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Stabbing on China Hat Road leads to arrest on assault, witness-tampering charges

Anthony James Reyes
Deschutes County Jail
Anthony James Reyes

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A Bend man was arrested early Sunday on assault and other charges, accused of stabbing and seriously injuring another man who he believed was providing law enforcement with information about a pending criminal case, Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies said.

Deputies and Bend police were dispatched around midnight to the reported stabbing on China Hat Road near Sunset View Drive, Sgt. Ron Brown said. A woman called 911 and reported her friend was stabbed in the neck and head by an unknown male.

Law enforcement and Bend Fire medics met up with the 32-year-old victim at the Bend Walmart parking lot. He was taken to St. Charles Bend with serious injuries, Brown said.

An investigation by sheriff’s detectives determined that Anthony Reyes, 33, knew the victim and believed he was a witness in another criminal case, Brown said.

Reyes met up with the other man and a female witness on China Hat Road “with the purpose of assaulting the male, because Reyes believed the male gave information about him in the other criminal case,” the sergeant said in a news release.

Reyes and the victim got into a physical fight and the victim eventually was stabbed, Brown said.

Reyes was lodged at the county jail on charges of first-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon and tampering with a witness.

The investigation is continuing.

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Barney Lerten

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      1. He isn’t going to be released. The only reason he got out the first time is because he got offered adult treatment court. He screwed up committed new crimes so now he will be removed from the program and sent to prison.

  1. Full tats and a wife beater t-shirt. Some books you really can judge by the cover. Hope this isn’t the usual catch and release. Guy needs to be held without bail.

  2. Between this guy, the Redmond robbery and the recent double homicide we’re seeing the further decline of Bend. And another consequence of our hyper growth along with decriminalizing drug use.

    1. It’s simply the result of the progressive liberal ideology. If you don’t believe me just take a good look at Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelpia, Minneapolis and the rest of the liberal democrat enclaves.

      1. Phil Petz – yep. AND I bet we ain’t seen NOTHING yet! Things will just get one hell of a LOT WORSE as quickly as they are deteriorating.

        1. Well if it isn’t the infamous “honer” student “The Moron from Redmond.
          I see you still can’t get Trump your head as Trump is living rent free in that vacant skull of yours.

  3. I think its more a consequence of little, or no, consequence for crime, until it reaches near-death actions. Our DA and our judges let people off with little real punishment, and they get let out way before their sentences are served anyway. Look at the Redmond perps; they are just part of the revolving door lack or criminal justice system.

    1. Figure he will be out tomorrow or the next day, tomd. After ALL – he is a poor, misunderstood fellow who needs help and deserves our donations to get him off the street.

  4. Oregon is soft on crime, big on drugs and alcohol, relatively poor, unsophisticated, lacks many jobs that require a clear mind and discipline, too many schools with nothing degrees : history, journalism, political science, etc. Not enough emphasis on practical education and productive employment (I’m not talking about breweries and pot). When you have meaningful goals and accomplish something to be proud of it spreads to those around you and a more successful society results. Accomplishment builds self esteem and once you taste that you don’t want to loose it. These types of people drain valuable resources from those of us who don’t want to loose what we’ve worked for. Most cannot be reformed like the street folks who flock here to beg hand outs from the enablers. They feed off of us and are enabled by those who don’t believe in spanking. Eventually good society will have enough of it and go back to the way we used to successfully handle these folks, HARD TIME SHORT TIME.

    1. He got released because they offered him adult treatment court. Now that he was only out for less than a week, pick up violent crimes he will be removed from the program and sent to prison. He isn’t getting out

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