making a big scene and blocking two buses, and demanding their release…
      When that many people show up to show support for criminals that have no respect for
      the laws in our country, and reportedly have a history of beating women, it shows just
      how screwed up many peoples priorities are.

      1. Many of the council people and politicians which serve Bend these days are socialist liberals. Just look at IndivisibleBend.Org. Many of them are not even from Oregon, but from California and other liberal, states and now they are bringing their Marxist agenda with them to destroy Bend.

  6. To all the negative posters here calling these people “deplorables”. Just because people don’t show up for a rally it does not mean they don’t support law enforcement, law and order in general. It simply means that unlike the unemployed antifa thugs who burn down our cities and businesses, they have jobs, families, homes to take care of and it may be more productive than standing on the side of the road with signs. But of course these people have jobs and pay taxes unlike the unemployed, homeless teenagers with a whole wealth of life experience, LOL.

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