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Black Lives Matter sign vandalized; Bend neighbors laud homeowner’s response

Urges those upset by what happened to give to an organization

Bend, Ore. (KTVZ) --Summer Sears, along with her son Kellen, were driving through their northeast Bend neighborhood when they noticed that a Black Lives Matter sign had been vandalized and covered in paint.

"We were disappointed about it, and sad, and we talked about it as a family," Summer Sears said Sunday.

Summer and her son also spoke to their neighbor who put the sign up.

"So apparently they put this sign up this summer, shortly after George Floyd's death, and there has been a lot of vandalism to the sign since then," she said.

Summer continued, "People have torn the sign down and thrown it across the street, they've painted it, they've destroyed -- and he just keeps remaking it, and now putting an extra, something positive, a positive spin on it."

The positive spin she is referring to, is the latest way their neighbor has put the sign back up, with this note, telling those passing by if they are angry about the vandalized sign to donate to their favorite BLM organization in its honor.

It's a move lauded by both mother and son.

Kellen Sears said, "Somebody does something rude, that's unacceptable. So again, we come back with tactics that aren't the same foul play."

One passer-by, Abinet Clift, said he wasn't offended by what happened to the sign.

"I don't find it disrespectful," he said, "because many people do not actually care about their neighbors. Until we care about each other and who our neighbors (are), and we don't see who they are, we will not solve any problems in this world."

He also said doesn't think the Black Lives Matter movement is making the difference its supporters claim.

"I don't want to call out a race, but it's mostly a 'woke' White people trying to have a White savior complex, and it's not helping the Black people."

Nevertheless, some neighbors remain upset about what happened.

Kellen Sears explained his anger: "I'm very, very frustrated to understand something so rude can happen in our neighborhood and our community."

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Blake Allen

Blake Allen is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Blake here.



  1. If Abinet Clift doesnt think white people can help black lives, im sure he is very glad we are electing more black senators and representatives even as these protests get more extreme by the month- if white folk wont fix things then its a good thing black folks have begun fixing it themselves

    1. You are correct, white people can’t fix the problems within the black community like black racism, emphasis on welfare for survival, the acceptance of crime, fear of all law enforcement, single motherhood rates, of low expectations of themselves. It is a huge mistake to blame others for what we ourselves are responsible for.

      If you go to medium daily digest, you will see articles written by black authors who hold very racist views against people who are white, because they are white and evil. What do black people call each other who want to make life better for themselves by studying and working hard, being on time etc? Oreo, coons, uncle Toms. If you can’t see how pervasive the issues are within a segment of the black community are, then your viewpoints about “white people” can be disregarded.

      Racism in America is going up on all sides – we are all less safe.

        1. That’s the ole “Do you still beat your wife” loaded question, presupposing an answer to the question itself. If you lack insight into something so obvious, why should anyone give you the benefit of the doubt that anything else you perceive or believe has any credibility and insight? And what are you adding to the conversation by posing such questions? Is your question your go to question as you can’t think of anything else? What is your level of education and do you use it? Do you unambiguously denounce black racism?

    1. More likely done by someone who shares your beliefs! Nice try though! And the Capital Building didn’t storm itself either that was your friends as well.

          1. You pathetic transplants destroy every place you go. People all around the west and mid west say the same thing about you California pukes. You are the cancer of America

    2. I was thinking the same thing. I would think that, if this has happened many times as the article states, the owner would have put up one of the very cheap and very widely available surveillance cameras and released footage.

      1. I’m betting that now this sign has reached such notoriety the challenge to get away with vandalizing it or worse will only increase. It’s one thing to make a stand quite another to expose your private residence .

    1. Agreed, putting on a lens of racism to view and divide the entire world and as a single explanation for everything is what is hateful these days. There is more to the world than just racism and many reasons why any group of people, including age, gender, educational level, etc., will do better or poorer than another group. The minority group of black people who are fomenting “BLM” seem to be personally profiting from the status it gives them. They are learning how to weaponize racism and victimhood for their benefit.

      1. Except for all of those black men and women that are STILL being killed while holding a sandwich, or a cell phone, or just sitting in their car. While it has been more than proven that a white guy can march into the capital building with a gun, smear poop on the walls, beat a police officer to death, break into offices and steal property as and nothing happens at the time at all. They politely look for them after the fact. It is outrageous.

    1. What is power used for? Does it serve any good purpose and how do you discern its negative uses as I don’t see anyone talking about white power here at all? Everyone else seems to agree that racism is a bad thing, regardless of ones skin color. Others point out that the only people who are explicitly making everything racist are white liberals, not whites in general.

    2. Staged, staged, staged. In the first place who called our newly appointed social justice news station to report and help set up this atrocity? Second give me a break someone did something to a homemade plywood sign posted on a fence and ktvz along with the woke are treating this like the desecration of a significant memorial. Third, we get it white people are the scourge of society.

