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Oregon National Guard activated for possible state Capitol protests

Oregon Capitol protest KPTV 1221
Protesters gather at Oregon Capitol during Dec. 21, 2020 special session

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Gov. Kate Brown has activated the Oregon National Guard because of possible violence at the state Capitol and elsewhere following the violent storming of the U.S. Capitol last week.

Oregon State Police said in a statement Wednesday  the Guard would be deployed as necessary and their deployment locations wouldn’t be made public.

The Capitol in Salem has seen near weekly protests since November’s election, and some have turned violent. Federal authorities have warned of possible unrest in all 50 state capitols this weekend and into next week.

News release:

The Oregon State Police to Utilize Oregon National Guard at State Capitol
Oregon State Police - 01/13/21 12:00 PM

Oregon State Police Superintendent Terri Davie requested and was granted the activation of members of the Oregon National Guard to assist with potential upcoming civil unrest/protests by Governor Kate Brown.

“The Oregon State Police will continue to take a neutral role in ensuring Oregonians exercise their First Amendment rights,” said Oregon State Police Superintendent Davie. “For the past seven months, your Troopers have responded throughout Oregon to various protests, unlawful assemblies and riots.  Our goals have always been to protect people, protect people’s rights and to protect property. The recent events at our Nation's Capitol building and at our own statehouse illustrate the need for law enforcement to be prepared and appropriately staffed for any large gatherings,” Davie added.

The Oregon Army National Guard will be deployed as necessary and their deployment locations will not be made public. OSP and the ONG routinely work and train together in response to Oregon’s challenges, including civil unrest, human remain recovery in the recent wildfire response and safeguarding our communities in times of crisis.

“With the Oregon National Guard supplementing OSP ranks, we will be ready to ensure peaceful events and handle emergency situations,” said Oregon State Police Captain Timothy Fox.

Oregon State Police will continue to work with our local, state and federal partners in planning for potential events at the Oregon State Capitol or any other jurisdiction in Oregon. OSP will continue to leverage their strong partnerships with local and federal law enforcement, in efforts to provide safety to legislators and employees conducting the people’s business in the Capitol.

The Oregon State Police does not discuss the specifics of potential threats or tactical plans made unless it is determined there is a public safety need.

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  1. Okay then. So, the “left” can burn, loot and break into the capitol at will but as soon as there is even a rumor of the “Right” staging anything the National Guard is called in to protect Kate?

      1. But an armed blm/antifa riot is ok as long as they burn, break things, and vandalise in Portland and Eugene??? you are correct, someone really does sound confused….

        1. Were they rejecting the us constitution, what were they armed with, etc? We all know what youre trying to argue but you have to do a better job than just repeating it over and over

      2. Civil rights demonstration?!? You are kidding right? Burning buildings, breaking into businesses, starting fires, and killing people are not demonstrations! Taunting police not demonstrations. The double standard Is Amazing!

          1. Deflection is not an answer. I will dumb the question down to your level then. In the Oregon “peaceful protest” that happened in Portland Oregon and Salem Oregon in the year 2020, which “side” killed anyone while looting, rioting, and burning buildings?

        1. Hey there brain trust. Remind me who shot the suspect in that case. I seem to remember there being no footage and no eyewitnesses. Sounds legit though, right?

  2. Well I have news for them, if a group of 2 or 3 hundred people get violent the nasty girls won’t be able to help. They are most likely not trained in close quarter combat unless they have been deployed to the middle east and even then maybe not enough.

      1. My military service says I do know what im talking about, NG train 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks in the summer unless they have sustained daily or every other day training they are not ready for high pressure situations involving a force that can over run them.

          1. Thousands of troops? In Salem? Lol oregon national guard all of them might be. But I would be the troops used for this is less than 100. Probably closer to 50

        1. Lol. 1 weekend a month, 2 weeks in the summer??? Sure, 20 years ago. The OPTEMPO has significantly increased. The Guard is having trouble with retention because of the increased time commitments. (They thought they were signing up for the 1 weekend, 2 weeks thing as well) Deployments, fires…floods, riots. They do not sit at home waiting for this stuff, there are increased training requirement s in order to support these missions.

