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Deschutes Youth Climate Congress plans first in-person ‘strike’ in over a year

Freddy Finney-Jordet expects 100 participants at Friday's Bend event

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- When young climate activists take over "Peace Corner" in downtown Bend at 3 p.m. Friday, it will be the first in-person "climate strike" in Central Oregon in more than a year.

Freddy Finney-Jordet with the Deschutes Youth Climate Congress is expecting about 100 people to take part, a number considerably lower than the 900 the group had in September 2019, which Finney-Jordet attributes to the pandemic.

While Finney-Jordet would like as many people there as possible, he'll be happy with any outcome.

“Any number of people is good, and any amount of time is good," Finney-Jordet told NewsChannel 21 on Thursday. "If you walked out there for a minute and held up a sign and participated in some chants and walked away, then you have made the Earth at least one minute of participation better.”

Finney-Jordet said people attending Friday's strike will need to be wearing face masks and practicing social distancing.

There's not a set date for the next in-person strike, but Finney-Jordet and the Deschutes Youth Climate Congress are planning to have another one.

Below is the news release from the Deschutes Youth Climate Congress:

On March 19th, the Youth Climate Congress, a coalition of local youth climate activists, along with cosponsoring organizations Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Indivisible Bend, Vocal Seniority, 350Deschutes, Sierra Club Juniper Group, and Let’s Act Bend, are joining worldwide demonstrations to demand government action in addressing climate change.

This comes two years after the first global climate strike and the beginning of the School Strike for Climate movement started by Greta Thunberg and FridaysForFuture. The Global Climate Strike in Central Oregon will take place at 3:00pm at the corner of Newport Avenue and Wall Street, or, Peace Corner, in downtown Bend.

It will be the first in-person climate strike since the beginning of the pandemic and since the Digital Climate Strike last April. The protest will adhere to COVID-19 health restrictions, and masks and social distancing are required for attendees. Given that some may be unwilling or unable to attend given the pandemic, there are also digital options to #StrikeFromHome by positing a picture of yourself
protesting from your home, as with the Digital Climate Strike last April.

The Youth Climate Congress worked closely with Oregon League of Conservation Voters for this event, and the Global Climate Strike in Central Oregon is in strong support of the Clean Energy Opportunity Campaign in Oregon to pass legislation for a more sustainable future for Oregon. The protest will demand the following climate change mitigation strategies for Central Oregon and the state as a whole:

● Pass mandatory measures to ensure the environmental friendliness of buildings and institutions, like an energy audit.

● Bring an end to our representatives in the state House and Senate not participating insessions in order to bypass our democracy.

○ Pass measures to hold legislators accountable for not attending legislature
sessions, like SB 261, SB 262, SJR 3, and SJR 4.

● Pass the 100% Clean Energy For All bill (HB 2021) to ensure a clean future for Oregon as soon as possible, and by 2040.

● Pass the Energy Affordability Act (HB 2475) and the Healthy Homes bill (HB 2842) to reduce energy cost and usage in homes across Oregon.

● Pass subsidies for zero-emission energy sources to encourage the usage of energy without a carbon footprint. The protest will also demand the following climate change mitigation strategies for the United States, in coordination with movements across the country:

● Begin replacing all expiring power plants with renewable or clean energy sources.

● Declare Climate Change a national emergency.

● Eliminate subsidies for fossil fuel

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Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jordan here.



      1. Er, no they should absolutely not “do what they are told. They should use critical thinking skills to question the teachers that are indoctrinating them instead of blindly accepting everything they are being “taught”.

    1. Self righteousness on full display. They “demand” that we reman in a “state of emergency” until the climate changes:)
      I’m sure these privileged kids never eat junk food, buy plastic, ride in cars, fly in planes. etc etc etc.

  1. None of these kids have cell phones correct? And they refuse to wear anything that is made of plastic or rubber correct? And they will all walk or ride a bike to the event…….

  2. Giving up your education to make a point? Hope you have the question down “would you like fries with that”? Stay in school and pay attention to the science classes that will teach you that we have had at least 6 documented ice ages, which means that the earth froze to a point, then started warming up all on its own. We are at the end of another ice age. In fact, there are tropical plants that are being uncovered under ice that is thawing. In Antarctica they discovered tropical plants under miles of ice when they drilled down. Sounds like we have some warming to go before we reach the top of the cycle and start cooling off again.

    Want to address pollution, great, we need it. If your serious, then get your education and get a job that allows you to influence foreign countries in how to reduce their pollution levels. America has some of the cleanest air in the world. China on the other hand is what pollutes the air that we can test from the top of our local mountains. While we are going to paper straws to reduce plastic problems in the ocean, foreign countries are dumping shiploads of garbage directly into the sea. Get a plan for the world to slow reproduction numbers. People cause pollution. Now back to class and develop a real plan.

    1. aw, look at you – trying to be relevant when all you are is part of the dead weight bolstering the status quo – oh to be young and have an ounce of courage…..

      1. Oh typical TioZo. You get hit with facts and you result to personal attacks. You dems are so funny. You claim science when it fits your narrative, but when someone else hits you with science then Orange Man bad! Seriously get a life and an education. All you do here is troll people with your hateful and racist rhetoric. I have a legitimate question. Do you ever read back the things you say and think to yourself man I really am ignorant? That’s the thought I get when reading anything you post here.

      2. It was a much more “relevant” effort at voicing an opinion than what you do with your bigoted, racist attacks with zero substance towards an argument.

      1. TIZO, you’re using a computer,cell phone or tablet aren’t you? They are powered by electricity aren’t they? I’m sure you have used something to heat your home with correct? You are nothing but a hypocritical fool. Why don’t you go live in a cave and eat sagebrush.

  3. As usual, the reporter left out some important information, like what are they ‘striking’ from? I assume these are school-aged kids, but the reporter neglects to tell us.

  4. To the people of Idaho, Texas, Montana, etc
    This is what happens when California moves to your state.
    It didn’t take long in Oregon.

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