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St. Charles provides 175 vaccine doses for High Lakes Health Care staff

High Lakes Health Care COVID vaccination
HIgh Lakes Health Care
Becca Mataya, High Lakes Health Care's primary care director, receives COVID-19 vaccine administered by Kylee Wood, clinical supervisor

Hospital spokeswoman says they had more doses than needed

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- St. Charles Health System has provided 175 doses of COVID-19 vaccine to High Lakes Health Care, and the Bend clinic has already vaccinated more than 100 staff members, officials said Friday.

A total of 103 High Lakes staff received the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday, one day after St. Charles called the clinic to offer the doses.

“When St. Charles made this generous offer, as long we could get the doses that night, we gladly accepted and raced to make it happen,” said Becca Mataya, High Lakes' primary care director.

St. Charles spokeswoman told NewsChannel 21, "We had more doses than we needed, so we have started distributing some to other vaccine-registered providers in the area."

Goodman said she did not have a breakdown of those distributions as of yet. She also said it's too early to tell how many caregivers at St. Charles have declined to receive the vaccine, as they have until Feb. 1 to submit a declination form.

Mataya, Dr. Jessica Morgan, High Lakes' medical director, and Jeff Caba, High Lakes' urgent care director, led the efforts at the facility.

The High Lakes team was able to move quickly to vaccinate their team, thanks to a skeleton plan that was already formed and ready to put into place, officials said.

Administering the Pfizer vaccine is a hefty operation because of cold storage needs, as well as safety protocols. After picking up the doses at St. Charles, the team swiftly set up a clinic at their High Lakes Upper Mill offices.

“We are so fortunate to be able to say that all staff at High Lakes Health Care who wanted a vaccine will be able to get one, thanks to our incredible team effort and this fortunate partnership with St. Charles," Mataya said. "We are celebrating a momentous step in the pandemic being able to vaccinate our health care workers.”

The clinic said it will complete the remaining 72 vaccinations by Monday, allowing them to meet the current needs of all staff.

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  1. I don’t get it. How are these doses St. Charles to pick and choose who gets them? That was my objection from the start; I thought the County Health Dept. should be responsible for the distribution of vaccine, not St. Charles. They have priorities which are different from the rest of Central Oregon. Their priority is obviously their own staff, and now High Lakes is expressing ‘gratitude’ to St. Charles? It makes no sense. These are the ‘peoples’ vaccines.

        1. They are in 1A, as the weekly news conferences and our reports have said repeatedly. But the first group has been health care workers, for reasons also explained (they are key to keeping others well and interact with many exposed to or who have contracted the virus.)

          1. Be honest Barney, they are choosing groups based on race and diversity. The old people should be only choice but the government actually said they are not diverse enough. It’s called eugenics .

              1. You don’t want to go there because you hate seeing the truth. Old and sick are the ones dying. Simple, what’s not to see? As the Bible says “ you have scales on your eyes “

                1. TT’s… You are missing the big picture ! When you state- “they are choosing”- You are failing to acknowledge that it is not “they”… it is Kate ! As in Kovid Kate Brown and her own self indulgent Death Squad of one ! I’ve posted this before- without resistance- that Kate Brown is deciding who will live and who will risk death. Isn’t that a bit much for our pants-suit wearing narrow shouldered hater of all things conservative and white ??? “Hate Brown” must resign her position or face the wrath of the public. Forget Barney- he’s one of them- chooses to see what he wants- has no concept of “other’s- extremely myopic and a child of the Viet Nam era- in short “scarred” for life ! I (instead) provide a window into the concerns and observations from both sides- and am not afraid to point out either sides weaknesses- for that I am attacked as being inconsistent- hardly ! You want the truth- stick close to BGHW- I’ll lead you out of Z21’s dungeon of hatred and confusion !

      1. Top Priority ??? So how do you explain this comment from above- “that all staff… (who wanted a vaccine) will be able to get one” ??? What exactly does that mean -“all staff that want one” ! Don’t they realize that they should have no choice in the matter ! They have been deemed “Top Priority and Essential” by the Governor- and yer saying that there are those that simply don’t want it ? The argument is simple- if Kovid Kate can legally shut down our schools- drive business into bankruptcy- attack Church-goers- force her gestapo into our homes- enact mandatory dress codes… all through her executive orders- then she can EO these folks into compliance with the threat of OSHA fines ! I told you a long time ago- Kalamity Kate has ventured down a slippery slope with her Executive Orders- now she needs to put up or shut up. So which is Katie ? Either this China Virus is deadly or it isn’t. President Trump has provided you your precious vaccine- now insist that it be used or admit that this has all been a media supported hoax to promote unnecessary fear and anger on the State’s citizens. This is shameful !

  2. I see some major drawbacks to pin-pointing certain narrow groups especially early on.

    According to Bloomberg’s Vaccine tracker, Oregon has administered only 25% of it’s doses.

    At the current pace it would take 5 years to vaccinate the entire Oregon population.

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