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  1. Commie Wyden just announced plans to tax capital gains annually whether you realize them or not in his role as finance chairman. Vote this idiot out of office immediately.

  2. That’s great Senator Wyden- but what are you going to with China Joe and the fact that China continues to infect the world with their virus. It’s not being reported here- but our good friends at the BBC- Rueters- and FOX continue to research the real cause of spread- and as I said months ago- right after Halloween- the evidence is clear- contrary to what Kovid Kate is peddling here- the virus is being transmitted through food items ! Here’s your most recent link- there are hundreds of more examples out there from around the globe- why are the Demokrats not talking about this- especially knowing that China Joe has a relationship with the China that borders on treasonous ! Your link- from today-

    1. barneywish, I’ve just now figured out you are one of the individuals taking advantage of Oregon’s new psilocybin therapy program. There is no other way to explain your posts.

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