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Smoke, poor air quality cause dozens of RDM flight cancellations, delays

Nearly 50 RDM Airport flights canceled, status a day-to-day situation

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ)-- Many travelers flying into or out of the Redmond Municipal Airport have experienced flight cancellations or delays in recent days, due to the poor air quality conditions across the region.

Tuesday's air quality readings were still at a level considered unsafe by some airlines for employees to work outside for long periods.

Over the past four days, airlines serving RDM have canceled roughly 50 flights.  Some airlines like Delta and United were checking guests for flights as normal Tuesdsay, while others like Alaska Airlines began delaying and canceling flights as early as Saturday.

Redmond resident Jeff Morrison told NewsChannel 21 he was concerned the smoke would affect their travel.

"I'm thinking this is the worst I've seen in here," Morrison said. "A couple years ago, we had some fires that were actually out towards Sisters, but it wasn't this bad."

Morrison said they arrived at the airport earlier, just in case, to prepare for any changes.

Alaska Airlines staff said they 're checking day by day on the air quality to see if conditions are safe for their staff to return to work.

Airport Manager Zachary Bass said, "It is the airlines' choice -- they are their employees. We do support making sure that everyone that works for the airport, either for ourselves or the airlines or concessions, that we are looking after the health of our people first."

Alaska Airlines resumed flights Tuesday at Portland and Seattle with new wildfire protocols.

Alaska flights out of RDM were canceled for the duration of Tuesday night, as the airport was operating a reduced schedule, canceling at least 20 afternoon and evening flights through PDX.

Officials said the new safety protocol directs employees to work a reduced number of hours outside when there’s poor air quality.

Airport officials urged travelers to contact their airline directly, or follow their flight status page for the latest information.

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Arielle Brumfield

Arielle Brumfield is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Arielle here.



    1. Most of us don’t actually consider standing outside Target holding a sign mooching for spare change and kibbles and bits for your mutt to be actual “work” !

      But I do respect your willingness to “clock in” !

  1. “I’m thinking this is the worst I’ve seen in here,” Morrison said. “A couple years ago, we had some fires that were actually out towards Sisters, but it wasn’t this bad.”

    Gee Jeff- after a couple of years of this- did you really expect it to get better ? I know most Oregonians did- they never thought that this would become the new normal- the Governor “Hate Brown” would finally get her act together and “lead” the state through an effective fire prevention and forest development/conservation program… but as we can see- a “couple of years” later- same old song and dance- we call it the hacky-wheezy !

    This has been the MO of the Governor for five years now- get’s nothing done- points fingers- blames others- while the rest of the West gets back to normal- Brown still has schools closed- watches riots break out in Portland nightly- and continues to bad mouth a President who just gave her millions in emergency aid ! She’s a disgrace- and Oregonians should be ashamed of her- her mouth- her position as state Governor !

    1. You know what ktvz, I’m going stop coming to your website bcz of this poster. The vile and hate from Barney wish is just too much. Especially in times like these. Good luck y’all.

  2. Like I said before Barney should either deny or let the post go forward. Most other sites don’t go crazy and support the liberal view like KTVZ. Barney we don’t need your biased liberal view.

    1. We are following the FBI and other officials’ plea/edict: Stop spreading rumors that can be dangerous, even deadly. That’s not liberal. It’s logical. We must relay on officials for what is and isn’t going on, to do otherwise and to believe all the … stuff on social media would be madness. (Good example – some media outlets last week said an arson suspect was accused of starting the Almeda Fire, instead of another fire the same day, as we and officials said. Today, once again, it’s reported he’s NOT being charged with the much larger Almeda Drive fire.
      Provable, proven facts matter. Even more now than ever.

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