  3. If and when the Oregon capital is stormed it will be when it is least suspected. Since conservatives have been banned from popular social media sites and have gone underground they can’t be tracked. Thanks for banning us.

      1. Conservatives are law abiding mostly God fearing people. We seem to have a one sided justice system as you are well aware. The majority of the people who broke into the US Capitol were Antifa/BLM. There will be no violence from conservatives we are not like you Barney we do not incite violence.

          1. BL ? Never incited violence ?? Sure you have- about as much as President Trump has ! You’ve supported numerous false accusations- most recently accusing me of promoting Civil War via comments posted by Anonymousktvz. You could have simply removed that inflammatory post of his- as it was a blatant attempt to put words into the mouths of others- instead you allowed the false statement to remain in an obvious effort to ramp up hatred and violence towards one of your more powerful commentators here- BGHW ! The fallout proves that your actions resulted in more than a half dozen negative and frightening comments directed at me. I’ve told you before- I will report these acts of intimidation if necessary.

            1. And I will stand by and defend every decision I made, should you press it. Any review of your posts may well bring problems for me of a different reason – that I allowed you to endlessly personally attack others far worse than anything aimed at you.

            2. The poor guy actually takes the time to read and moderate the flow of excrement that pours out of your Chik-Fil-Ahole. He makes the brave choice to actually try to decipher your wall of poorly written crap. There ought to be a Pulitzer in his horizons just for having to deal with your unimposing intellect.

      2. The reality is that those who are on social media beating their chests and yodeling about what they are going to do are not really the ones to be concerned about – from both sides of the expremists.

      3. Is this a threat ? “You really think law enforcement needs Facebook, Twitter or Parler to track people” ? Id say the fact that out of one side of your mouth you are saying that US LE doesn’t need social media- but the mumbly grumbly coming out of the other side of your mouth (and the KTVZ screaming headlines) contradicts that statement when reporting on the so called “surprise” attack on the US Capitol building… so which is it ???

      1. Its another one of those normal presidential traditions trump cant make work for some reason, kinda like not getting impeached multiple times etc

  4. I thought the Demonrats wanted to defund the police? But, but, but……now I’m so scared of the big bad republicans, get the national guard!!!!! HAHAHA hypocrites!!!

    1. Certainly the police officers and soldiers who have already been caught aiding the insurrection, should be defunded- everyone agrees on this but the hopeless maga minority

    2. If you can’t tell the difference between the police and the National Guard….. Well, to be fair you don’t understand facts very well at all so I guess it’s no big surprise. “Demonrats” is getting a little old and tired though. We have a ton of nasty little names for you and your kind, most of them based in fact. Come on. Do better.

  5. I think many of the radical left posting here nonstop are missing the bigly major point- nobody wants Joe and Hunter Biden anywhere near the WH- I’ve yet to hear a single Demokrat voter sing the praises of “their” newly elected President- instead they play the deflection game by whining about President Trump… Like what ? You think Joke Biden is just suddenly going to disappear and you won’t really have to live through four years of “Cmon Man” ??? Ya’ll cut off yer noses to spite yer faces- now live with the ugliness !

  6. Deep down Barney you know these verbal jousting sessions with bghw you’d miss in the long run he’s the peanut butter to your nutella. But this is engrossing that brown let portland turn into Beirut all summer and insisted that it was a healthy channeling of aggression but now a murmur from the other side and national guard is called in days ahead of time and sleeping on floor of the capitol. Like covid 21 said all summer brown and wheeler made bold claims about defunding the police now its a different tune

  7. Nor do i want to and Beirut was only city could think of early in the morning, you say that now Barney but its the prittle prattle that gets us through our days. Its not a batman joker thing you two have but it is a dynamic

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