  2. “I don’t want to call out a race, but it’s mostly a ‘woke’ White people trying to have a White savior complex, and it’s not helping the Black people.”
    What you say when you’re so racist you even hate people of your own color because they aren’t racist.

  3. Its interesting to see so many people assume that the person that vandalized this sign doesn’t like black people. Maybe they just don’t like the blm group, or maybe they just wanted to vandalize a sign. Maybe it’s an angry neighbor. Ooo maybe its Hispanics they did use brown paint????

  4. BLM is not helping black awareness, that’s the issue. The article offends me because it implies I think a certain way because of my skin color. That’s the mantra of the BLM movement. I’ve attended there rally’s and that’s what I hear. I grew up believing it’s a person’s character, not skin color that defined them.

    1. Indeed – I deal with white people all day long and there is a wide spectrum of beliefs. On any particular social or political subject, I don’t think there is anything that everyone believes in. I disagree with most of them as a matter of fact, so if someone were to tell me to think a certain way because of my skin color, I would be irritated more than offended. I also would think they are an idiot or are trying to manipulate me into group think. That said, I doubt that BLM speaks for the majority of blacks, but certainly not all blacks. In my mind, there are Americans and then there are the racists, white and black, who divide everyone based on skin color. Skin color is a very low resolution part of one’s character. I prefer to use other personal characteristics like morals and values. Sounds like you are an American.

  5. I walk by this sign twice a week, or so. I have never seen it vandalized in six months; it might have been, but I never saw it. But, I did stop to read it and she had written a warning that I was being watched by a neighbor’s video camera and that she would prosecute me if I vandalized her sign. So much for positivity.

    1. She’s positive someone has been vandalizing her sign and is positive she’ll have video evidence next time. There’s your positivity for you.

  6. Black lives need to take care of black lives themselves first before blaming the white guy for any of their self- perceived inadequacies. This seems to be the only ethnic group that has yet to assimilate into the American experience- blaming slavery on their status instead of recognizing that many other ethnic groups were also subject to the Demokrat plantation. Blaming others has been an excuse for failure- deal with that first- we’ll talk black gang shootings in places like Portland-Seattle-and Chicago later !

    1. BLACK CRIME RATES ARE CAUSED BY SOCIOECONOMIC CONDITIONS THIS IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT. The reason for high crime rates in particular is directly because of the legal discrimination and oppression against Black people.

  7. This story by KTVZ is asinine and shows how racist they are. If someone put up a “white lives matter” sign, KTVZ would be reporting about how some white supremacist put up the sign and created division in the neighborhood. Also, promoting or supporting BLM creates division itself and these people fail to see that. Anytime one group is supported over another, you create division.

    1. Should we all be held accountable for the actions of our forefathers?
      Feel free to pay your own reparations to whom ever you think needs them. I, like( everyone alive in the US today) never owned anyone, or was never owned by anyone. Sooo less victim and more Pitter patter let’s get at er.

  8. Antifa and BLM have been the violent ones through out the last summer and continue to cause problems in our cities. Why are their websites and Fascistbook site not removed for inciting violence.

  9. Free speech is not popular speech. Don’t like a BLM sign on someone else’s private property? Leave it alone and put up your own sign on your own property.

  10. I’m very, very frustrated to understand something so rude can happen in our neighborhood – If you can feel this for every other instance of vandalism to anything your frustrations would be more believable.

    Any and all vandalism is just as unacceptable as any and all riots. That being said the black lives matter phrase is the most racist statement of any that is currently being accepted in today’s world. Skin color or the color of you uniform wear should not be a part of “All Lives Matter”

  11. Social Justice is when criminals get what they deserve. Majority of male black lives 18 to 32 are singing in the choir whilst going to college. The rest don’t matter so much.

  12. Blake Allen mischaracterized the Black man’s comments in the voiceover. He said that he was offended by the actions, but in the written piece he reversed himself and correctly said that he was not offended. odd.

      1. I listened to it five times and am not sure. You might be right. He put so little emphasis on the ‘t’ in aren’t that it comes across very unclearly. Just a reminder that it is crucial to have clear diction in broadcasting, especially on the most important words.

    1. Put a white lives matter sign up anywhere and people will be screaming racism…
      Look at the utter stupidity that happened simply because of a small blue decal
      on local L.E vehicles.

  13. A vandalized sign in a neighborhood gets in the news why? Can’t you find something a little more interesting than that to report about? Or are you just spreading the hate like all other news channels?

    1. We thought it was newsworthy. The volume of comments here and on Facebook indicate many others agree. Sorry you feel it was “spreading hate” rather than a valid issue to address. We even happened to have a passer-by on hand willing to share a different perspective.

