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Bend restaurant lays off 30 workers as freeze hits, hopes to keep a few staff on

Takeout just isn't enough for McKay Cottage

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- At McKay Cottage Restaurant in Bend, owner Pamela Morgan says with the governor's two-week statewide freeze that began Wednesday, she has had to lay off 30 employees, for the time being.

"It just breaks our heart to have this happen again," she said.

Standing in what used to be a room full of busy tables, Pamela voiced her frustration with the governor's decision to close all restaurants' indoor dining service.

"It seems like the spike that we're having is coming from not social distancing, and we have been done everything as far as keeping people social distanced," Morgan said.

As for business Wednesday, Morgan said that moving to takeout-only orders was off to a slow start. Usually, by 11:30 a.m., she said, all tables inside and outside would be occupied, "and we might even have a short wait."

But one day into the freeze, she's already feeling the pinch.

"It doesn't even compare," Morgan said. "What we have done today would be what we do in the first hour of sit-down dine-in from 7 to 8 (a.m.)."

Morgan said she doesn't expect to do even 20 percent of normal business. Her goal right now is just to keep at least a few of her employees on board.

"Even if takeout is even semi-successful, the most we will be able to keep employed is four or five people, and obviously not make any money," Morgan said. "It would be about keeping those people employed, and hopefully just staying in people's hearts."

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    1. Considering the number of covid infection attributed to restaurants is negligible what other reason would Governor turd Brown have to shut down restaurants. She’s a tyrant and you know it. But then you support your dictator in Salem

      1. I think that your summation is a bit much. It’s a shame to have so many people’s livelihoods’ impacted. No one wants this crappy pandemic but what good would ignoring it do besides kicking the can down the road a bit?

    1. In a series of tweets on February 7, Trump again praised the Chinese President’s handling of the crisis.
      “Just had a long and very good conversation by phone with President Xi of China. He is strong, sharp and powerfully focused on leading the counterattack on the Coronavirus. He feels they are doing very well, even building hospitals in a matter of only days. Nothing is easy, but he will be successful, especially as the weather starts to warm & the virus hopefully becomes weaker, and then gone. Great discipline is taking place in China, as President Xi strongly leads what will be a very successful operation. We are working closely with China to help!”
      That same day in a press conference, Trump said he spoke to Xi, who said the country was handling it “really well.”
      “I just spoke to President Xi last night, and, you know, we’re working on the — the problem, the virus. It’s a — it’s a very tough situation. But I think he’s going to handle it. I think he’s handled it really well. We’re helping wherever we can.” LMAO!!!! Its your dear leader Herr Gropenfuhrer that loves china!!!

  1. Shutting everything down, spreading fear, people losing their jobs. Are the news and media trying to hide and distract people from a major story going on? Like election fraud? This movie is getting good! Meanwhile, California Gov.Gavin Newsom goes out to a restaurant and gathers in a big group, NO MASKS, then he lies on the news and says they were outside and it was an early party too. Excuses! However, now there are pictures of him and his buddies eating indoors, not outdoor like he said. Pelosi gets the hair done and get a salon opened just for her while they shut all salons down and she was not wearing a mask. What the hell is wrong with you people? Hypocrisy!

    ~ When A Well Packaged Web of Lies Has Been Sold Gradually To The Masses Over Generations, The Truth Will Seem Utterly Preposterous And Its Speaker A Raving Lunatic.” -Dresden James

    1. You still think that if you repeat the same phrase over and over again, it will become true. Not this time honey. Where’s the evidence of election fraud? You really need to produce the evidence or it’s just all sore loser bs.
      And why do you think we would care let alone get upset about what California’s Governor does in his personal life? You need to take your outrage back to California, we are Oregon.

  2. So the owner commented about social distancing with customers yet also stated that all the tables being full during normal business? Not with this establishment but I’ve turned around and left more than one place because of to many people in a small space. Downtown is a excellent example and sympathy goes to those have been responsible but the ones who stick their nose up and do whatever they want are the reason we are shut down again.

    1. re: the stoner.. great piss poor attitude.. I’m guessing as normal she meant before covid.. also.. The reason you where turned down was due to spacing and social distancing.. not having all tables open. also if your that scared then don’t go simple as that.. Don’t belittle this business owner who is trying to stay afloat and keep jobs.. instead support her all you can.. this is one of the Best local restaurants in Bend.. Guaranteed!!

      1. re: thestoner.. No I didn’t read your post I just threw out a comment.. yes I read your post.. the owner of this establishment was not doing whatever she wanted.. they where following state mandates I’m sure a state agency would have let them know if they where indeed not.. also.. again your word is not fact.. its just he/said she said. I can say I’m someone who I’m not and you dont have any proof as to who I am. unless you have evidence and proof of what you said about the restaurant it is not fact.

  3. No sympathy whatsoever for these whiners in Deschutes County ! Here are some facts- less than 99.99% of children who get the China virus die ! So why are schools closed – especially when Counties like Crook have proven there is no risk ! Second- these underlying conditions that Z21 refuses to elaborate on… they are cardiovascular disease and cancers ! Combined these two kill well over a million Americans every year ! More than 18 million world-wide ! So put them facts- them numbers- in your Joe Biden crack pipe and take a deep toke ! Yer being conned and Brown is laughing at your misery !

  4. Just stop spreading the fake news. There’s no way you can say there is “no” risk sending kids back to school. Well, I guess someone like you can say it but not prove it other then sending links to any website that will say what you want it to say. Yes, the diseases you state might kill more people each year but we all can’t do something as easy as wear a mask and social distance to help lessen the risk.

    1. The only ones spreading fake news around here is yerself ! I continues to quote the OHA- the CDC- and the AMA. So lemme call you out right now- how many cases of China Virus have been contact traced back to Crook County schools ? None… And they’ve been open for months ! So what else you got loud mouth ?

        1. Not a single case of any death in Oregon has been “contact traced” back to a school ! Better question- how many Oregonians died “with” the China Virus after schools closed ??? I’d say- like 95% since March… Clearly a connection there !

  5. anonymousktvz-I live in the USA so I care about all states. These Democrat politicians like Kate Brown are destroying the economy and they had this well planned out including the 2020 China virus. Do they care to shut down? No! Why? because people like Gov Gavin send their kids to a private school because he believes children should be in school learning but it’s okay for him to shut down all other schools. They go out to eat and celebrate in big gathering, but you are not allowed. They have money they could care less if you lose your job. It’s out of loooove, they say to stay home, shut everything down and stay away from people. We need to heal! Baloney, hypocrites! Have you notices Biden, Harris, Gavin always smile when they are lying? In Trump, you don’t see a crack of a smile because he is out to get corrupt and it’s not something to smile about. The news has you programmed to believe what they believe, they are bought and paid for. Sad life!

  6. Hopefully by laying the other employees off they will be eligible for temporary unemployment benefits and can be rehired again in 2 weeks, that is assuming 1.they will get their claims processed in due time, and 2. this only lasts for 2 weeks. I agree that it does seem unfair to target restaurants while it is in-home gatherings that have been reported to fuel this uptick in viral spread. Time for us to support our local establishments as much as we are able!

  7. A restaurant or any business that puts its profits before my health doors not deserve my patronage.
    Thank the idiot sitting in the white house for ignoring the pandemic and playing it down on purpose. He’s the only one to blame fir any business that’s shutting down due to COVID-19

    1. More people have died in Central Oregon in auto accidents since the attack from China- yet you still drive- put my life at risk- when are you gonna stop ???

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