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Virus outbreak affects dozens of Klamath strawberry harvest workers

COVID-19 (Untitled)

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. (AP) — Nearly 60 incoming seasonal contract strawberry harvest workers for Planasa Oregon Operations LLC on Short Road in Klamath Falls tested positive for COVID-19 before they started work about two weeks ago.

The outbreak is linked to workers who were tested before going to work at the Short Road facility in Klamath Falls, The Herald and News reported.

Klamath County Public Health reported that 54 of the 452 people the company tested as a precaution before they started harvest work were confirmed COVID-19-positive. Oregon Health Authority said last week there were five additional cases reported, for a total of 59 cases, that could include other household members aside from harvest workers.

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Coronavirus / Klamath County / Oregon-Northwest

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  1. Now let’s have some real reporting……how many are actually sick? How many are hospitalized? Any in the ICU on ventilators? Was this a random testing? Are they all asymptomatic? The deadliest disease that you have to be tested to know if your positive.

  2. Barney…..can’t wait to see your stories on influenza this year, it’s gonna be SICK. And I can’t wait to see what image you will use for your influenza virus for daily updates and death numbers. Should be awesome.

  3. Trump will heal them all with his kisses. You’ll see, you’ll see, many people are saying, great people, half of them men, tough guys, they are all saying to him, “Sir, kiss me, Mr. President and make me whole, immune and great … again!”
    Fly that Rainbow MAGA flag with Pride !

  4. From the link- which is a very good read !…………………………………..

    “according to Michael Delaney, U.S. Business Director for Planasa……………………. “Once they were identified as positive they were not allowed to come to work,” Delaney said. “We put them in quarantine and we paid for that quarantine here in Klamath Falls.”
    ————————————————————————————————– So in the meantime his company get’s it’s named dragged through the media mud ! Props to Planasa and their management staff for both their transparency and their willingness to test these workers “before” entering their facilities……. So why can’t other agricultural organizations do the same thing ? Why are major multi-nationals like Amazon realizing large scale outbreaks- yet go about their daily business of shipping packages- with who knows what else on those labels and stickers. Amazon in particular is a concern…. they have yet to inform the public of their efforts to combat covid19 at their places of work- and they’ve said nothing about the risk their packages pose to the general public… Has any third party provider been allowed to do a Phylagen Contact Test at their premises ? Seeing how New Zealand was eventually infected- through an international frozen meat shipment- there needs to be some serious over-haul from OSHA to address this public hazard.

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