      1. Statistically the odds of a Black man walking past that sign at that particular moment, in Bend, Oregon are pretty close to zero. Like I said, I walk by that spot all the time and rarely see other pedestrians. Given that Bend is something like 2% Black folks, this looks like a setup. I have never, I mean never, passed a Black person on that stretch in over 10 years, which means at least 1000 times passing that spot.

        1. Well, we knew someone would raise the “ulterior motive.” Believe me, as Sunday reporter with much to do, he didn’t have time to go looking for passers-by – the guy passed by and agreed to be interviewed.

          1. Abe confirmed to me on FB that it was not a setup, so I’ll take him at his word. I am a former professional satistician, and I ran the odds real quickly, and it was something like 500,000 to 1 that this could happen the way it appears to. In this case, I should have bet the long shot.

  14. They knew when they put the sign up that it would get a reaction from people, and they are
    supposedly getting a reaction, but the other reason people put up signs similar to this
    is very self-serving because they want everyone to think that they are morally superior to others, and that they are understanding and sympathetic to blacks…

    The entire thing is more about making these people feel good about themselves, than it is about the “cause”, and I’m really glad it’s no longer in the news 24/7. The novelty obviously wore off, but hey, they got to use it as an excuse to destroy the property of totally innocent people for a very long time, and continue to do it today…

    I think the racist signs and the racist blm movement are both ridiculous and a complete waste of time, but I don’t think a persons personal property should be vandalized. I am however surprised signs like this don’t violate a city residential sign ordinance…
    We all know that there is racism, and no it’s not right, but the blacks are just as bad or worse than white people, and the protesting, violence and destruction will never change the fact…

    People have brought the issue into the spotlight for quite awhile now but it’s time for the blacks to stop with the excuses, and blaming of others for all of their problems.
    Taking responsibility for their own actions, changing their communities, and the way that they are perceived will do more to help them than racist signs on residential fences…

    1. Agreed. There are those that wish to sow confusion in order to benefit from the resulting chaos. Let’s not forget that BLM does not represent all black people and I certainly don’t assume represents hispanics and certainly not asians. The segment of the black population that isn’t doing well has a lot of cultural issues – perhaps they perceive this hyper-racist approach is the only way they can get attention and help? There is likely a thread of truth in there somewhere, but the rhetoric and false ideologies are too messed up to disentangle.

      1. Absolutely. There have been numerous black people that have come out publicly and said they don’t agree with the blm movement as a whole, and the methods that they use to draw attention to their movement. They see it as an embarrassment to their race…
        You are right, blm doesn’t include any other races that also have endured racism,
        just blacks, so they are blatantly guilty of the same racism that they are accusing others of…

        There are plenty of black communities that have deeply embedded cultural issues and they don’t seem to want to change some of the issues that influence how they are perceived by others, because it is easier to sit around and blame others for their problems…
        People in general are treated according to how they are perceived, and people of any race that run around with their pants down around their knees, ball caps on backwards,
        listening to music that glamorizes violence, crime and even murder, aren’t going to have people lined up waiting to help them… Respect is earned, never given, nor should it be…

    1. Absolutely… Even though most Government agencies are mismanaged and run by incompetent people that only care about their retirement portfolio, the agency still has a purpose
      and does actually do some good things…

  15. Anyone here actually know a real deal racist? I mean someone that actually gives those of another race the short end of the stick? One who thinks less of other races. I’m mean do you actually personally know a racist? If not, move on to a real problem, and stop being a solution looking for problems.

    1. I have relatives that are hardcore trumpies, they insist they’re not racist. I asked them if they would allow their daughter date a person of color. Their reaction was very odd to say the least. Ask any “All Lives Matter” hillbilly if they would allow their daughter to date a black man, watch the way they uncomfortably squirm.

      1. So just because you have a few inbred relatives that have issues, that automatically means that every person that supported Trump is a racist, and anyone that believes that
        all lives matter is a hillbilly ?
        YOU are a racist,a bigot, and a hypocrite. Big surprise…

        Our daughter is 32 years old, and I wouldn’t care if she wanted to date a black person.
        I have two good friends that are black. They are both very intelligent, hardworking,
        funny people that have incredible ethics and morals. We would be very happy for her if she found someone that was as good a person as either of them are, yes even if the person was black. Much happier than seeing her with some of the white trash that she dated when she was younger…

    1. That’s what it’s all about; Feelin good and lookin good… I wish there was a scientific
      way to figure out exactly how many people that put the blm signs on their fence, or in their windows, are self-absorbed, lying, hypocrites…
      Well, it’s not scientific, but my conservative guess is that probably at least 45% of them are, however, if the household is determined to be liberal, that number easily goes up to at
      least 70%…

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