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Redmond School District promotes $27.5 million bond measure at online town hall

BEND, Ore (KTVZ) -- The Redmond School District held a virtual town hall Tuesday night to discuss a $27.5 million bond measure on the upcoming Nov. 3 ballot.

Superintendent Charan Cline led the meeting to inform parents about the bond, Measure 9-140.

Cline said it's an investment for the growth and future of the district.

He said the district plans to improve indoor air quality and fire safety systems, and upgrade security cameras.

Some parents however, are questioning the bond measure's timing, due to COVID-19, but Cline was quick to address those concerns.

"I want our kids back in school as well, but COVID won't last forever. It'll be a season in our lives, and we will bring our kids back to school," Cline said. "If you're a farmer out there, when your horses are out to pasture, does that mean you don't repair the barn? No."

The district also hopes to expand student capacity, and prepare for future growth.

Should the measure pass, plans would be in place to build six additional classrooms at both Vern Patrick and Tom McCall elementary schools.

The proposed bond is estimated to not increase the current tax rate, as the school district has refinanced its existing bonds at a lower interest rate. It would also allow the district to receive $7.6 million in matching funds for the projects.

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Alec Nolan

Alec Nolan is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Alec here.



  1. Can we believe them telling us it won’t raise your taxes. If it raises my taxes 1 cent will vote no as they paid all the teachers for most of last year for their extended vacation. Using past maintenance excuses doesn’t cut it when they should be maintained all the time.

    1. If it doesn’t raise taxes then where is the money going to come from? The money ALWAYS comes from taxpayers, so of course it will raise taxes. Vote NO. Schools are not being utilized right now. All teaching is on line is it not. A majority of school employees have been laid off or will/should be laid off. If our kids aren’t in school then they don’t need the money. They should stop asking for more more more after shutting down!

        1. This means that if the value of your property increases, so will your taxes.

          what these moneysuckers fail to mention is we pay our taxes with money we don’t pay our taxes in “rates”!

      1. You’re really, really struggling with this reading thing 🙁

        They refinanced their bonds, it created a drastically lesser payment plan, thus, they are creating a bond to cover that gap and improve the schools. Why is this so hard to understand?

        1. So we are taking on more debt over time? Hmmm, isn’t that how many people that refinanced their homes during the “Great recession” lost them? Thanks! I get it now!

    2. Were you working in the schools last year? A statement such as an “extended vacation” says you had no clue what it was like for the schools. Since things are still not back to normal, a lot of staff are currently unemployed but you go right ahead and make your ignorant statement. You will never know the planning that takes place in addition to teaching and monitoring student progress. You will never know how the staff had to suddenly create new techniques for continued learning. You will never know the weekends given up, the late hours to attend meetings, the grief of getting blamed when things don’t happen certain ways. The majority of school staff didn’t get more than a few weeks of summer and, since this is 2020, even then they couldn’t have a sense of getting a break. But there’s no one who can be more of an expert in things than you, because you don’t want a tax increase. There’s no reason to have an increase, it says the school figured out a way to not raise taxes, yet you know it all, right?

      1. Again, knowing all that misses the point. The governor is calling the shots for purely political arm twisting with NO ONE pushing back but us peon voters. Parents can do much better with 15k to educate their own children than Kate who only follows orders from Mike Bloomberg. As for the teachers they can scramble to make ends meet just like the rest of us not protected by the state.

        1. Great idea! Oh wait, parents are insisting they have teachers and are rallying to have their requests heard. Seems that people’s needs vary and schools are necessary for a lot of families, meaning those who run schools and teach are needed.

    3. you will pay more in real dollars year over year in Taxes. Using the “tax rate” as a political talking point is the SWAMP in all its glory! BEWARE!! Vote NO on Measure 9-140!

  2. Where is all the money going from the less than full time work week for the teachers and staff? In the real world if we don’t work our full 40 hour week we do not get paid for those 40 hours, only the ones we work. Is that, or should that be the way it works here????

    1. Most teachers are putting in over 40 hours right now actually, I know that doesn’t fit your anti education narrative, but you should do a little research and you won’t sound quite so dumb.

      1. The only anti education narrative is from Late Kate locking down schools thus kids not getting edumacared. Why do I give a rat’s rear what the teacher is doing when there is no end result? Only in government does the shangrila of getting paid with zero result happen. No more government school monopoly. Pound sand, fire government education and give vouchers.

        1. You cult members are funny. Just because you failed in your education doesn’t mean there are no results. You are more worried about your hate towards your governor then you are anything else and you can’t see anything through your hatred.

          1. I hate what the governor is DOING though you want to deflect by claiming it’s personal hatred. You seem to be projecting your own cult-like slavish devotion for failed stewardship of government.
            Public education is politically corrupted and a relic. 15k in vouchers for parents to make their own choices just like we make other choices in a free society such as choosing doctors, lawyers, colleges, trade schools, politicians,you name it.
            You are behind the 8 ball my friend.

            1. wow you must have read that right out of the cult handbook. Unfortunately in the real world most people want their kids to get a education. The only thing that is politically corrupt is the current administrations department of education.

    2. I feel the same way. Teachers should be working by the hour. They would actually earn more that way. Teachers, during normal times, work long hours. They even work when they get home grading papers and preparing for the next day. But we are not in normal times right now are we. Our governor has closed down our state and caused much hardship. These people have a lot of nerve asking for more money

  3. Ms Cline, you’d get more mileage with your farmer analogy on No Can Do Late Kate Brown who is the source of the interminable shutdown. Taxpayers (and you) realize the lockdown is a manipulative political power play meant to make voters bend the knee to Salem mandates. Taxpayers are in no mood to pay for “barn” improvements because you lack the courage to push back on our dingbat governor. You are correct that timing is bad for this foolish idea. Pound sand.

  4. Comparing students to horses out to pasture? Bad analogy as you would let the horses into the barn when they need to. You won’t allow the students back into the schools. There is still a large amount of waste happening on almost every level. The district office still has a gluttony of people who do not see kids on a daily basis, positions are being hired that aren’t even needed right now, and a new curriculum was purchased without any input from teachers or the community that is atrocious. Why are they hiring librarians when no students are in school to even use the library? Why buy new curriculum when it subjects could have used their standard curriculum in an online format?

    1. Come on Redmond! Bigger government makes more sense! Makes more non-sense! It’s easy for them to spend money because it’s not their money!

  5. Might have to also look at a posable future where everything stays shut down indefinitely, or every time someone gets the sniffles they shut it down, what about the next Coronavirus, no need for schools as we know them, right. what is the future of our children’s schooling?
    Better vote this down in the short term, until we see what the future brings us.

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